Frank Ocean – “Novacane” [Video]

I was always interested on how a music video for Frank Ocean‘s “Novacane” might look. And even though this video didn’t include a scene where Frank smokes an ice blue bong with a model chick (That does porn in the valley) at the Coachella musc festival, I can’t be mad at the final product. It’s not only creative but I’m sure more cost effective than what I had it mind. The video does cut off the last part of the song kinda like Tyler, The Creator’s “Yonkers” music video. Hmmm.

Directed by Nabil. Off Frank Ocean’s nostalgia,ULTRA. (Which is still so far the best mixtape of 2011).

Young Barry White. The geek out of the bunch. He is also Jay-Z’s biggest fan. He looks like your cousin from the burbs. He is “Pro Black” (not anti-white, just “Pro Black”). Probably the wittiest out of the bunch. It is said that he got fired from the same job three times.
  • Verbose

    yeah, when I’m high I love to rub mayonnaise on my face too. totally normal.
    *Whoopi lookin’ over her glasses face*

    still a great song.

    • saule wright

      Why do you think it’s mayonnaise?

  • B-Easy


    *Director takes hit from ice blue bong and passes it to Frank Ocean* Director – “You know what would be dope for a video? You sitting on a bed with the ghosts of women surrounding you.”
    *Frank Ocean takes hit from bong* Frank – “Shit. I already got the mayonnaise.”
    Director – “Huh?”
    Frank – “Yea”

    • Verbose

      LMAO, right?

      when I was a teenager, we used to say “get the mayo” when someone/thing was “gay”
      somehow we got it in our dumbass heads that gay people just loved to fist each other with mayonnaise.

      so the idea of Frank shmearin’ it on his face has me dyin’

      • saule wright

        I don’t get why y’all are saying it’s mayo, not lotion?

        • Verbose

          *shrug* cause its funnier

          it probably is just lotion

        • B-Easy

          Yea, that’s my reason too.

  • Clay Davis

    That is off but he make good music.

  • Vic D

    Yall can’t be serious… He’s putting Novacane on his face

    • Verbose

      that come in a cream?

      that would make the most sense then.

      but in a video with geisha and tiger ghosts, why look for makin’ sense?….

      get the mayo.

      • King Jerm

        According to my wife (she is a doctor) she said novacane does come in cream form.

        • Verbose

          nice work. how’d yer ass pull a doctor? you like a male Claire Huxtable, lol (…pause?)

          • KIng Jerm

            More chemist than surgeon.

          • Verbose


  • King Jerm

    Did this nigga say that Frank Ocean had the best mixtape of 2011?

    • B-Easy

      *Re-reads article*

      Yup. Yes I did.

      • King Jerm

        *revokes your Hip-Hop pass*

        • B-Easy

          NO! Wait… nevermind.

          *Realizes that King Jerm had his Hip-Hop pass revoked when he co-signed Lil’ B & Kreayshawn*

          • King Jerm

            Better than saying a quasi R&B singer had the best MIXTAPE!

            You shitted on Pusha T

            You shitted on KRIT

            You shitted on a ass of niggas

            *snatches that card..rips it up into a thousand pieces*

          • B-Easy

            Why you acting up in front of company?

            Look man, I listen to nostalgia,ULTRA. more than any of those mixtapes you named.

            Fear Of God was great (Which I still listen to quite a bit).

            ReturnOf4Neva was good (I love K.R.I.T. but I thought K.R.I.T. Wuz Here was much better).

            nostalgia,ULTRA. may have birthed another entire music genre.

            I’m not saying that it’s the best mixtape ever or in the past few years, just right now and so far in 2011. When Rick Ross’s mixtape or Weezy mixtape or the next Lil’ B mixtape comes out, I’m sure you will say that those are the best mixtapes of 2011. And I’ll let you live with that.

            Just my thoughts…

            *Hides Hip-Hop pass so crazy people can’t get to it again*

          • H2O

            I think I gotta ride with King Jerm on this one…I mean…c’mon.

  • P

    I gotta feeling he’s gonna be a big deal. Not mixtape of the year tho WTF LOL

  • Verbose


    uh-oh….B-Easy concealing stuff in his “hiding spot” again….thats so unhygienic fam….

    get the mayo.

  • Vic D

    More specifically, its prolly topicaine but I’ll quit bein a nerd lol

  • ElroyJulius

    Fabolous Soul Tape is the best mixtape of 2011.

  • H2O

    LOL Mayo…

  • Mr. Jones

    Heard this on the radio, want some more oddfuture guys to jump on this, it sounds great.