Donnis – “Vampire Interlude”

To get things straight from the get go, this track is off Donnis’ Fashionably Late Mixtape and NOT off his upcoming Fashionably Late EP with drops on the 28th of this month (Confusing right?). So why am I posting up a song off a mixtape that dropped in June? Well…

When Fashionably Late Mixtape initially dropped, I really didn’t like it (I didn’t even post it in the site). To make things even crazier, I REALLY didn’t like “Vampire Interlude”.

Fast forward to last week, and somehow someway “Vampire Interlude” pops up while my iTunes is on shuffle. How did it get there? Didn’t I delete 95% of that mixtape. All I know it that after it played, I played it again, then again. Like some other sites who first listened to the track, Donnis’ singing sounded like a poor imitation of B.o.B. Months later listening to it now, I think Donnis might have had a hit on his hands. Sadly, this won’t be on Fashionably Late EP.

Sidenote: I just realized that this may have been a remake of a song I’ve never heard off.

Download: Donnis – “Vampire Interlude”