Eminem Will Never Be The G.O.A.T.

Yeah I said it. Eminem will never be looked at as the Greatest of all time. NEVER. This is not saying that he isn’t a good artist, because he is. I am just giving it to you straight, no chaser. Eminem has sold millions of albums, and has made millions of dollars, but one thing he will never be is the G.O.A.T. Why you ask? Look here and let me school you.

To be the best you have to battle the best. Eminem has ZERO rap battles under his belt. Everlast you say. EVERLAST? Even if we do count that one, where does that battle rank on your all time list? If he would have battled Everlast in 93-94 when House of Pain was popping, that would have been different. He took on a rapper turned country singer! Look at the list of people that Marshall has had public beefs with: Brittney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Elton John, Moby, Fred Durst, NSync, Backstreet Boys, Insane Clown Posse, Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, Nelly, Benzino, the Source, and XXL. Don’t say Ja Rule either, that was a pile on and Eminem just jumped on top of it. Look at the list and show me some real competition. To be the man you have to beat the man, and by the looks of it Eminem likes taking shots at women.

I know some of you can’t wait to get to the end of this to call me everything EXCEPT King Jerm, but think about it, what makes Eminem so special? If he was a black rapper with the same exact lyrics, he would be CANIBUS. No one would care about him and he never would have been this successful. If you don’t think that his complexion has anything to do with it…you are CRAZY. Who would listen to a rapper talk ill of his mom, rap about abusing drugs, and killing people? NOBODY. The man has skills but I don’t see the big deal. Most rappers are battletested, Marshall isn’t, so let his record reflect that. He IS NOT and WILL NOT be the GOAT.

  • Compton

    A-fucking-men. Preach!

    • when he drops a free style on other peoples beats and kills it i would call that beating them

      • donpark1

        You mean when he rhymes… hat, cat, bat, mat, fat, tat, sat, pat… really fast? LOL. I liked his verse on Renegades with Jay Z… but like the article states… it was nothing that hasn’t been done before. He is a good rapper “sometimes”. Other times he sounds like a lunatic clown rapping to clown music… “Round the outside – Round the outside”. In my life, I have never heard anyone say “Yo.. .Put on that eminem CD” NEVER. Yet people keep talking about greatest ever. It has to be because he imitates black people well while being white. No other explanation.

        • SpaceGhost


        • Quantrill Tsquarius

          he be bettur than blecks coz he gud raper

      • SpaceGhost

        No sir, you can’t do it after the fact. You already heard the previous guys verse. On the Drake “Forever” song, Em was allowed to hear EVERYONE’s verse so that he could try to kill them all. No of the rappers even knew that he was going to be on the song.

        When he did the song with Kendrick Lamar, Kendrick stated that Em didn’t even want to record the song on the day that he invited him to come do the song. Em spent the entire time kissing Kendrick’s ass telling him how amazing his album was and when he finally did do a song with Kendrick, Eminem made sure to make it a goofey ass pop song, sing-a-long so that he wouldn’t have to face a real comparison to Kendrick and yet, Kendrick even beat him at HIS OWN GAME on the song. He hasn’t rushed to do another song with Jay Z because he knows Jay Z will take him serious this time and go out of his way to destroy him. By the way, did you see the freestyle roundtable that Shady did with Tigger in the Basement??????

        Crooked I killed Eminem and everyone in the Basement had this weird look on their faces when Eminem rapped because they begin to realize that Em is a one trick pony and being next to a rapper that refused to let him win exposed him! Go look if you don’t believe me.

        • BoneNurMa

          “like Mayweather pissed at a movie script, too many punchlines”
          what kind of corny ass low budget 5th grade rhyme is this? stay on the street corner with that bullshit!

  • Mr. Jones

    fucking idiot, if you did any research at all, you would find that he won freestyle rap battles in order to GET his record deal. Also, in his early career, he fought off Canibus and Cage, both rappers that many would consider on the top-tier.

    Also, unlike Canibus, Em actually has HOOKS. His rhymes are nothing like fucking CAnibus. Canibus just spits full on lyrics, Eminem actually has story-line in most of his rhymes. I’m not saying Eminem is the best rapper ever, he is not, it just sounds like you’re writing a complete opinion article without doing a little, i don’t know, RESEARCH.

