Playlist: Chris Webby, Action Bronson, Chris Brown, & Frank Ocean

If you’ve been really paying attention to my writing (What’s up to the three of you out there?), you probably noticed that I’m not using the usual iPod Hustle column name I normally use. This is for a few reasons:

  1. I’ve never really been in love with the name iPod Hustle.
  2. I don’t even carry around an iPod anymore; I carry an Android phone that syncs with my iTunes (Yea, it can work that way too).
  3. I want to bring back the crew doing more things together like previous Playlist columns and I’m hoping this will give me motivation.

Anyway, lets just get into music that I’ve been playing on my iPod Android but haven’t had a chance to post.

Chris Webby – “Bowser”

Chris Webby has been around for a few years but I’ll go ahead and be honest and say that I’ve never really taken time out to listen to him (Unless he’s featured on an album I gotta review). Still, I came across this track and I was impressed. Video game references in Hip-Hop aren’t anything new but this shit is just well done from the production to the lyrics. – Download

Action Bronson – “Nothing To Worry About”

I’ve posted up Action Bronson music before and the reception here wasn’t positive at all. But I’m pretty sure this is one of those moments when I’m right and everybody else is wrong. Example: Here Bam Bam Bronson easily kills Peter Bjorn and John’s “Nothing To Worry”. Since this was “produced” by Party Supplies, I’m surprised it won’t be on their upcoming project Blue Chips (Which is suppose to drop today). – Download

Chris Brown – “How I Feel”

Seems like Chris Breezy is putting in some studio time with Drumma Boy, and this is one of the results. And while it’s all rapping, I can’t front, dude has gotten better with the flow and even uses it to talk about some of the unflattering topics that have placed in the media. Chris Brown does have an album dropping in May but I don’t think this track will appear on it. – Download

Frank Ocean – “Thinking About You (Radio Edit)”

The song that I chose as my favorite R&B track for 2011 gets a radio edit. It’s not very different but it does add more ad-libs and stuff like that. Maybe Def Jam is finally gonna give Frank Ocean a release date for an album? But then again, this song has been out for a while so maybe it’s just Def Jam dragging it’s feet again. – Download