Passing Shots: Action Bronson, Coughee Brothaz, & MellowHype

Here at nappyafro we kinda pride ourselves on our track by track in-depth Hip-Hop album reviews. It’s those long ass reviews that are the heart of and seperate ourselves from other Hip-Hop sites that just post leaked tracks all day (Not saying it’s anything wrong with that).

The other thing is that we try to take our time on our album reviews. But besides that, we also have lives, jobs, baby mommas, wives, side chicks, & Hip-Hop blogging pays shit. Of course there gonna be albums that slip by and don’t get reviewed but that doesn’t mean we don’t listen to them. Passing Shots are a showcase of those albums that we missed reviewing but still wanna acknowledge.

Action Bronson – Dr. Lecter
Released: March 14, 2011
Soulful dusty beats, 90’s inspired lyricism, & songs named after obscure WWF wrestlers? Yes please. These are just some of the reasons that I was bummed out that we missed reviewing Action Bronson‘s album Dr. Lecter. Not only because I’ve been playing the album since April, but because it’s pretty good. Bronson has charisma on his own, but you can tell the Flushing Queens MC influences include the likes off Big L, Ghostface Kilah, & Nas. Besides the music, Bronson also puts out some pretty entertaining music videos too.

Listen: Action Bronson – “Barry Horowitz”

Coughee Brothaz – Fresh Brew
Released: April 19, 2011
Every current “weed rapper” that is experiencing success owes a tip of the hat to Houston’s own Devin The Dude. For years Devin has been cranking out smooth music filled with tales of weed, women, & fun. The music of his crew The Coughee Brothaz (an expanded version of Devin’s old crew Odd Squad) fits right in with The Dude’s catalog and songs like “Garden Tool” & “Backstrokin'” prove that. If you a fan of Devin, Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Smoke DZA, and rappers of the like, you may wanna check out Fresh Brew.

Listen: Coughee Brothaz feat. Slim Thug – “A Pair Of Lips”

MellowHype – BlackededWhite
Released: July 12, 2011
Tyler, The Creator & Frank Ocean aren’t the only ones in Odd Future putting in work. In July, Left Brain & Hodgy Beats, the duo known as MellowHype, re-released their 2010 mix tape/street album BlackenedWhite. While the project proves to people not in the know that Hodgy Beats is more than Tyler’s stage hypeman, BlackenedWhite lacks the creativeness of other OFWGKTA albums like Bastard, the lyricism of Earl, or the talent of Nostalgia, Ultra. BlackenedWhite has some moments, but it’s a reason why this re-release didn’t make much noise.

Listen: MellowHype – “Deaddeputy”