2Pac – Unreleased & Original (Compilation Vol. 10) [Mixtape]

Alright folks I apologize for the wait on Vol. 10, it’s finally here!

So let me go ahead and start this. “Scared Straight ’91” quality isn’t the best, but hey it’s an unreleased song so it is what it is. I totally forgot I had this song to be honest.

I had a request for put “Pass The 40”, so here it is. This song is long as hell around 8-9 minutes with guest features on it also.

I had to dig in my crates for this one since I also forgot about the song “It Ain’t Necessarily So” featuring Shock G. This had to be recorded around the time he was filming Juice.

On the Original Acoustic version of “It Ain’t Easy” you will definitely know a difference between this version and the Me Against The World version… The women singing on the hook is on this version and the original version (Which I’ll put on the next mixtape).

I know I put “Road 2 Glory” on the other mixtape but this is a much better quality. CDQ

“Untouchable” featuring Kadafi, Fatal, & Edi. I dedicated this to Saule Wright since he be tripping about Pac. Anyway, this is the same beat he used on the “Drunken Freestyle” but the beat on this is much better its more funkier to me and it sound better. You can tell he had live musicians playing on the drums, keys, and guitars. I love shit like this. As you can see Pac was on another level with the music and production.

“Borrowed Times (Chelle Mix)” is a Johnny J production and all Pac really does on here is talk (Well poetry) while the woman is singing. Johnny J made some ill ass beats and was ahead of his time.

The live version of “Pain” from the Arsenio Hall show in 1994 featuring Stretch. The beat on here is totally different than the Above The Rim version but this shit ride hard also. I actually remember watching this performance a long time ago.

I had to throw in “All About U” with the extra 3rd verse from Pac, so it has no Outlawz on this song nor Snoop Dogg talking at the end.

Let’s skim down a little. I decided to include Lady Of Rage’s “Rock On” version featuring 2Pac. This is actually the original version of “Big Bad Lady” from her album Necessary Roughness on Death Row (1997). On this version you hear Pac talk & ad lib some of the lyrics with Rage and talk at the end of the song which he don’t do on the retail version and also the beat is different too.

The original version of “Things Are Changing” is basically the same song as “Wordz To My First Born” (Original) featuring Nutso from my other mixtape but this version don’t have Nutso on it and also the hook is different. The hook has singing on it and they are saying “Things R Changing” and etc. Same beat as the original version of “Wordz To My First Born”. Dope shit to me..

V103 live in Atlanta 9-13-96″ basically this is radio segment from when they announced 2Pac death and they play his songs on radio like “How Long Will They Mourn Me” and “So Many Tears”, also they play Method Man & Redman’s “How High (Remix)”. I remember listening to this shit on the radio back then and this tore a dude down as a youngsta back then hearing the news. Jay Cee on the mix *Dude still does the mixes on V103 now*. It kinda give me a nostalgic moment when I heard them play previews of albums from Mc Lyte, Dru Hill, and New Edition. I remember those albums was anticipated back then.

On the Bonus cuts I put the original demo of “Street Fame”. This version don’t have the whistle playing in the background like the version that is on my other mixtape. Also here is the original demo of “World Wide Dime Piece” featuring Greg Nice, Capital LS, Asu, & Snoop Doggy Dogg. The beat is broke down a little differently compared to the regular OG looped beat on my other mixtape.

Alright guys enjoy this! Watch out for Volume 11.

1. Scared Straight ’91 (Unreleased)
2. Pass The 40 (Unreleased)
3. It Ain’t Necessarily So (Unreleased) (feat. Shock G)
4. It Ain’t Easy (Original Acoustic Version)
5. Road 2 Glory (Unreleased)
6. Untouchable (Unreleased) (feat. Kadafi, Fatal & EDI)
7. Borrowed Times (Chelle Mix) (Unreleased)
8. Pain Live Performance (Arsonio Hall Show Remix Live 1994) (feat. Stretch)
9. All Bout U (with unreleased 3rd 2Pac verse)
10. Never Call U Bitch Again (Original Demo)
11. Rock On (Original) (feat. 2Pac)
12. Things Are Changing (Original)
13. Tear Drops And Closed Caskets (Original) (feat. Outlawz & Nate Dogg)
14. Tupac Death Announcement V-103 Atlanta 9-13-96
15. Street Fame (Original Demo) [Bonus]
16. World Wide Dime Piece (Demo) (feat. Greg Nice, Capital LS, Asu & Snoop Doggy Dogg)

Download: 2Pac – Unreleased & Original (Compilation Vol. 10) [Mixtape]

Bonus: Tupac – The Lost Prison Tape Interview

I know this been out since earlier this year but not everybody seen this nor heard about it. He talk about some real stuff on this unreleased interview.
Download: Tupac – The Lost Prison Tape Interview