TracieMae – What TracieMae Do [Mixtape]

My homegirl and the voice of the nappyafro drop, TracieMae, is back with her second mixtape What TracieMae Do. Now as you can tell by some of the titles, you may not want to blast all these in the ride fellas…then again, maybe YOU do. “Innanet Datin’” is my fave this time around. You can cop this joint for the .free99 per usual, but support is what we’re about in ‘Fronation so share a few bucks. I paid and already had the tracks for free! Support the homie.You can follow her on Twitter and check her vids on YouTube. Oh, and peep:

Warning: This mixtape may cause you to percolate or hit your dougie. Please see a doctor to prevent injury to your dancin’ bone. Boom.

1. Child Boo
2. Innanet Datin’
3. My Thighs
4. Plump As F*ck
5. Dat Print
6. Drag-N-Drop

Download: TracieMae – What TracieMae Do [Mixtape]

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    She a cutie!

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