R.I.P. Big Pun

At the risk of sounding corny, Big Pun was gone well before his time. He’s one of the best rappers to touch the mic. Due to his untimely demise, he never reached his fully deserved place in the mentions of Hip Hop greatness. Here are a few song selections for you to appreciate.  (download that wallpaper @ blingcheese.com)

Rest in peace (November 11 1971 – February 7 2000)

  • P-Body

    R.I.P. I still have the source magazine I got when he first died. I wasn’t shocked by his death but at the same time I was. He definitely made a name for himself but it’s sad he don’t get mention that much nowadays, maybe because he didn’t make enough material. Capital Punishment is a fucking classic to me, I loved that album & still do. Yeeeaaah Baby could have been better

    • This Guy

      R.I.P. to Big Pun…Capital Punishment IS a fucking classic.

    • King Jerm

      So Hov getting slapped with the bottle was real? I TOLD YOU NIGGA!

    • P-Body

      Whoo Kid stories are interesting and funny at the same time. I figured it had to happen though, I remember Big Pun didn’t like Jay-Z at all before he passed away just like E-Money Bags (RIP) didn’t like Jay-Z a long with 2Pac. Jay-Z is was something else back then I tell ya…. So not only did Pun beat his wife *SMH* but he slapped Jay-Z with a bottle, damn.

      •  ^found a way to put Pac in the convo…the streak continues.

        • P-Body

          Well it’s true about Tupac not liking Jay-Z, Pac is the greatest mane. It ain’t my fault that they beefed and it’s part of Jay-Z history for his success in the hip hop game.

  • Anonymous

    Big Pun, greatness. Capital Punishment, greatness.

  • Anonymous

    Capital Punishment is definitely classic material!