Kobe Bryant Rocks The Mask: KOBE DOOM

I’ve never really been a huge fan of Kobe Bryant. But even so, I can still acknowledge that he’s one of the best NBA players to ever do it. He’s pretty tough too; not even a broken nose & concussion from Dwayne Wade can keep him down. Even though he’s rocking the mask, Lakers fans still rep hard for #24. Example of this is the video up above & the T-shirt below sold at DigitalGravel. Pretty dope huh?

Source: Hip Hop Is Read & DigitalGravel

  • P-Body

    Kobe is the truth and the 2nd best player of all time

    •  and you wonder why I question your NBA knowledge. SMH

      • B-Easy

        What did he say that was wrong?

        • P-Body

          Thank you posting that. Jerm be forgetting sometimes

      • P-Body

        WTF? Man Kobe is the 2nd best player of all time to me and I’m not even a fan of his. He proved that to me. We all know MJ is number 1

        •  You saying Kobe is better than Magic? Wilt? Kareem?

          • P-Body

            Yep he is Jerm. A lot of folks agree with that one… That is a sane statement. Magic and the rest come afterwards. I even put Shaq above Wilt

  • Ya’ll know I’m a Kobe stan, but let’s be real here…He’s not better than Magic. He’s not a better scorer than Kareem, and he didn’t dominate like Wilt. I will put him in the top 5, but not at #2. 

    • P-Body

      It’s okay man I forgive your statement. Kobe is better my dude. I like & respect Magic contributions just like the next man but Kobe is #2. Then Michael Jordan is definitely #1. I’ll put Magic at #3 or 4. Shaq is in my top 10. Hakeem is in my top 15 and the list goes on.

      • You would put Shaq over Wilt? Yeah, I’m done debating the NBA with you. Let’s stick to music.

        • P-Body

          Man c’mon dude I’m fucking with you but still Shaq is in the top of all time though.

      • DuB

        Kobe isn’t even the second best player in the game right now

        • P-Body

          Kobe the best in the league right now.

          • DuB

            Over LeBron and Kevin Durant? FOH!

          • P-Body

            Man those guys can’t compare to Kobe. Are you out your mind? Stats don’t lie. LeBron always freeze up at the end. What did them two do that is better than Kobe? Please explain sir…. Kobe is definitely behind Michael Jordan

          • Lebron don’t compare to Kobe? Aside from rings (largely due to teammates and ownership) PLAYOFF stats say you full of shit. (and I picked playoffs since reg season don’t mean shit right? ..and I didn’t include MIA stats at all.)
            LBJ – 29.6 pp 7.2ast 8rb
            KB – 25ppg 4.7ast 5.1rb
            Jus sayin

          • DuB

            You obviously don’t have much NBA knowledge dawg. I should have realized that after your Golden State statement!

          • P-Body

            I hate Golden State and will even after I’m rotten away in my casket dawg. I hated them as a kid. I don’t have a lot of time to watch as much basketball like I use to, fighting is more my lane but I do love some NBA though just not as much as I did when I was a kid. @Saule_Man you know Kobe is the best in the league right now. He been holding it down since 1996. Once again I’m not a Kobe fan at all but I give credit when it is due. I also think Paul Pierce is one of the best in the league right now. LeBron is awesome and I won’t take that away but he isn’t on Kobe level to me. I don’t see him making a impact as big as Kobe or being compared to Jordan/Kobe. He have potential though. I like Wade better than James a little bit.

          •  ….whatever. I posted stats to back up my point. Lebron has already drawn Jordan and Magic comparisons so yeah. Per usual, you talkin but ain’t sayin shit. lol

          • P-Body

            SMH Saule I just praised you for the Big K.R.I.T. mixtape and now I have to take it back lol. At the end of the day you know I’m right about Kobe. You just don’t want to admit it but it’s true.

          •  and now we’re at the point in the discussion when P-Body has nothing else to say so he just says “you know I’m right” in an effort to tire out the actual voice of truth. Instead or presenting points, he’s just left with that strategy…shameful.  #StillTalkinNotSayinShit

  • ricky

    wilt played in a era where everybody was short and weak, Kobe is #2 all time 4sure

    • P-Body


    •  Bill Russell was mos def a short guy. FOH

  • ZMoney

    Kobe is hands down top 5. Not even debatable. Kobe, MJ, Big O, Kareem, Malone, Magic, Elgin Baylor…no particular order (*Game voice*). 

  • It’s comical to see folks scramble to make their truth the real truth. You quote stats, stats don’t matter, competition is weak, he didn’t do it in the post season, well he didn’t do it in the 4th qtr., well he didn’t do it in the 4th qtr of a game 7, well he didn’t do it 4th qtr of a game 7 on the road with a flu, stop the madness. Stats matter, sure, some things influence them but when you put up those numbers over an extended period of time, you’re great. That’s how we measure it. Bill Russel played against short guys, guess what, so did Kareem, Shaq and any other big name center. It’s part of the advantage. Someone just said Kobe wasn’t surrounded by talent, he played with Smush Parker and Kwame Brown…SO! He also played with Shaq, Pau, Odom, Fisher, Horry. AND he played with them when they were still productive. Bron has played with….Wade and Bosh..and they are on the clock. The previous 8 seasons he had who again? 

    • DuB

      Whoa now! Lets not jump the gun SW! Donnel Marshal, Larry Hughes, Ben Wallace, Big Z, Mo Williams, and Shaq all played with LeBron in Cleveland! To say he didn’t have talent around him isn’t true

      •  Stop the madness, Marshall was what, a 10 year vet, Larry Hughes has done WHAT in his career? And I’m from St. Louis, Ben Wallace hasn’t done shit since he left Detroit, Big Z didn’t even lead the Cavs in Rebs when he was there, Mo Williams ain’t shit without Lebron and Shaq was a 13yr vet that hadn’t won a ring or played half a season since he left Miami. let’s not act like any of them niggas would start or DID start anywhere else after they left Cleveland.

