Drake – “Marvin’s Room”

Drake drops another track to add “another piece of the story” which I guess means drunk dialing an old girlfriend late at night and pouring your heart out. Either way, I’m liking the new material. “Marvin’s Room” is in the same vien as “Dreams Money Can Buy” and could’ve fit on So Far Gone without any problems.

Produced by Noah “40” Shebib

The single for Drizzy’s Take Care is coming in July with the album dropping Oct. 24th.

Source: October’s Very Own

  • Anonymous

    This is dope.

  • This shit is soft as baby thighs.

  • Pitbull

    Wow, Drake is gonna get arrested for posession of fag. Real soon.

  • P-Body

    Man what is up with this soft ass shit…. Seriously….. Man hip hop has gone too soft nowadays. Too lovey dovey. This song is garbage.

  • saule wright

    Looks like this album will be a soulections review, not a nappyafro review.

  • Wait…y’all really don’t like this?

    • P-Body

      Naw this song is actually on some soft girl shit and it sucks. I’m just not into that. No lovey dovey from your boy. if I want to hear that type of stuff I’ll bump so Keith Sweat or something of that nature. Dude is becoming softer each solo song he leaks except for the guest features he does on other people stuff. I know I couldn’t hang out with a person like Drake.

      I get really bored listening to this song. I couldn’t make it past :50 seconds without cutting it off. I had to listen to some Prince to clear my mind.

    • Only niggas that use Dove soap will like this album.

      • P-Body

        Co-sign like a mutha

  • This is what i don’t understand:

    Niggas thought So Far Gone was one of the greatest mixtapes ever. This song could have been on So Far Gone and nobody would have been the wiser. So what’s the problem? Drake is sticking to what got him in the game. Him & 40 are making the music that they’re good at making.

    • saule wright

      I was gonna reply here, but this would be good Frocast conversation.

    • Pitbull

      On So Far Gone, he had that ‘IT” factor working for him. With songs like, November 18th, Best I Ever Had, Unstoppable, Uptown, Successful, etc. you get the picture, Drake was soft without being soft. If that makes sense.

      Then on Thank Me Later, it was the same style. But i’ll be completely honest, I bought into Thank Me Later because of that 9am in Dallas freestyle. I heard that, copped the album and was claiming it was “his best work to date.”

      Fast forward to now, he’s just plain soft and doesn’t have “IT” anymore. I think I wrote about this in the forums not too long ago.

      Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all “over” for Drake. He can turn it around in a heartbeat, “I’m On One” for example is his “hardest” stuff out lately…and it’s not even his own song. The only problem is that he seems happy as can be making Trey Songz-Lite music now and that is NOT a good thing. Take Care is headed for a MASSIVE sophmore flop.

    • Rickjamesbitch

      Drake got here by rapping, the singing was just something I put up with cuz I liked his rhymes but Thank Me Later was so R&B that it wasn’te ven funny. Plus Drake can’t sing that good, he’s average at best and So Far Gone isn’t even Drake’s best mixtape, people rode that mixtape super hard and it was really good but Comeback Season is better.

  • P-Body

    Well I’m one of the guys that didn’t think So Far Gone was great nor did I think it was good. A matter of fact I didn’t like it much and I still don’t til this day. I’m just not on the Drake bandwagon. He just too soft for me musically and almost feminine which is not cool. R&B is cool but he came out the gates trying to be a emcee and he said his first real album would be hip hop which it wasn’t. Too many fillers and bullshit on it. I only like a few songs he made but thats about it. Hes better than Soulja Toy and Lil B, at least he do have a little more subject matter than those clowns…. The thing with Lil B is that he is comical with his.

  • He’s a teen drama TV star turnt rich rapper that associates with niggas of a polar opposite upbringing…. And yall don’t expect him to rap about how he is caught up in this lifestyle not meant for him? It might be soft, but I’ll be damned if it aint real.

