Drake – “Marvin’s Room” [Video]

While we wait for the official single for Take Care, Drake releases a music video for “Marvin’s Room”. The music video is what you expect; Drake at the club drunk dialing ex. Nothing special but it works.

Even though a lot of people in the comments on the original post called “Marvin’s Room” soft (I’m looking at you P-Body), it seems like Drizzy has a hit on his hands; Just ask JoJo, Teyana Taylor, & Chris Brown.

Surce: October’s Very Own]

  • P-Body

    You right, this shit was nothing special and this is going to be a brick. If he keep making songs like this he might as well just go to R&B and stop saying he a rapper when he is not. He isn’t that good of a singer to me.

    I actually see why he make songs like this. He probably so used to being punked out by women all the time. Women don’t want no soft ass man and I’m sure they can see the softness in his eyes even when he try to fake the funk on stage.

    I don’t have nothing against Drake as a person but musically he just don’t do it and then he be throwing up signs like he real cool not knowing what that shit mean. GTFOH Drake with that mess.

    People bigging this dude up but he is just hype, that’s all. Some songs I actually do like from him when he actually raps

    • DuB

      Thank Me Later>All Eyez On Me

      • Dub…. what have you just done? P-Body probably just punched his computer screen.

        • DuB

          Oh shit. I can’t wait to read his response.

      • DJ LP

        Oh shit….

      • H2O

        This nigga right here…

      • DuB

        Maybe I went too far. I think this nigga really fucked up his computer. He always comes right back with a comment

      • This nigga DuB is a fool!

      • DuB

        This nigga really ain’t responding?

        • V-G

          That nigga dead bro

          • DJ LP

            I think his heart gave out after reading that comment..I know mine almost did

        • P-Body

          Actually I’m alive, not dead yet. I almost wrecked when I saw this shit on my damn phone though.

          Dub! Wtf man? See man smh…. Ughh…… Idk man. You have to be joking when you said Thank Me Later is better than All Eyez On Me…. Even some people that don’t like All Eyez On Me don’t believe that mess about Thank Me Later.

          I just got home from boxing so I’m actually calm right now after reading this shit. I been working all this morning and went straight to the gym afterwards for a few hours so that’s why I didn’t respond but I did read it on my phone.

          Like I said I have no problem with Drake as a person but his music is just too soft man. Drake should be glad a person like me not recording his music for him or even being the executive producer. I’ll make him change them songs fast and we will sit in the studio and think of something dope. He won’t be putting out another album until I approve if I was in that position. We will make his subject matter more extended instead of the same stuff.

          His next album should be titled Brick House, because that shit going to brick compared to his last album.

          • DuB

            On some real shit I am just fucking with you P. All Eyez on me is in my top 25 albums bro.

          • P-Body

            I figured you were. I know you couldn’t have been serious about that statement. It’s all good my dude.

      • Rickjamesbitch

        YOU WRONG!!! LMAO

  • P-Body

    Freddie Gibbs need to go ahead and blow up. He need to take over the game so I can forget about songs like this “Marvin’s Room” shit.

  • I’m not a huge fan of this song, but this shit is dope as fuck.

  • H2O

    I like the condensed version of this song better than the 5 minute version. I think the length is what turned me off the original.

    • DJ LP

      You sure it wasn’t the song itself that turned ya off?

    • P-Body

      Co-sign with DJ

      Just be honest man, this song sucks.

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