2Pac – Unreleased & Original (Compilation Vol. 9) [Mixtape]

Alright folks. Here is the latest installment of the Pac series and this time I’m hitting you peeps with Volume 9, yes I did say Volume 9. I know its hard to believe.

Let’s get started with a brief summary of this version of the mixtape. Okay so I know people going to say; “Man you already put ‘Ride 4 Me’ on the other mixtape“. Well this version is the complete version with Storm rapping along with Pac, Kurupt, and Fatal from Outlawz.

Also I had to throw in the unreleased song titled “Big Time” which is with Live Squad (Stretch & Majesty) recorded around 92. They had this song already leaked but it had a different beat; this one is the original.

The original version of “Cradle 2 The Grave” is different from the one on Thug Life Volume 1 (1994) album. I like both of them so I can’t really say which version I like the best. Another song from the Thug Life era that was unreleased is “Niggaz In The Pen”. You can tell this was recorded around ’93. I can picture him performing this at In Living Color at the end when they use to have a lot of live performances (Not a bad thing). I like the song.

I’m sure some people remember the song “16 On Death Row” which was on R U Still Down album. Well this version is a little different (very little) and his hook is different. Definitely compare the two versions because there is some difference.

I guess people thought the diss songs was over with from Pac, well they got another thing coming. I went ahead and added a clip from an interview he talks about the East Coast & Mobb Deep especially. Not to mention I had to throw in the original version of “When We Ride On Our Enemies” to go along with the interview. Which he disses Mobb Deep, The Fugees, Da Brat, and Bad Boy.

2 New songs just leaked (“NY ’87” & “Watch Ya Mouth” in CDQ Original). “NY ’87” features Dogg Pound. You hear DJ Quik in the beginning saying a few words about the East Coast being the enemy since he you may not see him on The Source magazine. Then you have Daz and others pretending to be guys from new york saying “Hey Money, yo B” as you already know was the NY slang. You can tell this had to be recorded a little after Dogg Pound & Snoop Doggy Dogg had their trailer shot up in New York while filming “New York, New York” music video. They trash A Tribe Called Quest, Jeru, Bad Boy, Mobb Deep, and etc. This is actually the first song I heard 2Pac say “Fuck New York” on. I can’t lie, I’m just hearing this song. I been knew about the song but it took a long ass time for it to leak. The thing I hate about this song is the bassline, it is too loud in the car and I have to cut the volume down. “Watch Ya Mouth” is an outtake and unreleased song from the Makaveli album. I don’t understand why they removed this song because Pac was snapping and the beat is perfect for a diss song. The track itself to me sound like something Scarface would rap on back then. I’m glad they finally leaked the CD Quality of the song! Thank god!

Some of you probably thought the One Nation sessions was over, well it is not. The original “Military Minds” is a song from the One Nation album featuring Boot Camp Click, but the remixed appeared on Better Dayz album. “Let’s Fight” is also another song from One Nation album. They end up using the vocals from this song on the 2Pac Resurrection album song featuring 50 Cent called “The Realest Killas”. I don’t like the remix too much to be honest.

I know some people are going to say “Man you already put ‘Black Jesus’ on the other mixtape. Well this version is a different as well. Similar to the other original but not as funky as the other version (My favorite version). “Unconditional Love” is somewhat different than the one on the Greatest Hits album. This version isn’t clean and he doesn’t say “You always be in my heart” in the beginning like he do on Greatest Hits version. Actually this song was written for MC Hammer to rap on, but thank God Tupac recorded his own. I can’t see Hammer ripping this shit like Pac did (I will admit to being a Hammer fan when I was a kid though).

Also check out “Thugs Get Lonely Too” featuring Thug Life. They sampled Prince “If I Was Your Girlfriend” basically they looped it around and rapped over it.

Alright I’m done with the writing. Go ahead and enjoy the latest mixtape. Stay tune for Volume 10! Yes I did say 10.

1. Big Time (Unreleased) (feat. Live Squad)
2. 16 On Death Row (Original)
3. Cradle 2 The Grave (Original) (feat. Thug Life)
4. Cause I Had 2 (Original)
5. Thugs Get Lonely Too (Original) (feat. Thug Life)
6. Niggaz In The Pen (Unreleased) (feat. Thug Life)
7. When We Ride Prelude (Interview Dissing Mobb Deep)
8. When We Ride On Our Enemies (Original)
9. NY 87 (feat. Tha Dogg Pound)
10. Watch Ya Mouth (Unreleased)
11. Runnin’ On E (Alt Original Version) (feat. Outlawz & Nuttso)
12. Unconditonal Love (Original)
13. Ride 4 Me (Unreleased) (feat. Kurupt, Fatal & Storm)
14. God Bless The Dead (Uncensored) (feat. Stretch)
15. Black Jesus (Original Alternate Version) (feat. Outlawz Immortalz & Storm)
16. Military Minds (Original) (feat. Boot Camp Click)
17. Why U Turn On Me (Original)
18. Let’s Fight (Original) (feat. Boot Camp Click, LS, ASU, & Greg Nice)

Download: 2Pac – Unreleased & Original (Compilation Vol. 9) [Mixtape]

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