2Pac – Unreleased & Original (Compilation Vol. 2) [Mixtape]

Here is Volume 2 of 2Pac’s recordings from the past. It was very hard making these compilations, because I have so much of his recordings and I want to make sure fans get to hear the real Pac stuff. Volume 3 will be out soon so stay tuned.

The first few songs were recorded around 92-94 and after that, all of them were recorded in ’96 during the Death Row era. I actually put up a O.F.T.B. (Death Row artist they never put out) song featuring Kadafi, Pac, and Kurupt called “World Wide (Time After Time)”. The next volume I’ll probably put up the original version of Better Dayz, and the original “Hit Em Up”. Also I had to throw in the original version of “Ghetto Gospel”, Eminem destroyed that shit (Not in a good way) when he remade it and removed the verse when he was talking about his grandma, not to mention he slowed down Pac’s vocals! I added the snippet to “Watch Ya Mouth” where he disses Nas, Dr. Dre, De La Soul, and various others. “U Can Be Touched” is my shit though along with “Nothing 2 Lose”, I like Pac’s verse and it was very real.

I added “When Thugz Cry” as well. This version is killing the Until The End Of Time version I don’t know why they made Johnny J change the beat on this! This was killing. He also disses Nas at the end when he is talking. On “Hell 4 A Hustler” original he disses Jay-Z, Mobb Deep, Biggie, Puffy at the end when he talks. “Tattoo Tearz” is a song from One Nation but end up being on Still I Rise album. The original beat is produced by Kurupt. He performed this song at his last concert before he died.

Enjoy peeps! I got more where that came from!

1. Ghetto Gospel (Original)
2. Hellrazor (Original) (feat. Big Stretch)
3. Nothing 2 Lose (Original)
4. Flex (Unreleased) (feat. Thorough Headz) (Edi is part of that group)
5. Only Move 4 Money (Unreleased) (feat. Dat Nigga Daz)
6. First 2 Bomb (Unreleased) (feat. Outlawz)
7. World Wide “Time After Time” Unreleased (Performed by O.F.T.B. featuring Kadafi, 2Pac, & Kurupt)
8. Still I Rise (Original) (feat. Outlawz)
9. U Can Be Touched (Original) (feat. Outlawz) (From One Nation)
10. When Thugz Cry (Original)
11. Street Fame II (Original)
12. Tattoo Tearz (Original) (feat. Outlawz) (From One Nation)
13. Thug In Me (Original)
14. U Don’t Have 2 Worry (Original) (feat. Outlawz & Storm) (From One Nation)
15. Hell 4 A Hustler (Original) (feat. Outlawz)
16. Watch Ya Mouth (Unreleased Snippet)
17. My Own Style (Unreleased) (feat. Greg Nice & Outlawz) (From One Nation)
18. Where Ever U R (Unreleased) (feat. Big Daddy Kane) (From One Nation)
19. My Broken Heart (Unreleased) (Bonus Track) (From early 90s)
20. Sucka 4 Love “Do For Love” (Original Version 2)
21. Do For Love (Original Version 1)

Download: 2Pac – Unreleased & Original (Compilation Vol. 2) [Mixtape]

  • magnificient

    u put it in .zip this time. good lookin out, mane.

  • P-Body

    Oh yeah I meant to note on the snippet of “Watch Ya Mouth” that song is one of the songs that was recorded for Makaveli 7 Day Theory but was taking off a long with “Friends” (where he throw a shot at Dr. Dre & Jay-Z), and “Lost Soulz”.

  • P-Body

    Oh yeah one more thing about “Watch Ya Mouth” that beat isn’t the original beat by the way. The whole version still haven’t leaked out yet for some reason… I got the phone rip of the original version but I didn’t want to put it up because the quality isn’t that good….. I’ll probably put it up eventually. He disses De La Soul on that song too.

  • KRunK

    Glad u Put THisSh!t up P. I loVE HEllRAZor one of MY FavoritE traCks

    • P-Body

      No problem my dude. I’m going to redo Volume 3, its really hard for me to do these mixes because I have so many songs and original outtakes. I got the original version of “Thug Passion” from All Eyez On Me, and I got a snippet of the very last song 2Pac made about a day before he was slain. I wish they would leak it, I know Mike Tyson heard that song.

      Anyways stay tune in for more!