    But then again, i shouldn’t ever take your opinion seriously anyway, you continuously promote that annoying kiddo Soulja Boy as the King of Atlanta, and giving Rick Ross a 4.5 doesn’t do many favors for creditability anyways. Whatever.

    • Spoon

      I get your point, but I honestly think he was referring to more high profile beefs or at least a worthy/half-worthy opponent. For example: If all Jay-Z did was battle rappers like Meeno from Mase’s Harlem World or Jayo Felony (2 rappers he actually did battler early in his career), his stock as the top dog in Hip-Hop would be suspect. Yes Eminem did battle Canibus and Cage but do you consider that a worthy challenge? Do you think Em has any battles under his belt that compare to Nas vs Jay, 50 vs Jay, LL vs Moe, shit, even Canubus vs LL. It seems to me that he rides his hardest when it comes to pop standards like Britney Spears or N-Sync. I would have even took him battling Ross. This Mariah Carey shit has no back and forth. Yeas he ethered her. But so what?

      • mufucka

        Cage had a beef with Eminem for biting his style. The two dropped names (and even made a couple diss tracks), but it never took off for someone to decide who the winner was.

        Anyways, who cares about Eminem. He will never be the goat, tell me something else that is new.

      • donpark1

        Canibus not worthy? Are you serious? He took eminems character and created a whole story off of that. Canibus is one of the greatest lyricist ever. http://youtu.be/QAAU5cWwayI

    • I’m a idiot? Wow. But you still didn’t name any artists that he “battled” with. I’m sure every rapper has been in a 8 Mile style battle, but Everlast is Em’s only “rap battle”.

      the truth hurts don’t it?

      • wtfgoat

        hah ok first of all king dumbass u support police officers and kids so i wouldnt expect you to understand second Eminem already is on top and goes in and out whenever he wants….let me ask you something who has dre battled¿ who has bone thugs battled¿ brotha lynch¿ hmm seems to me you have no clue what a real top rated mofucka is about just because someone does it that way doesnt make it THE WAY…Eminem cannot be compared to anyone which explains why no one else can say and talk about the shit he does. so please in the future keep you over-opinionated shit to yourself

        • You obviously have me mixed up with someone that doesn’t know their history.


      • vic

        (5 years later) It dosent matter who he’s battled with, all everybody knows is if they fuk with the white boy they will get exposed. ask any rapper ask jay z, the game, rahkim, etc. diddy low key hates him but won’t admit it to public cuz he knows em would tear him a new ass. there is a reason eminem has dominated every feud he has ever been in. he’s poked fun at canibus but he docent take him serious cuz he has never been relevant.

      • vic

        plus nah. not every rapper has been in an “8 mile style battle” you ignorant stupid bitch.

        truth hurts don’t it?

    • Complete cosign.
      Jerm this is probably the most biased uneducated argument I’ve ever read.

      • Get in line. What “educated” research is needed for this statement?


        Em will never be the GOAT. FACE IT.

        • You made it sound like Everlast retired a country singer even though he’s a member of La Coka Nostra.
          You didn’t mention his beef with Royce Da 5’9, Canibus, or Cage. But you mentioned Brittney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Elton John, Moby, Fred Durst, NSync, and the Backstreet boys. Em had beef with them huh? You don’t understand the blatant differences between name-dropping and having beef.
          You said Em wasn’t battle-proven, even though he made his name on the battle-rap circuit. An oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one.

          And I would never even think about Marshall Mathers and GOAT in one sentence together.

          • H2O

            i don’t get it; you told him his argument was bias, but just agreed with him there.

          • Krillen007

            He is stating the argument was bias, which im sure many will agree. But the fact that Em may not be a G.O.A.T he agrees with. Personally i think what makes Em great is his ability to have such a variety of music, from dissing to uplifting, and as mentioned above, Em’s rhymes when featuring is insane, many times its like the original artist is featuring on his track. But with the new track about to approach, it doesnt matter if anyone thinks he is a GOAT, cuz now he is claiming to be a Rap God… And i agree

  • Pitbull

    Holy shit this post is going to piss ALOT of people off…

    I’ve never cared much for Em, he’s got skills but, he’s only where he’s at because of Dre…

    • DJ LP


    • Infamous F

      Co-sign x2.

    • donpark1

      and his skin color.

