Makaveli – The Don Killuminati: The 3 Day Theory [Download]

Sidenote: Today, September 13th, 2011, marks the 15-year anniversary of Tupac Shakur’s death. Of course our resident Tupac fan, P-Body, pays respect. – B-Easy

Hey people from all over the world. I do apologize for the wait for Volume 10 of the 2Pac Unreleased & Original Compilation series …. Volume 10 is coming soon I just been busy as hell with life. Anyway I decided to post up the original version of the Makaveli album with the original songs and original version from my collection.

You’ll notice a difference between “Krazy” from this album compared to the 7 Day Theory version. “White Man’z World” on this one is different too. The guitar is played different and it is more singing from the guy on the hook.

Also it is a unreleased interlude on here that start before “When Thugz Cry”. This version of “When Thugz Cry” is basically the same as the version on one of my mixtapes but it is shorter and it doesn’t play the Nas diss at the end… On the beginning of “When Thugz Cry” the original sample play before the beat kick in. Johnny J was a beast on them beats! RIP to Johnny J!

Let me back track a little bit. The “Bomb First” song don’t have the intro where the guy is slandering people like Nas & Jay-Z.

“Watch Ya Mouth” is a little different from  beat break down a little differently on this one and it plays the interlude of the news reporter talking to a fan (The same interlude they had before “To Live & Die In LA” on the retail version of Makaveli). The diss at the end when he go off on Dr. Dre isn’t played on this one either it cut off while he saying “Where my Down South niggaz At, Where my east side niggaz at”.

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“Niggaz Nature” is also slightly different from the mixtape version I put since this one is shorter and this one also break down differently compared to the demo version I put up. You’ll notice a difference from this one compared to the Too Gangsta For Radio (2000) version also. I like this “Niggaz Nature” way more than I do the Until The End Of Time version with Lil’ Mo, that was horrible…. Since I already heard the original before that album came out in ’01.

Well like I said stay tune in for Volume 10 of the series! Enjoy it! Long Live 2Pac!!

1. Bomb First (Jay-Z, Biggie, Mobb Deep, & Xzibit diss)
2. Hail Mary
3. Krazy (feat. Bad Azz)
4. Watch Ya Mouth
5. To Live & Die In LA
6. Friends (Jay-Z & Dr. Dre Diss)
7. Blasphemy
8. Hold Ya Head
9. Lost Souls (feat. Young Noble & EDI)
10. White Man’z World
11. Niggaz Nature (feat. Val Young)
12. Against All Odds (Nas, Jimmy Henchmen, Stretch *RIP*, King Tut, Puffy & Biggie Diss)
13. Hidden Interlude Track
14. When Thugz Cry

Download: Makaveli – The Don Killuminati: The 3 Day Theory [Mixtape]

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