P.T.z – Tha Album [Download]

Sidenote: For a second I’ve been trying to give back to the people that support the site and since P-Body had been working on something, I thought it was as good a time as any. I’ll let P-Body P.T.z explain more. – B-Easy

Let me introduce myself, this is P-Body from the site but on the street I’m known as P.T.z or Tzy or Pat or P Thrilla. This project is a little something I put together and recorded in two-three weeks last month during my busy schedule. Like I say in the intro I don’t care if people don’t like it since it is free but if you do like it continue to support it I have hundreds of stuff I haven’t put out yet. Not only do I go to school, work and do Boxing & martial arts but I also do this on my spare time whenever I do get time for it. I been making beats for many years and writing for many years also. I started with a crew in the late 90’s to early 2000’s but we split up yet we still connected. Alright I’m not going to talk nobody heads off just check it out. Athens to ATL stand up! RIP my brother Ant and Figaro.

1. Intro (Produced By P.T.z)
2. Put Some Money On It (Produced By P.T.z)
3. Get Rich Or Die Tryin [Clean] (feat. Blood Brothers) (Produced By P.T.z)
4. Watch Out (Produced By P.T.z)
5. Welcome 2 The South (Produced By P.T.z) *All keys played by P.T.z*
6. Just Being Me (Produced By Birkin)
7. Eyes On The Prize (feat. Ciph) (Produced By P.T.z)
8. I’m Just A Young Man (Produced By Cota)
9. Run It (feat. Ciph) (Produced By Birkin)
10. Escapism (feat. Cota) (Produced By P.T.z)
11. Lost Souls (Produced By P.T.z)
12. Make Way [Bonus Track] (Produced & Screwed By P.T.z)
13. How Life Goes [Bonus Track] (Produced By P.T.z)
14. Ridin [Bonus Track] (Produced By Ciph)
15. Time 2 Shine [Bonus Track] (feat. Figaro & Ciph) (Produced By P.T.z)

Download: P.T.z – Tha Album

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