Cam’Ron And Vado – Gunz N’ Butta [Review]

Cam’ron is easily one of my favorite rappers of all time. As a matter of fact, he is in my top 5. Even since before his Rocafella days, Killa has been known as one of the dopest Emcess out of New York. Look at the Evolution of this guy. He has gone from running with Mase, to dropping classic albums, then to running with a legendary movement, to creating his own movement, and now he has the intentions to make his new protégé Vado a force to be reckoned with on this new album. Speaking of Vado, I can’t say I am much of a fan. Not because I don’t like his music, but more because I have never really gotten into it. I know he has a nice buzz, especially in New York, but I have never really listened to him. Okay! that was a big understatement. I wouldn’t know who Vado was if we were stuck in an elevator together. I know him and Cam decided it wouldn’t be in Vado’s best interest to do the XXL Freshman Cover. Why? I couldn’t tell you, but even without that type of praise behind him Vado still has a solid buzz.  Let’s see how he and Cam do on a full length album. Is Vado the real deal, or will Killa star on this project? Let’s find out!

1. Killa
With this being the first song I ever listened to with Vado, I honestly wasn’t that impressed. I think Killa Cam stole the show, and honestly I’m scared he will through out the whole album.

2. American Greed
Again I think Cam’ron got Vado, although during the last verse Cam said “He reminds me of me in 04”.

3. Heat in Here
This beat actually compliments Vado more than any other song thus far.

4. Face-Off
This seems like it’s more of a Cam album with Vado as a feature on every song. This song also shows Cam at his best. So far its 3 out of 4 where Killa gets his protégé.

5. I-Luv You
This is a song about getting females to….. well you know. The beat reminds me of the old Diplomatic albums.

6. Put A Bird Up
I am actually starting to get a little disappointed at this point of the album. I haven’t’ actually heard them speak on…well anything. It seems like they are just trying to shown they can rap. A couple of songs like that are cool but half an album is hard to listen to.

7. Monster Muzik
This can only be described as explosive, but it is more of the same. Still this is a standout.

8. Breathe
This one is another banger, but Cam still got the best of Vado.

9. Fuck-A-Freestyle
Another record that is lacking a real topic. We all know Cam’ron can rap, but this album really feels like a mixtape.

10. Lights, Camera, Action
Featuring Skylynn
This beat is exactly what Cam says, some eighties shit. Killa and Vado ride the track really nice as well.

11. Stop It
Sigh! I’m running out of ways to say this is getting hard to listen to.

12. Speaking In Tungs
I saw this on Mtv Jams and I had no idea this was Vado. Still not a big fan of the song though. The rhymes are maybe mediocore on this track and the beat is annoying. Killa is nowhere to be found on this one.

13. Hey Mumma
This is the second single. The beginning actually has Cam rapping like he was holding a conversation with a woman. I like that part a lot. Vado really didn’t grasp me on this song though.

14. We All Up in Here
……… (Silence)

15. They Don’t Like You
This is refreshing, like water to Kidneys. It’s actually a nice song to the ladies. This is a highlight.

16. Be With Me
Nice break from the norm, but it is similar to the last track.

Bottom Line:
I never thought I would feel this way about a Killa Cam album. Not too long ago I spoke on the fact that Killa is unbelievably underrated. I have to say that if the idea behind doing this album was to get Vado some shie…it didn’t work. The Dipset general is honestly one of the greatest to ever do it, and to have to do an entire album with him must be incredibly hard. Imagine being a brand new artist and your intro to the world is sparring with Lil Wayne on a Full Length LP. Another reason I’m not feeling this album is the lack of topics. It was a lot of bragging and drug rap.

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