Run! Bitch Run!

I consider myself a slight movie expert; mainly because I watch a lot of them. So when I saw the trailer for Run! Bitch Run! last year I automatically assumed that it was a Grindhouse style trailer and there was no way there could be an actual movie attached to this (The trailer is above and pretty funny).

Months later, someone pointed out to me that yes Run! Bitch Run! is actually a REAL movie. And I watched it.

Now don’t get it twisted. This is not a pick for Friday Night ‘Fro because this is a great movie. It’s low budget and most of the time seems to be made for the sake of shock value. A lotta stuff in this film that will offend most people for the gratuitous nudity, violence, rape, language, & drug use. But I guess pushing to envelope is where Run! Bitch Run! holds some of its charms. It’s a homage to old school “rape & revenge” films like Ms. 45, I Spit On Your Grave, & The Last House On The Left. Plus when you see a woman masturbate with a plunger you either get offended or laugh…or get turned on (Your sick by the way).

So yeah, I guess I’m just putting it up because it’s something different (And the cool trailer).

Check it out and tell us what you think.

Watch: Run! Bitch Run!