        • DuB

          I think LeBron is the best or second best player in the league, but claiming he didn’t have talent is disrespectful! Every talented player Cleveland brought in did decline once they got ther but that is more because of Mike Brown than them! Look at the year Pau Gasol is having! Mike Brown has the strategy of giving the ball to his best player and saying everyone else get out the way which severely limits his other talented players. That’s why Larry Hughes went from averaging 21 points 7 assist and 4 stls to 11 points 3 assists and 1 stl. Look at what happened to Antawn Jamison! Had they brought in a coach who knew a little more about Offense, they would have had a more balanced attack!

          • I claim his teams suck, you say they have talent, I put up the stats to prove it (and all of them got WORSE even after leaving cleveland) you blame the coach. This is why it’s pointless to have convos about Lebron. No matter what’s said, Y’all just wanna discount the dude. He left the team and they won the top pick the next fuckin year. Like, what else you want from the nigga. Them teams sucked and overachieved because Lebron was there. It’s simple as that, the stats tell you the truth. They were NOT good in Cleveland and Lebron allowed them to do shit they should do like hit the open shot.

            By the way, Mike Browns Lakers are in the top 3 in the West. And lets not act like the loss of Odom isn’t hurting Pau. smh. lol,

          • DuB

            No they won the Fourth pick! The Clippers traded them their first round pick and it turned into the top pick! Lol you are obviously a LeBron Stan, but to say he doesn’t have some serious holes in his game is going over board! We can talk basketball stats all day but the most important one is he is in year 9 with 0 rings!

          • Dude, they got that pick in a trade, they also had the 4th pick. The point was they were the lottery the year after Lebron left AND they got Irving with the top pick.

            EVERYONE has holes in their game, I never said the nigga was perfect. But I’ve pointed out things to back up everything I’ve said as it related to Lebron. At the end of the day, as I’ve stated, when I put up stats, y’all say stats don’t matter cause he don’t have a ring. That’s fine, just say rings are the only thing that matters and let that be your argument, it’s bullshit, but just say thats your point.

            Also, the Stache from Gonzaga has 2 rings too, is he the best at his position or one of the best?  I’d take Karl Malone or Stockton over a majority of players at that position, and yes, some of them have rings. Having a ring solidifies someone who is already great, but not having one does not diminish what someone has done.

          • DuB

            Great players are great both physically and mentally. LeBron is the softest “Superstar” mentally. In the Finals it’s not that he played bad, but he played scared! The nigga didn’t shrink in the spotlight he ran from it. Don’t forget what he did against Boston in 2010 when he gave up!

            Those holes he has are not acceptable!!! Sure talent wise he may be the best of all time but when talking about actual performance he isn’t even top ten.

            I’d rather have a player who try’s his hardest and leaves it all on the court and fail, then to have a player who quits because he is scared to fail!

      • Clay Davis

         Dub if you just don’t like LeBron say it man.

  • Boricua

    Lebron is the best player in the world right now hands down!

    Charles Barkley says so and anybody who watches basketball everyday does. Majority don’t and i know that.

    If you disagree then your either ignorant, a hater, or racist.

    •  It’s pointless boo, folks who hate lebron just find a new reason to say he ain’t shit no matter what you present them with. Sir Charles and Bird both went on record to say Lebron is the best, and they know more shit than all of us put together about the game. That’ snot even a dis to kobe. Lebron is 3 ast and 3 rbs from avg a triple double…but he ain’t shit? lol, this debate is gettin so old. I feel you, come sit over here with me and have a beer, let’s just let this one go.

      • P-Body

        I didn’t say LeBron wasn’t shit I just don’t think he is better than Kobe. Overall I’m more of a LeBron fan than I am of Kobe’s but I’m just saying. You sound like you got butt hurt about Kobe being the best in the league, it’s okay Saule just let it out man.

        •  still talkin. smh. I didn’t even say your name, probably wasn’t talkin to OR about you, but I’m butt hurt. smh.

          • P-Body

            You probably was making subliminal shots at me and everybody else that agreed on Kobe even though you said you probably wasn’t talking about me. I can tell you’re butt hurt about this Kobe thing. It’ll be alright man, that’s the way life is sometimes not everybody can be number 1 in the league. Somebody have to be number 2,3 and the list goes on from there. Overall Michael Jordan is number 1 of all time and I stick with that. That was my childhood right there.

          •  …mkay P-body

          • P-Body

            Saule you know I’m right. You can’t fight the feeling man

          • DuB

            P-Body doesn’t know basketball lol don’t argue with that man!

          •  lol, I know right. I wasn’t even talkin bout him and he followed me to another comment. That nigga is internet herpes. Just showin up for no reason, bein annoying lmao

          • P-Body

            lol ok Saule since you want to say all of that well how about I challenge you on Xbox Live NBA 2K12 so you can feel the wrath of Kobe and you can pick the Miami Heats to play with so you can see how I extinguish that fire out. Honestly I like LeBron more than Kobe but I just give props when it’s due. At the end of the LeBron basketball career, it will not be on the same level as Kobe mark my words. At least Kobe got to play against the 90’s Jordan and a lot of the other greats. SMH @ Dub. I don’t have any words.

          •  lol, I told you I’m nothing on that game. I had to lower it to rookie to win a game vs. computer. lol

          • P-Body

            Damn well I tried lol…Well at the of the day Kobe is better.


    .. the tee is dope though ..

  • King Jerm

    the nigga SW said  “internet herpes” LMAO