The Roots feat. Big K.R.I.T. – “Make My”

Not only are The Roots dropping their new album, undun, on December 6th, but so far the lone guest listed on the album is none other than Mississippi’s own Big K.R.I.T.. Even before hearing the song, I knew the combination on “Make My” would make sense (Check out The ‘Wuz Here’ Sessions for proof). But after listening, I was proved right because Krizzle sounds at home beside Black Thought, Questlove, & company.

The earlier reports on The Roots new album undun is that it’s a conceptual album that’s a existential retelling of the short life of Redford Stephens. Who the hell is Redford Stephens? I don’t know. But if you read our review of The Roots’ last album, you already know that the album could be the retelling about the night Glen Rice smashed Sarah Palin, and it would still be a worth checking out.

Download: The Roots feat. Big K.R.I.T. – “Make My”

Source: Okayplayer

  • P-Body

    I like this song! Dope beat! I can’t wait for the album

  • arkitekt

    I’m anticipating album of the year material here.

  • SPank

    Thanks for the mp3 of this song. I do appreciate the hard work. Peace and GOD BLESS

    • See, somebody appreciates us.

  • saule wright

    ….and I’m starting to think that as far as ACTIVE emcee’s go, K.R.I.T. is staking his claim for that “King” billing.

    • Anonymous

      I love Krit too, but I can’t go that far.

  • DuB

    I don’t think so SW

  • saule wright

    easy EASY minions, I was just saying that he’s on track to make that shit happen. His music is varied, dope as hell, dude is a natural. T.I. had to say he was the King much like Weezy said he was the best…neither has the music to back up those claims.

    • DuB

      I never thought T.I. was the King. I felt like when Wayne called himself the “best” it was arguable because of the state of Hip Hop. He said it in 04 but no one really believed the statement until 06 shortly after Dedication 2 and Tha Carter II. During that time Jay-Z, Nas, and Eminem were all on a hiatus. People flocked to Wayne because the three “Gods” were absent. Wayne took advantage of that.

      I will say I like Krit alot, but I’m not trying to do to him what people have done for J. Cole, and Drake. I want his first album to speak to me the way his tapes have, and then let’s discuss his stance amongst the greats.

      PS Scarface is the King of the South, whether he wants that title or not.

      • saule wright

        The title of King or GOAT should be awarded, not claimed. The fact that he said it an d folks started to believe it is problematic already.

        And I agree, Face is da Kang.

        • DuB

          I actually like that he claimed it. He took a huge burden on that not many artist were even considering to bear until he spoke up. Saying I’m the best is the same thing as saying, “you aren’t as good as me”. I miss that kind of agressive natured Wayne. This Wayne is extremely watered down.

          • saule wright

            Eh, I’d give him props if there was any semblance of truth to it.

          • DuB

            I think his run from 05 to 08 may have been when he was really the “best”

          • saule wright

            Wasn’t true then either. Dude was the BUSIEST rapper alive, never was he the best.

          • DuB

            Then I have one simple question, who was better between 06 and 08?

          • MrHusein

            T.I. was better back then and is still better now. 06 they were about even.

          • saule wright

            and THIS is why I don’t believe in that transitional title bullshit. He’s better for a 2 year span because he was busy? In 06 we had The Roots, Ice Cube, Ghostface, T.I., Meth, Luda and AZ. In 07 we had Blu, Little Brother, Brother Ali and Talib. In 08 we had Bun B, Cube, Scarface, Mike Bigga, T.I., Roots, Elzhi, Immortal Technique, Nas, and Q-Tip all dropped albums. I can blindly pick 5 from that list and say they are BETTER than Weezy. Now, were they busier? Nope, not at all. THAT is my point, the nigga was the busiest and most overexposed dude, but best? Fuck naw.