V-Na$ty – “Swobbin'”

I’m gonna be honest here: A large part of me really didn’t want to post this song by V-Nasty (White Girl Mob member/Kreayshawn‘s crazy homegirl). From what I’ve seen & heard, V-Nasty can be really irritating, she’s a white girl that freely throws around the “n-word”, and most important of all, it seems like she can’t rap very good.

But I got this song about a week ago and since I try to listen to everything, I gave it a shot. And you know what? This shit isn’t bad. It’s mainly due to the production by Tha Bizness, but Vanessa doesn’t sound exactly terrible on here either (Not enough to make me a fan yet, but still…). Don’t be surprised if hear “Swobbin'” again as this is the first single off V-Nasty’s untitled album.

Don’t judge me.

Download: V-Nasty – “Swobbin'”

  • This Guy

    So…she isn’t dead yet 4 throwin’ around tha n-word? Ha.

  • aren’t all the white mob girls cousins?

  • mmm lil debbie

    • Really?

    • P-Body

      I have to cosign with Mimo I can’t lie I’ll smash Lil Debbie, she look like she is down for the cause for real *nasty freaky women are the best*, and on some videos she be looking straight. She is the best looking one out the bunch.

      This song is alright I guess….. I don’t see myself ever being a fan of hers.. Hell naw! She is annoying.

  • P (From Da D)

    A White Girl Mob harder than Drake…..I think V-nasty would bitch Drake out lol. This shit aint that bad either……call me crazy but i’ll be checking for the White Girl Mob.

    • P-Body

      I don’t know if I’ll be checking for the White Girl mob but I’ll rather listen to her than Drake myself. I can’t stand Drake musically.

      Only one I want to smash is Lil Debbie.

  • Wata40

    I say Nigga 376 times a day, so it don’t upset me when this white chick say it.

    Now once she say NIGGER..then it’s a problem!!

  • spyda man

    im a white person and i still cant believe theres white girls rapping.

  • Stephanie

    I think any black person who accept the use of nigga or nigger by little white girls who will only get reconized if they have black support is the most direspectful thing you can do to yourself your ancesters your parents the words are the same thing

  • soo V nasty is just that “NASTY” and not the good kind she is the worst rapper i think i have ever heard now that being said im white im female im a rapper but i never drop the n bomb is that how she wants to be remembered? horrible marketing for your self anyways like i said i rap and i do the white girls justice that shit is garbage im talkiung alot but i can back it up so get at me check the link -IIIest

    • P-Body

      You rap Tanya? Definitely let me hear some stuff if you can.