Iggy Azalea Signs With A Major Label

On FROCAST #13, we talked about Iggy Azalea (who I still have yet to give a listen) and there was a prediction that she was gonna do things in 12. Well, I guess I’ll be hearing her sooner or later because she’s just signed to Interscope Records. The Aussie sensation tweeted “Interscope, if you were wondering, Get used to me + jimmy smashing shit, cause that’s the plan.” You gotta expect that her label fam, Lady Gaga and Eminem especially, will cameo on her album titled The New Classic droppin’ this summer. With sales the way they are, is this really a big thing anymore, signing with a label? Either way, this is pretty major for the female rap scene. And for those that are hatin’ on Nicki….two younger chicks just got major deals and I’m positive it has to do with Minaj’s success. (by the way, I posted that image above for you jackals)

source: Rap-Up.com

Here are some vids for you to check out…me too…to find out what Iggy is all about.


  • Calvin 2.0

    man. this MC is from the same country as me and ive never heard of her til the other day. A bit shameful. this news is pretty big because i dont think there’s been an Aussie MC to crack the US market ever. will be interesting to see how things unfold for her. all the best to her.

    • If she is really planning on dropping an album this year, she gotta get her promotion going.

      • C’mon son, they don’t develop artists like that anymore. She’ll drop a single with Em or Gaga in June to kick off the summer, album will come out in July or August. lol, then end.

        • Mr. Jones

          she’s dating a rapper who labels ALSO didn’t let develop at all (ASAP Rocky) so there you go.

        • Mr. Jones

          she’s dating a rapper who labels ALSO didn’t let develop at all (ASAP Rocky) so there you go.

          • basically. They’ve trained us to all have very short attention spans now, so you’re only as hot as your last single. Hot single, she’ll be fine.

    • CROOKS

      0% exposure in AU

  • King Jerm

    I can’t believe Saule Wright posted this picture….THE HYPOCRISY!!!

    • not at all, if you remember, I ALWAYS said not on the front page. Besides, you know B-Easy woulda put that pic up anyway.

      • King Jerm

        im talking about how you are a big proponent for the female mc, but then you post a pic showcasing her body. no beef…just noticed the irony.

        • Oh, like I said, I posted that for the jackals.

  • P-Body

    By the way Jimmy Iovine should slap himself for saying Iggy is the next 2Pac. SMH! I wish I knew Jimmy in person. Anyway “The Last Song” beat is so ill, one of the illest beats I heard this year. She talented though so we will see what happens

  • Anonymous

    *yawn* whats next?