Hip-Hop Hits: Rappers Who Name Drop Ike & Tina

What’s current, folks? While domestic abuse is never something to take lightly, Hip-Hop artists have constantly infused their rap lyrics with references to legendary Grammy Award-winning Rock and Soul pair, Ike & Tina Turner and their turbulent history. Is it a case of rappers delivering thought-provoking, introspective insight on physical force within romantic relationships or is it just a display of a dearth of imagination? I’ve provided the “Top 5 Ike and Tina Turner Hip-Hop References.” Scream at me!

5. Kanye West feat. Jay-Z  – “Diamonds From Sierra Leone (remix)” [2005]

“Spend ya whole life trying to get that ice/On that polo rugby it look so nice/How could something so wrong make me feel so right, right?/Before I beat myself up like Ike/You can still throw ya Roc-A-Fella diamond tonight” – Kanye West

Skylerized states: Mr. West shows his inner conflict (please excuse the pun) but half-steps by almost saying that Ike Turner is known for inflicting harm upon himself.
Rate: Sucker punch

4. Irv Gotti feat. Ja Rule, Ashanti, Vita, & Charli Baltimore “Down 4 U” [2002]

“Yeah let’s get it grinnin’/Like we Ashford and Simpson or Ike and Anna Mae/On one their good days/You smile like sun rays 5’5 with brown eyes and thick legs/Only for the Rule baby” – Ja Rule

Skylerized states: The Rule issues a comparatively benign reference to the couple here.
Rating: Love tap

3. Common feat. Bilal – “It’s Your World (Part 1 & 2)” [2005]

“Her step-father thought he was Ike/So her mother he’d strike/She got to like like-minded niggas/Who like crimes and figures” – Common

Skylerized states: The artist formerly known as Common Sense mentions the late crooner as he spits some lines about the harsh reality for an unnamed female from the Chi-town streets.
Rating: Hard left and right combo

2. The Notorious B.I.G. – “Machine Gun Funk” [1994]

“That’s why I pack a nina, fuck a misdemeanor/Beatin’ motherfuckers like Ike beat Tina/”What’s love got to do?”/When I’m rippin all through your whole crew” – The Notorious B.I.G.

Skylerized states: Biggie’s blunt (last pun, I promise!) words seem hard body karate.
Rating: Body blow

1. Chris Brown feat. Tyga & Kevin McCall – “Deuces” [2010]

“Shorty full of drama like gangsta grizzles/I finally noticed it, it finally hit me/Like Tina did Ike in the limo, it finally hit me” – Kevin McCall

Skylerized states: At first I thought, “What’s a Kevin McCall?” Then I found out that he’s a young gunner from the Left Coast who’s on more tracks with Ike Turner 2.0 aka singer Chris Brown. Well, anyway, K-MAC interestingly focuses on how Miss Anna Mae Bullock gave her then husband his comeuppance with a few rounds of her own ghetto love.
Rating: Love T.K.O. (Technical Knockout)

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