Action Bronson – “Contemporary Man”

When I was compiling my top five Hip-Hop songs of 2011, Action Bronson‘s “Action”, a song where he raps over Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes, was definitely close to making the list. Now that you know that, you’d probably guess that I’d be cool hearing Bronson raps over shit like Phil Collins’ “Another Day In Paradise” & John Cougar’s “Jack & Diane”. You’d be right. “Contemporary Man” is basically a jackin’ for beats with instrumentals any normal rapper wouldn’t choose and I think it’s pretty cool. This is produced (?) by Party Supplies, the same person that put together “Mistletoe” and it seems that him & Bronson may be dropping a project together in February.

Download: Action Bronson – “Contemporary Man”
Bonus: Action Bronson – “Action”