Childish Gambino – “All The Shine”

Whether or not you take Donald Glover’s rap career serious, I think it’s safe to say that most agree that dude has talent outside of comedy. Need more proof? “All The Shine” off his upcoming album Camp. It’s here that Childish Gambino one again shows the world he can rap AND sing. Camp could be one of the sleeper hits of 2011 but we’ll find out on November 15th.

Download: Childish Gambino – “All The Shine”

Source: Okayplayer

  • P

    This guy is just a corny mashup of alot of the other weak rappers we have out here. Get this fucker outta here please. If I see him on TV or hear him on radio I likely to go fucking instutional……For some reason critism nowadays is called hating at all times, but no I really hate this do yall listen to what he says? Its pretty ass, I dont understand.

    • P

      I think if or should I say when him and Drake a song together Winnie The Pooh will faint

    • Nah, I don’t think you hating at all. His music isn’t for everybody.

      • P

        Yeah, I mean I just really cant rock wit him.

        • Yeah…kinda like the way I feel about your boy Willow Smith.

          • P

            No because I cant fuck wit Gambino cuz he not really that good, u cant say that about Brown

          • DuB

            I can say that about Brown. If you are the only nigga on a sit who thinks he is the shit, he probably isn’t and he isn’t

          • Rickjamesbitch

            Gambino is good man, idk why you can’t see that.

    • Practical

      Dude I feel you. 100% true shit

  • Clay Davis

    good shit! I was just listenin to Do Ya Like when I saw this

  • Rickjamesbitch

    There we go, much better than Bonfire

  • Anonymous

    fuck all yall hatin ass niggas. hes the shit nuff said

    • P

      Thats not enough said I can say that about anybody………..Fuck all yall hating ass niggas 50 Tyson the shit nuff said

  • P

    @Dub LOL but im not tho, u obviously havent been paying attention

  • This shit dope… I don’t give a fuck if he’s a “mash up”. Is it good or not? Yes

  • Anonymous

    Hes just diffrent. Like he said hes an aquired taste. Not everybody will like his music. I do. I think hes the shit. And Camp may be one of the best albums of the year. Behind cole world and possibly Drakes album. Which drops on the same day

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