  • SBA

    this song is dope… if you haven’t been in a serious relationship with a girl before you wouldn’t understand what makes this song so great, and this is coming from a person who has NEVER been on the Drake bandwagon. I love the hard sounding beats and shit too, but you gotta have some balance.

    • P-Body

      I see what you’re saying but I’m just not a lovey dovey type of person. I don’t get too caught up in the emotions dealing with these chickenheads. Drake need to pick himself up and stop all that winning & sobbing over a girl who apparently moved on to somebody else. Some of his songs just be too soft period. Don’t get me wrong I like soft music from time to time but not from Drake though.

      • SBA

        Lol i feel you bro. Only thing I hate about this song is that it sounds like a typical Drake and 40 song

  • Daisy

    Are you kidding me?! This song is actually really good. Drake should be more like this than straight rap. My opinion!

    • P-Body

      Thats because you are a woman and you like soft things anyways. We all have our soft moments but this is pushing it

    • Yeah yeah

      AGREEED !

  • I’ve really been on the fringe lately. I hate the shit everyones lovin’, I love the shit everyone’s hatin’….weird.

    anyway, I really dig this track from Drizzy. (Marvin’s Room is a great movie too btw)
    its sounds like Lost in Translation to me. sadness, rain, wet streets, brake lights, haze, phones beeping….lost lust. I dunno, I can see how people arent liking it. this is hate it or love it territory.

    and I’m actually late to the Drake party. my scathing review of TML is probably still floating in the forum somewhere (under my old name i think). but yeah, eventually i came around on that.

    yall are right. this shit is baby thigh, Dove soap, faggy clown diaper soft. but you like what you like. and this shit is….refreshing. <—HA! I used the queerest word ever

    • P-Body

      I just don’t know what to say man…… Drake do too much winning and stay depressed over a woman. I see if the woman is his wife or girlfriend for a long time then I can understand. This dude be simping too much for me.

      Refreshing I suppose…. It don’t sound no different compared to his other singing sad songs he make.

      Hey to each its own I suppose. I know one thing, this song will not get no play in my ride. I don’t care if a woman was riding and want to play the CD. I’m throwing her and the CD out the car.

      • well we cant all be hype all the time

        sometimes its a College Dropout day, sometimes its an 808s and Heartbreak day.
        sometimes its Crunk Juice, sometimes its Last Train to Paris. Rubber Soul, then Sgt. Peppers. Big Willie Style, then White Pony. Beautiful Freak, then Lets Get Free.

        I’m a moody sumbitch (manic depression does that to a man), so I like all different kinda moods to suit me. even this beautiful, sad-bastard shit (pause). but like you say, to each can go their own way

  • Mike L

    I don’t seewhy ppl are so shocked and appalled by the song. I figured Drake out, way back from his ComeBack Season days. He wishes he could be a R&B singer, but he can’t really sing, so he raps so compensate. This kinda shit is just what he does.

  • Yeah yeah

    Thiis song has been on replay since the minute I heard it ! Honestly all you haters stop HATING! You have to have some skills to be able to rap and sing as well as Drake does he puts out music that no other rapper or singer could put out and that’s on some real shit . He isn’t afraid to open up his heart and lay out his emotions. He is so diverse in the fact where he can go hard on some head bangers and then still be able sing and rap a song that has some deep thought .. One of my favorite artists .

  • H2O

    This is so weak…

    • P

      Thank you

  • P

    Im glad a couple of yall criticized this first cuz if I did it it would have been P just being a hater. How some of yall feel about this one is the same way I feel every time I hear a new Jay-z, Drake, or Wayne song. Like cmon son yall really gonna pretend this is that cold

  • P

    Im sorry rap world I said all this before but really! This is a Jewish nigga from a shitty teen sitcom! Im not really one of those people who want every rapper to be “hard” but this is just ridiculous! And he’s making light skinned niggas look bad! LOL at least we got J Cole

    • P

      Just listened to Workout “puts head back down” LOL. Where my homey Suga Free at they makin us all look like cupcakes LOL

      • “Just listened to Workout “puts head back down” ”