Back To The Drawing Board


You talked, WE LISTENED. We had no idea that you guys cared about the reviews until this week. We tried to broaden our horizons but we put our bread & butter on the back burner. BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD. The nappyafro boys are back focused. We took a little time off to fall back and re-evaluate the team, ourselves, and where we want to take this. BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD. You got to understand that we are regular folks just like ya’ll that work a 9-5, have families, and run a Hip-Hop site. So let this be a warning to all of you out there. The FRO IS BACK! I want to shout out the crew individually…B-Easy aka (the Diva), Saule Wright aka (Mr. 314), SBK aka (Billz), H2O aka (my godson), Kareem Abdul Jamar aka (where you at cuz?..for real?), Arkitekt aka (the noob), VG aka (Kid Knuckles), Infamous F aka (Forum champ), Mr. Jones aka (Mr. Jones), and last but not least, Mr. Chew.  We want to thank all of our long time supporters DJLP, Boricua, TS, Chip, SBA, and the rest of the readers that stop by everyday (even if we don’t put up stuff) WE THANK YOU. We are taking it back to what got us out there in the first place. We are still going to focus on the and More, but we have to bring the focus back to the Hip-Hop Reviews part. In the future, when we slippin…PULL OUR COAT and let us know. We was burnt out, but no excuses from us. WE BACK ON THE GRIND.