      • Rukaaa

        U talkn bout that song he did for the mike tyson fight? Yea I’ve never heard the when version either

      • Rukahs Caput

        U talkn bout that song he did for the mike tyson fight? Yea I’ve never heard the when version either

        • P-Body

          Yep.. That shit sounded good as hell man. I wish I had that song. I would leak that shit out. On volume 3 I’ll put up the Demo of “Hit’Em Up” where they leave the Jay-Z, Lil Kim and Lil Ceaser line in it.

          I’ll put up the original Black Jesus, As The World Turns, and etc. I’m also going to add the bonus track of “Fortune & Fame” which is on my Volume 1 compliation but this version is much better and CD quality.

  • codeine

    When Thugz Cry OG is defineatly the shit.

    • P-Body

      Yea its much better than the remake they did on Until The End Of Time. When I first heard that version on that CD I was like “Wtf” because I been had the original version from Napster back in the day and them bootleg Makaveli cds that was on the streets.

      I have the original “Black Jesus” song.. Oh man that version is so much better than the “Still I Rise” version. Its more funky and I love the bassline. I don’t know why they change this man stuff. The type of tracks he picked and the level he was on at that time before his death was so advanced for real. Too futuristic.

  • Vlatko

    Thanx, man! Greetings from Macedonia

    • P-Body

      No problem! I already made a Volume 3 which I will post soon.

  • Luke

    Can u re-up ghetto gospel ?
    when i extracted the mixtape it said that it was corrupted

    • J

      Yeah, I got a bad CRC for Ghetto Gospel too

      • Indru

        Yeah, me too. Can someone re-up that, please? Thank you very much!

        • P-Body dont upload no corrupted fricktid files people!! you niggas ever thank that maybe its you EARS that are corrupted!?! o’yo face-ass-FACEE is corrupted by yo MAMMA!!!!! AHHHHH!

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          • P-Body

            @J & Indru

            Seriously? Well more than likely I’ll have to upload the song on mediafire and let you down load that song from there since it is not working.

            @Mr. Good-Burger

            C’mon my dude, just chill. I try to avoid any type of ebeefs and drama seriously. Verbose is cool peeps, and he definitely have women down for the cause, believe me. Verbose is my dawg and I can’t let nobody slander dude name like that. I only speak for myself mane but thanks for being a fan and continue to support the site. Once again just chill out. Tomorrow is the fourth get some good barbeque and relax homie.

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            take a life lesson: “dont start none, wont be none” alright?

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  • Anonymous

    Ghetto Gospel (Original) is corrupted.

  • P-Body

    Here is Ghetto Gospal (Original Version)


  • amaruangel

    not all tracks are true OG -.-

  • A_Daramy

    @P-Body, good lookn. I also wanted to add about the Ghetto Gospel track: man not only did take off the last two verses of the original but they also changed up his words on the last line of 2nd verse.
    It seem like they tried to make it sound more politically correct or somethin. They changed it to:
    “before we find world peace/ we gotta find peace and end the war on the streets/ my ghetto gospel”
    When the original says: “And this is not world peace/ we tried your way, and now it’s war in the streets/ my ghetto gospel”
    The original goes harder and sound like it could move people towards rioting… or some type of action.

  • spyda

    what the fucks going on with the fro?

    i swear thangs done changed since 2007..

    • P

      No shit thats 4 whole fuckin years lol

    • P-Body

      Good question guys

  • A_D

    @P-Body. What’s up. what they talkin about? Is this site not for giving real opinions?
    @spyda. Is there somethin’ wrong about my comment. I can only assume you were referencing my comment (ain’t nobody said nothin else since June before my comment).

  • DasSht

    Ghetto Gospel (Original) is corrupt 🙁

  • Jjh

    pls re-up on multi upload, ok

  • Just

    Yeah Like DasSht Said @P-Body Ghetto Gospel Is Damage.

    • P-Body

      Look at Vol 11. I put it in that one

  • Hello, really thanx 4 uploading these. but could u reupload those dead links?

  • Jack

    Please re-upload the dead links vol 1 and 4. thanks

  • SeaDogg89

    Hey P-Body,
    Looks like I missed the party. I’m an old 2pac head, used to be a completionist and had all the bootleg albums when they first dropped back in ’97-99. It was taking up too much of my time and life changed, so I’ve been out of it for some time. Came across your site by random chance and most of the links to the volumes are dead (I managed to get vol.10). I’m amazed at the quality of what’s out there today, the OG stuff from 97-99 wasn’t the best for sure. Want to catch up with you and see if we can get some of these links resurrected? Hit me up if you’re still in the game.