Friday Night ‘Fro: Mezzo Forte

A while ago, I remember somebody e-mailing the site and asking me what my favorite anime was (And to possible make it a Friday Night ‘Fro selection). Now I’ll admit I’m not into the genre as I once was back in the day but I still have few favorites. I could choose O.G. shit like Ninja Scroll, or to generic answers like Akira or Ghost In The Shell or even some of the Miyazaki films (A few others but you get the point…).

But surprisingly my favorite anime comes in the form of an OVA called Mezzo Forte. It’s like Kill Bill on steroids and with graphic sex scenes. Day one nappyafro fans may remember my taking footage of this film and mashing it up with “99 Problems” (I’m still surprised that after all these years that video still hasn’t been banned on YouTube).

Below is the summary of Mezzo Forte and up top is the full video.

Momokichi Momoi, a brutal baseball owner with mob connections. A mysterious old man hires Mikura and the Danger Service Agency to kidnap Momokichi. But the DSA has bigger problems standing in their way, namely Momokichi’s daughter Momomi, a young girl with a twisted mind and loaded gun.