Lil’ Kim – “Black Friday”

“You and Diddy, sorry bunch of swagger jackers /I mothered you hoes, I should claim you on my income taxes”

My relationship with Lil’ Kim is like most guys my age, we loved her (Yes, I had the Hard Core poster on my wall). But every since she started fucking with her nose and face, her music took a nosedive as well. It’s like seeing a old girlfriend and pointing them out to one of your boys and them saying “That’s her?”. Then you say, “Well, she used to be bad.”.

So when I heard that Kim was gonna respond to Nicki Minaj’s “Roman’s Revenge” (Yea, Nicki finally admitted that it was about the Queen Bee), I really didn’t expect much. Wasn’t it just a week or so ago that Kim was at a concert saying she would kill Nicki with her old shit and cancel her social security number?

Now that I’m finally hearing Kim’s response, “Black Friday”, I’ll admit that it’s way better than I figured. Over Pharoahe Monch’s “Simons Says”, Kim kinda goes in on Nicki. She also has lines for Diddy, Drake, as well as the entire Young Money. Here’s a sample:

See the fact is what you doing I did it
Lame trying to take my style and run with it
That’s cool. I was the first one with it
You’s a Lil’ Kim wanna be you just hate to admit it
I’m the blueprint, you ain’t nothing brand new
Check your posters and videos, you’ll always be number two
I seen ’em come, I seem ’em go, still I remain
Sweetie you going on your 14th minute of fame
I’m over ten years strong, still running the game
Cut the comparison, I’m in a legendary lane
Fighting for a spot? Child please I’m solidified
With my hands tied you couldn’t beat me if you bitches tried
Either you high or sipping that shit Wayne on
I get top dollar for whatever my name on
Go stick your head in a tornado. Brain storm
I drop bombs. Flex. Napalm

Of course now we wait to see if Nicki Minaj responds. I’m betting no, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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Source: Nah Right

  • Kim came with some zingers, I’ll give her that. But none of her “points” have legs. She calls Minaj out saying that that’s how she got her career…Um, Kim, wasn’t you Biggies side piece when you got on? Hell, he wrote your material AND put you on. She talks about Minaj “fake ass”…Um, Kim, haven’t you had a “little” work done yourself? She disses Drake, Cash Money, and Diddy…Um, Kim, yo own crew didn’t even have your back. Last I checked, Nicki never said she was the first to do what she’s doing, and her album has less sexual references than any moment in Lil Kim’s professional rap career. Madonna spawned Gaga, Janet Jackson spawned Ciara, MJ spawned a LITANY of people, it’s how the biz goes. At the end of the day, Lil Kim got upset about one of Nicki’s worst songs. I’m glad SOMEONE got one of these proclaimed female legends off the couch to record something.

    • Yea, when Kim said that line about fake ass shots, I started scratching my head like, “You really wanna go there?”.

      But hey, this whole thing may be good for female MC’s.

  • Anonymous

    Her delivery was boring and I love Simon Says but it got repetitive after awhile. She had some hot lines tho, but when she says shit like she’s ‘solidified’ and ‘running the game’ -___- No she’s not. I can’t take that seriously, at least when Nicki guns she has her [crazy projected sales] buzz and shit to back her up. On another note I see Kim been listening to Volumes 1 and 2 lol

    • Chip

      ^^^Me btw

  • “And y’all want to take my flow, and run with it/That’s cool, I was the first one with it”

    Kim using that line is kinda ironic. I still think she went in a little bit.

  • Kim had some lines, but I wish she didn’t say nothing…but she took the bait.

  • My homegirl said this, I love the response:
    This shit ridiculous. I could see if Nicki ever dissed Kim or never paid her respects BUT SHE HAS, which means kim is just mad at her success. Can someone say HATER?! I’m not a Nicki fn but I ain’t mad at her. He she found her gimmick and is riding it as far as she can so props to her. Maybe Kim is mad that Nicki is claiming to be Barbie when Kim has paid all of that money to try and look like Barbie (plastic) and has failed miserably. CMON SON!

  • Scoop Newsworthy

    Minaj got killed, homicide.

  • P

    She should be embaressed of herself this is ashame. How she not even gonna come wit a new fresh beat? She aint makin no music but she got time to hate on anotha female on they way up. This the most we heard from Kim since dancing wit the stars she need to stop she hoeing herself she aint even got a legitimate beef. Erebody can see right through Kim. She shouldnt reached out form help from Nicki instead she made herslef look dumb

  • P-Body

    Lil Kim use to be fine back in the day but damn I can’t take her serious at all now. Hearing Kim on interviews now she sound like a Becky… nothing wrong with a Becky but damn Kim never talk like that before until recently!!! She faking the funk! It don’t bother me at all and she can do whatever she want to do in life but I’m just pointing it out. I find it funny

    Anyways I’m not fond of either musically. I use to like Lil Kim music but after they gave that album “The Naked Truth” 5 mics! I was like “wth?”. That album was more like 2 1/2 or 3 stars. They were handing out 5 mics like it was government cheese.

    Right now Minaj is the new thing and she is what is popping now. Lil Kim had me scratching my head when she said she is running the game. She never ran the game! She probably jogged or walked the game but never ran it.

    Overall we’ll have to see how it goes. It may be a good thing for female emcees but then again I can’t say. I never considered Kim a heavyweight in the female section especially when I heard the Original Version of Queen Bitch. Notorious BIG vocals on her rap part instead of Kim… I was like “man Biggie was writing her shit the whole time”. It was obvious he was writing her stuff anyways by the way she said her words and the way the lyrics were written.

    I know BIG gotta be rolling in his grave by the way Junior Mafia done folded and turn their back on each other.

  • DuB

    Honestly who cares? Whenever Nicki decides to stop talking about Kim she won’t be relevant anymore. Kim and her career are dead unless Nicki revives it and Kim is hoping she gets back into relevancy because of Nicki

  • TripleBlackandBeautiful

    There is absolutly no more respect for the tenents this culture is built on…

    First Law of Hip Hop ” NO BITIN ALLOWED!”, she Jacked Kim’s swag… Period!
    Nicki Stole Kim’s Barbie swag, the Wigs, The Sex Kitten thing, and her intro Stance…
    If every day you came to school or work and someone was doing all the shit that makes you the individual you are, you would not like it and tell the bitch to stop with the single white female shit!
    Snoop is inspired by Slick Rick and his style and dress and story telling ability… But when you look at Snoop you do not think Slick Rick… you think era and style, but not he got Slick Rick down.
    But that is exactly what you think when you see Nicki Manaj… you think Lil Kim… down to the stance.

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