“We Are The World (25 For Haiti)” [Video]

First off let me say that the effort of all those involved in the “We Are the World: 25 For Haiti” are applauded but I do have some thoughts and questions about the video and song:

*Why did they let LL Cool J write the “Rap” part and then have all the rappers chanting it?
*Did they really need the Auto-Tuning from Lil’ Wayne, T-Pain, & Akon?
*Who the hell called Bizzy Bone and how did they get him to show up?
*Nipsey Hussle?
*Where was Lady GaGa? (That shit would have been hilarious!)
*You think they didn’t ask Chris Brown & Rihanna to come because they thought it would be fisticuffs?
*I’m grateful they didn’t let Shakira have a solo.
*Vince Vauhn?
*Jamie Foxx’s Ray Charles impersonation was cool.
*Who told Tyrese to grow his hair back?
*Who the hell called Sean Garrett?
*Who the hell baby was that?
*Why BeBe and no CeCe?
*Would you be mad if you were one of the Jonas Brothers who DIDN’T get a solo?
*Michael Jackson still had the best parts.
*Did we really need 3T to be involved?
*I’mma leave Wyclef out of this one.

Okay that’s enough hating from me; What are your thoughts?