The Numbers Game: Big L, The Undergods, & Kool G Rap

No big debuts this go around as all of this week’s rap releases end up on the back end of the charts (No shots fired). Sales don’t mean everything, but we have three new albums on the charts this week by four Hip-Hop veterans (Big L, Canibus, Keith Murray, & Kool G Rap) and not one of them were able to go over a thousand units in first week sales. Is this a sad sign of the current music market or just bad promotions from indie labels or just a signal that these vets need to pack it up (Well, all except Big L of course. RIP). Sidenote: I actually heard some of Kool G Rap’s Riches, Royalty & Respect and it wasn’t bad.

Other News:
I also see Miguel popped back up in the Top 50 with All I Want Is You (I’m sure off the strength of “Sure Thing”).
Kirk Franklin is still holding it down for the gospel set with Hello Fear.
Wiz Khalifa‘s Rolling Papers will see a Gold plaque soon and Eminem will eventually reach 4 million is sales with Recovery (Which is crazy).
For those curious, Tyler, The Creator‘s Goblin is sitting at #85 with 70,000 albums sold and Lupe Fiasco‘s Lasers is at #57 with 404,000 unit sold.

Next week we’ll see how Tech N9ne does as his 6’s And 7’s album dropped this past Tuesday (Review coming soon by your’s truly).

The full Top 50 below:

#12 Maybach Music Group/Self Made Vol. 1 (Last Week: #5) – 18,500; Total: 77,400 [2 Weeks]
#14 Bruno Mars/Doo-Wops & Hooligans (Last Week: #20) – 17,400; Total: 1,070,700 (Platinum) [35 Weeks]
#23 Wiz Khalifa/Rolling Papers (Last Week: #28) – 14,500; Total: 431,100 [10 Weeks]
#24 Rihanna/Loud (Last Week: #30) – 14,000; Total: 1,298,800 (Platinum) [29 Weeks]
#26 Beastie Boys/Hot Sauce Committee Part Two (Last Week: #38) – 13,800; Total: 227,600 [5 Weeks]
#28 Chris Brown/F.A.M.E. (Last Week: #29) – 13,300; Total: 595,800 (Gold) [11 Weeks]
#30 Nicki Minaj/Pink Friday (Last Week: #33) – 13,000; Total: 1,407,100 (Platinum) [28 Weeks]
#33 Kirk Frankiln/Hello Fear (Last Week: #36) – 11,900; Total: 265,700 [11 Weeks]
#39 Miguel/All I Want Is You (Last Week: #53) – 10,400; Total: 194,600 [21 Weeks]
#41 The Lonely Island/Turtleneck & Chain (Last Week: #27) – 10,300; Total: 116,700 [4 Weeks]
#46 Eminem/Recovery (Last Week: #48) – 10,000; Total: 3,882,100 (3X Platinum) [50 Weeks]
#NA Kool G Rap/Riches, Royalty & Respect (Last Week: NA) – 932; Total: NA [Debut]
#NA The Undergods (Canibus & Keith Murray)/In God We Trust: Crush Microphones To Dustty & Respect (Last Week: NA) – 591; Total: NA [Debut]
#NA Big L/The Danger Zone (Last Week: NA) – 268; Total: NA [Debut]

  • P-Body

    WHOA!! Them sales are horrible man….. The fans are very fickle if you ask me but at the same time I didn’t know these CDs was coming out except for Kool G Rap.

    I didn’t know Big L had another album released Rest In Peace brother.

    • “I didn’t know Big L had another album released” <--- And that's probably why it sold so badly.

  • saule wright

    …didn’t we already get an undergods album?

    • An EP in 2009 and now this one. I honestly don’t think anybody noticed though.

  • P

    I think if you sell 591 copies first week you shouldnt be able to associate yourself with the word god anymore LMAO!

    Big L aint sell cuz its proably just some more leaches trying to make money of his name.

    • saule wright

      LMAO@ THIS! :I think if you sell 591 copies first week you shouldnt be able to associate yourself with the word god anymore LMAO! …I MEAN, RAH DIGGA moved more units.

  • spyda man

    tech n9ne is the GOAT to me personally so i KANT WAIT FOR THIS FUCKIN CD.

    • This Guy

      Haha, hav u SEEN tha tracklist 2 tha new Tech N9ne?? Cant wait 2 hear frm tha fanz…

  • spyda man

    im listening to it now dude..fucking amazing..worldwide choppers is incredible..seriously i mean wow cd of the year right here! im bound to say that at least once more this year lol

    • This Guy

      No doubt, Worldwide Choppers is one of tha dope trax…

  • SkoobyDeeMysFit

    All 6’s & 7’s……Prolly Tha Best Album Of Tech’s Career……I Listened 2 Dat Whole Album Without Skippin’ One Track…..Most Definitely Need If Yu Ain’t Got It Yet…….{Tech-A-Holic}

  • Spyda man

    I thought the same shit, it’s alot more diverse then all his other albums.

    • SkoobyDeeMysFit

      And All Tha Features Came Wit They A+ Game…..{ExceptSnoop}