Jay-Z feat. Drake – “Off That”


Damn. I really didn’t think this track would leak this early. Did Jay-Z “Hello Brooklyn” Drizzy? Yes. No verse from Drake just the hook. But let me stop hating off rip. The production is done by Timbaland and the song itself is okay. I can still see why “Run This Town” was chosen as the “commercial” first single for The Blueprint 3 though. Tell us what you think (And let me get back to my laid back Sunday; they should have never gave you nigg@s the internets).

Download: Jay-Z feat. Drake – “Off That”

Young Barry White. The geek out of the bunch. He is also Jay-Z’s biggest fan. He looks like your cousin from the burbs. He is “Pro Black” (not anti-white, just “Pro Black”). Probably the wittiest out of the bunch. It is said that he got fired from the same job three times.
  • http://nappyafro.com H2O

    its good to see Timbo producing a post-retirement Hov track, but I think I speak for everyone when I say: “NOPE!”

  • DJ Stephen Hawking

    Don’t tell me H20 is losing faith in Jay-Z. Say it ain’t so?

    • http://nappyafro.com H2O

      I ain’t never gonna stop thinkin’ that Hov is the best rapper alive. But it’s become obvious that BP3 will not be the classic album we all thought it would be.

  • SBK

    BP3 = Classic… “Get Off That!”… This track is really disappointing to tell the true especially coming from Jay-Z and an album with so much anticipation and expectation like Blueprint 3. I know Jay is trying to be different in labeling this album the “new classic”, but if this is how new classic albums are supposed to sound I’ll stick with the old formula. Jay-Z in sub par form, no verse from Drake, and an “Ayo Technology/FutureSexLoveSounds” type beat from Timbo is a bad combination and doesn’t see success. I really hope that the other songs that we haven’t heard on the album are a lot better than it’s looking to be cause right now the loss column > the win column in terms of songs.

    • DJ Stephen Hawking

      Well put

  • http://freshyfresh.com !FRESH!

    Did Jay-Z fall off and we didn’t know it?

  • http://nappyafro.com H2O

    in order for this album to be classic, EVERY other song needs to be top-notch. idk about people saying Jay needs to retire, the shit ain’t THAT bad, but I mean Jay can do a lot better than this.

  • DAtcRack

    Jay-z should of put drake on for a verse cause dat song was ok at best very dissapointed

  • V-G

    Wooooooow… Jay is sooooooo gay for this… MOST EPIC FAIL EVER… I’m exaggerating but Jay must have been off that shit when he held my nigga to a hook. Smh…

  • Chew

    Uh huh. I mean, the Timbo production isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s not suited for someone like Jay-Z, he needs a more “mature – ish” beat suited too him. And the Drake hook should’ve least had some singing on it, damn. The verses are kinda of disorienting me because I can’t really focus hearing this.

  • boricua

    @ chew

    i agree the beat shoulda been less pop n more hip-hop…

    and i usually dont say this but drake shoulda been singin on the hook or came w/ a better one thats more catch or sumthin lik that hook on “money to blow”

    n ya the beat has alot goin on but yall havent mentioned jay had sum cool lines in here….average track from above average artists

  • KoolAidThug

    shit is weak

  • Chip

    It’s ok. I actually think it’s crazy how Drake is just on hook, kinda bumping the get Drake on every feature trend. I’m cool with it as long as Cudi is only on the hook too

  • DGAF

    Wtf!! This shit is fucking weak. Jay has definitely fallen off. BP3 is not gonna close to a classic. Hov needs to take Games advice and retire while he’s ahead. I dont think the dude has it in him anymore. I hope im wrong tho and the rest of the album is the good ol Jay, but this and Run This Town just isnt doin it for me. Hopefully itll be like Em and Relapse….the first leaked singles were whack but the album turned out to be good.

    • V-G

      Relapse turned out good? Hahaha sorry, I had to do it.

      • DGAF

        haha yeah dog….that album was full of great tracks

  • Chip

    I’m gonna be the odd man out and say I like this track. It’s the weakest leak from BP3 so far, but imo DOA and Run this Town are pretty strong so it ain’t all bad people. (btw anyone peep that Run this is now Jay’s highest charting single now, mission accomplished i guess). I think Young Chris said it best, we hold Jay to such a high standard and we view some shit as subpar because we know what he can do when he goes all the way in (pause). Am I saying we should take Jay down from that pedestal? No. This is a shot at radio and clubs and he has done and can do better, Timbo can too. But just because he can doesn’t make it bad. Gets a B- from me.

  • http://nappyafro.com H2O

    Actually I’m riding with Chip on this one. I was mad when I first heard it but now i think its just alright. It’s starting to grow on me.

  • Pitbull

    Haha told ya’ll the song with Drake was going to whack..well not all the way whack, but ok. I’m telling you the song with him and Kudi is going to WRECK!

    No because i think Cudi is better than Drake (not at all) but because jay’s been biting off Kanye’s style and Kanye and Cudi work REALLY well together…so we’ll c.

    P.S. I think Blueprint 3 is STRICTLY aiming for heavy radioplay…not much DEEP American Gangster Jay.

  • Rickjamesbitch

    Jay came harder on this than he did on run this town, but I still prefer run this town because of Kanye’s verse. I think Timbo and Jay been apart for too long, I was expecting a harder sound but instead got Timbo’s new pop sound, which is okay but I’d take Nigga What, Nigga Who over this any day.

  • Chip

    For anybody feeling underwhelmed, just imagine if Timabaland actually produced the bulk of the project *shudder*. (to be fair I haven’t heard the Reminder beat)

  • P-Body

    Man wtf is up with this? Jay-Z is slipping big time. I definitely know this album isn’t going to be classic now. I hope Raekwon don’t make no bullshit and come with a solid effort. I know Ghostface won’t disappoint and hopefully that new Outkast album will be good if it ever release.

  • DGAF

    Really just wanted to see Drizzy go verse for verse with Jay

  • Chip

    What the hell happened to those “Young Angel and Young Hova” pics that had them in the studio ALONG WITH justin. Every time Drake talks about working with Jay he alludes to having more collabs than just this in the bag, I can’t imagine this being better than whatever they cooked up with Blaze.

  • Pitbull

    Man, i know i’m probably going to get BASHED for this…after a few listens i’m digging this HARD!

    IMO Jay is really going in at the regular hip hop artist subject-clothes, rims, crys, “making it rain”, etc.

    At first i thought it was just a club song but now i see it as deeper than that. Yeah it sucks that Drake only did the hook, but it’s catchy as hell.

  • charlie

    imma hold off on my judgments and see how he does during his benefit concert tonight…

    Is anybody going or are yall watching it live at home on fuse tonight?