    • vic

      truuu cus dre gave him a chance and nobody else would

  • I def agree with you on this one. He’s sort of wack because he be gettin after people who don’t do anything. When Rick Ross was talkin sideways Em didnt even go after him!!!! Eminem likes fighting these lil baby fights.

    • Naquan

      Why do people keep brining up the Rick Ross shit like it’s really a big deal? Ross was just talkin shit about record sales, similar to the 50-Kanye thing. Once Ross’s “Deeper that fat/rap” album flopped and “Relapse” did numbers, there’s really nothing for Em to say.

      Just face it, the man’s hot. Let’s stop the hate crimes people.

  • blaze1988l

    y’all some hating ass ppl, i thought yall knew real hip hop…i’m black and i think eminem is the best if not the greatest…Ask yourself who in the game 2day could go lyrics 2 lyrics with this guy? NOBODY…the reason he dont battle these others rappers is becuz he will eat the alive…this is the only rapper 2day that can kill a dre beat.if this dude was black he would be the greatest and yall know it…im sick and tired of hearing the same drug slanging, fucking bitches, and all the cash…these broke bitches aint shit………

    • V-G

      Lyrics my nigga??? He talks about things different than OTHER rappers, but he, himself, talks about the SAME THING. EVERY ALBUM. Takin drugs,killing people, pyschotic erotic stuff, pop stars, and molestation etc. Tell me that’s not redundant. I can give Eminem the greatest flow of all time because his schemes and delivery are abosolutely the sickest, but HE IS NOT GREATEST, NEVER WILL BE, NO MATTER THE COLOR!

    • wtfgoat

      PREEEACH! Thank you…..its all good thats why there rappers are officer ricky ross (which i dont understand he could have used any name but chose one that represents a guy famous for ruining millions of lives) and soulja boy (who cant find anything to rap about other thans himself) btw who have they battled¿ 🙂

  • blaze1988l

    yo watever…name 1 rapper that can stand with him? NOBODY, yea the stuff he talks about is his life, so do these others non-rapping motherfuckers. this dude shut down a powerful hip-hop magazine, just becuz his beef was with known rappers dont mean shit… just give credit where credit is due ppl….

    • 450 unda the hood

      so you think that Em took down the Sauce? GTFOH with that bullshit. You don’t think that the Board of Directors voting out Zino & Mays had anything to do with it? You don’t think the mismanagement of the magazine by Zino & Mays had anything to do with it? Please don’t give that nigga credit for XXL being a better magazine than the Sauce. A magazine that Eminem dissed and it seems to be doing pretty well.

      Take Em’s dick out ya mouth.

      • blaze1988l

        i bet your favorite rapper couldn’t fuck with him, y’all motherfuckers don’t know shit, but the same stupid shit that be on the airwaves dumb asses…… now take my dick out your mouth bitch

      • westminster_dog_show

        get bofe of ur moufs offa mine!

  • P

    If youre gonna talk on battle standpoint you can say the same about Jay-Z he runs from battles and the only battle he ever got in he got slaughtered

    • 450 unda the hood

      Jay got slaughtered? When did that happen?

      • P

        what were u under a rock in 02, you know exactly what im talkin bout nas killed jay

  • blaze1988l

    “Most rappers are battletested, Marshall isn’t, so let his record reflect that. He IS NOT and WILL NOT be the GOAT”…


  • blaze1988l

    “Most rappers are battletested, Marshall isn’t, so let his record reflect that. He IS NOT and WILL NOT be the GOAT”…

    WTF: King Jerm turn that shit 2 King Sperm…..

    who did lil wayne, rick ross, drake, fabolous, freeway, joell ortiz, lupe, kanye, and the other hot mc’s 2day…….who in the hell did they battle with, yall ppl dont know shit………

    • mufucka

      Nas eats up anyone on that list. You acutally think Kanye is a nice emcee? Some of these kids missed summer school.

    • 450 unda the hood

      you are a dumbass. GREAT RAPPERS DON’T DO THE SHIT THAT EM DOES.

      Follow suit of the other guy and remove Shady’s Shlong from off your forehead.

      • mufucka

        dumbass? why don’t you learn how to read before you add your input. i said nothing about eminem. i was talking about that wack ass list of “hot” emcees you made.

