Drake – “Headlines”

Here we go, Drake‘s first single off his upcoming album Take Care. Putting this together with the other songs that are suppose to be on Take Care, “Headlines” is by far the most upbeat of the bunch. It still shares that mellow vibe since Boi-1da & 40 behind the boards.

Download: Drake – “Headlines”

Source: October’s Very Own

  • Pitbull

    Wow… I have officially become a Drake hater.

  • breeze

    I don’t understand why he goes hard as hell on other ppls shit but weaker than white ppls kool aid on his own shit.

    • http://nappyafro.com King Jerm

      this is one of the best comments EVER!

    • http://nappyafro.com DuB

      Comment of the year right here

  • ACE

    aww fuck….. homie said weaker than white people kool aid… im done

  • http://nappyafro.com H2O

    I like this a lot better than the other songs that have leaked from Take Care. I’m still looking forward to the album and seeing what he really has in mind for it.

  • http://nappyafro.com King Jerm

    I think Drizzy will fall victim to the sophomore slump. I haven’t been feeling none of his new shit except for Dreams. This is real baby thighs right here.

  • http://nappyafro.com DuB

    Drake sucks at picking singles. I love his projects as a whole but he never picks good singles.

  • http://twitter.com/executivesmoke Vic D

    This was straight! What yall talkin bout?

    • http://connoisseurausrex.blogspot.com/ Chip


  • Mr. Jones


  • P-Body

    Okay… Let me say out of all the songs I heard from this “Take Care” shit, this is probably the best song from the album because I really hated the other ones especially “Marvin’s Room”. This song is still soft but it is much better than the last few. I can tolerate this one much better and the beat is better. I don’t ever see myself being a Drake fan though. People hyped him too much in the beginning especially people on the website! They hyped J. Cole up too much as well and that is not fair because when they drop an album that isn’t up to the expectations it hurt them badly. I can do without Drake though but he is way way better than Soulja Boy and Lil B, I’ll take Drake any day over those two.

    • JStarks

      Thank YOU. A voice of reason

  • http://connoisseurausrex.blogspot.com/ Chip

    I think it’s the real IS on the rise tho fam

    • http://nappyafro.com B-Easy

      Yea, I had been meaning to change that since Drake himself tweeted out that lyric. Thanks.


  • saule wright

    If you like this shit, but hate on Nelly, I’ lookin’ at yo sideways like a mug. #iRepDatLou

    • DJ LP

      That Show Me State