The Blueprint Reconstructed [Mixtape]


The crew at bangs out another remix project and this time it’s for Hova’s The Blueprint. I’m always up for remix projects, but at first I was a little reluctant at hearing a remix project for one of my favorite albums of all time. Then I heard the first track… and I was sold. I’ll let Kevin Nott himself explain better:

With Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 set for release this year, it was only right that we pay tribute to the original 2001 classic in our latest remix contest. For 14 weeks, producers from around the globe showed up a to take a stab at remixing The Blueprint. But this isn’t just any old remix album. We stuck to the original formula by using the original samples that were used in Jay’s 2001 classic. So each track, though different from the original, still has a familiar feeling.

The purpose of this remixtape is not to try and outdo the original, but to pay tribute and give it a new light. The winning remixes are compiled here in The Blueprint Reconstructed and I firmly believe that this project is just as good as the original.

You know the routine by now: Check out the album art and grab the download.

Download: Presents The Blueprint Reconstructed [Mixtape]


Young Barry White. The geek out of the bunch. He is also Jay-Z’s biggest fan. He looks like your cousin from the burbs. He is “Pro Black” (not anti-white, just “Pro Black”). Probably the wittiest out of the bunch. It is said that he got fired from the same job three times.
  • Kevin

    Thanks for the support fam!

  • Curtis

    no renegade?

  • S.T.T.R.E.S.S.

    Thanks for the luv on the mixtape.And Curtis,there’s no acapella for that one plus no known sample


  • Kareem Abdul Jamar

    Impressive. I enjoy a good remix album.

  • Curtis