The Numbers Game: Pink Friday Is #1 Again

No new debuts this week, but more proof of how strong Nicki Minaj‘s fanbase is right now (Something I pointed out earlier this week).

You’ll also notice that The Black Eyed Peas’ album The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies) has popped back in the Top 50 (Early Super Bowl half time show buzz?) as well as Trey Songz’ Passion, Pain & Pleasure.

And now the numbers…

#1 Nicki Minaj/Pink Friday (Last Week: #3) – 45,300; Total: 1,034,600 (Platinum) [11 Weeks]
#4 Bruno Mars/Doo-Wops & Hooligans (Last Week: #5) – 31,700; Total: 627,000 (Gold) [17 Weeks]
#5 Rihanna/Loud (Last Week: #13) – 29,400; Total: 894,600 (Gold) [12 Weeks]
#10 Eminem/Recovery (Last Week: #16) – 25,000; Total: 3,535,500 (3X Platinum) [32 Weeks]
#26 Jamie Foxx/Best Night Of My Life (Last Week: #24) – 19,900; Total: 270,000 [7 Weeks]
#18 R. Kelly/Love Letter (Last Week: #18) – 19,400; Total: 386,200 [8 Weeks]
#20 Black Eyed Peas/The Beginning (Last Week: #26) – 19,200; Total: 474,900 [9 Weeks]
#22 Kanye West/My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Last Week: #19) – 17,600; Total: 998,500 (Gold) [11 Weeks]
#25 Lil’ Wayne/I Am Not A Human Being (Last Week: #33) – 15,400; Total: 732,900 (Gold) [19 Weeks]
#28 T.I./No Mercy (Last Week: #31) – 15,100; Total: 410,100 [9 Weeks]
#33 Keyshia Cole/Calling All Hearts (Last Week: #40) – 13,300; Total: 227,500 [7 Weeks]
#41 Black Eyed Peas/The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies) (Last Week: #55) – 11,300; Total: 2,957,900 (2X Platinum) [86 Weeks]
#42 Wisin Y Yandel/Los Vaqueros: El Regreso (Last Week: #8) – 11,200; Total: 41,900 [2 Weeks]
#43 Keri Hilson/No Boys Allowed (Last Week: #44) – 11,100; Total: 193,000 [7 Weeks]
#44 Trey Songz/Passion, Pain & Pleasure (Last Week: #56) – 10,800; Total: 673,200 (Gold) [21 Weeks]

  • Damn…when will we get more music? This is depressing! I never thought I would say this but, I WANT to do a review!

  • stankpot

    The Black Eyed Peas might have popped back in there pre Super Bowl. But post Super Bowl – Hell naw! That garbage ass Tron bullshit was the worst thing I’ve ever seen. It was truly embarassing to watch. I dislike them even more now for the way Fergie absolutely butchered Sweet Child of Mine. They made Slash look like even more of a sell-out and ruined one of GNR’s songs all at once. Fergie’s voice is horrible. How anyone could enjoy their live concerts is beyond me.

  • stankpot

    I’m lighting up the recent comment boards. Stankpot is everywhere! Just joined yesterday, so I’ve been abusing it. Nice Site. Really enjoy it. Stop laughing at my koala bear.

  • Kevin

    Stankpot is a hilarious sounding name. Just saying.

    Also there is some music coming out soon I think, isn’t Saigon dropping next week?

    • stankpot

      Why, stank you. Stank you very much.

    • SBK

      Yeah, Saigon’s ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’ drops Tuesday (I want that review). The only other somewhat notable release this month is SAS’s ‘Arms & Hammers’ but the early months of the year are always slow for music. Things should pick up next month with Rae, Lupe, and Pharoahe dropping albums.

  • A Reader!

    Do some reviews for mixtapes, guys. Quite a dope amount of projects (with varying replay-value) hit the ‘net this past two weeks.

    Gilbere Forte
    Yung Nate
    J NiCS

  • I want to say – thank you for this