    • H2O

      none of the ppl on that list are even close to being the GOAT…

  • Pancho

    So for order to be a G.O.A.T. you have to have had a beef? fuck your lyrical talent or you what you bring to the table as an artist, its about who you beef with? this Fucking website is full of shit!

    • 450 unda the hood

      name a GOAT that didn’t have any stripes. You got to be a 5 Star General to be the GOAT. Beating up on Pop acts aint the way to get those stars.

      • Im The G.O.A.T

        So you have to be gangster just to be the goat huh how crazy do you Lyrical talent and the fact that he is the highest selling aritist of all time kinda gives it to him hands down

  • 937andheartbreak

    The smartest thing ever written on this site.

  • Chip

    Co-sign but not just cuz of battles, he has too many silly songs and rhymes too. Still a great rapper tho

  • canadian hip hop

    yo pancho i was just gonna say the same thing . listen to his first few albums and tell me he isnt close to the GOAT spot . so what if big had beef with pac… does that put him ahead? ppft

  • V-G

    Yall act like Jerm takin away from Eminem being a good artist. You niggas need to re-read. HE SAID HE AINT GOAT(WHICH HE AINT) NOT THAT HE’S A BAD RAPPER BECAUSE HE AINT BATTLED.

    • wtfgoat

      “To be the best you have to battle the best. Eminem has ZERO rap battles under his belt.”

      lol just lol shut the fuck up

      • V-G

        Nigga yousa a dumbass. What the fuck does this statement “To be the best you have to battle the best. Eminem has ZERO rap battles under his belt.” have to do with being a good or bad rapper. It just says you can’t be the best rapper. I wish I could slap yo punk ass for saying that dumb shit.

      • Im The G.O.A.T

        Battling dont mean shit HELLO highest selling artist of all time i guess he won that battle huh G.O.A.T =EM

    • Wendy Thee Reeta

      I vote for Weird Al-G.O.A.T!, fuck yall!

  • esco

    yea nas is G.O.A.T.

  • To take a line from Coming to America and twist it….

    He beat Jay-Z’s ass… On his own track no less with Renegade. Now I’m not calling Jay a measuring stick of any sort but come on people. The dude is on his game and in my personal opinion I’m sick of Nas being a measuring stick.

    Put Eminem on any beat and he will ride it like a jockey on a quarter horse in the Kentucky Derby. There’s a pedigree to rap and he’s at the top.

    I still think Notorious and Big Pun would eat 95% of the rap game anyway and we’d be free of the trash called hip hop now that’s just controversy since they’ve passed on (RIP) and maybe I’m a purist. In any event I don’t get on stuff like this often so I leave you with Verse 1 of Dream Shatterer by Big Punisher. This cat had something special.

    Aiyyo I shatter dreams like Jordan, assault and batter your team
    Your squadron’ll be barred from rap like Adam & Eve from the garden
    I’m carvin my initials on your forehead
    So every night before bed you see the “BP” shine off the board head
    Reverse that, I curse at the first wack nigga with the worst rap
    cause he ain’t worth jack
    Hit him with a thousand pounds of pressure per slap
    Make his whole body jerk back, watch the earth crack
    hand him his purse back
    I’m the first Latin rapper to baffle your skull
    Master the flow, niggaz be swearin I’m blacker than coal
    Like Nat King, I be rappin and tounge’s packin
    The ones, magnums, cannons and gatling guns
    It’s Big Pun! The one and only son of Tony… Montana
    You ain’t promised manana in the rotten manzana
    C’mon pana we be mob rhymers
    Feel the marijuana, snake bite, anaconda
    A man of honor wouldn’t wanna try to match my persona
    Sometimes rhymin I blow my own mind like Nirvana
    Comma, and go the whole nine like Madonna
    Go try to find another rhymer with my kinda grammar…
    When you awaken, your manhood’ll be taken
    Fakin like you Satan when I’m the rhymin abomination

    • SprmNUrThroat

      RIP Big Pun, THEE GOAT!

  • Buddha

    Wow, damn, King Jerm went from praisin soulja and gucci to goin in on Eminem, and I actually agree with this one, FINALLY someone said it, he only got known because of the buzz from Dre and his skin color, people try to market him as the crazy white guy with skills……………………..He doesn’t compare to some people when it comes to crazy, plus his voice can get really annoying, but he has some good songs

    • krillen007

      so the fact that he got signed after winning rap olympics means nothing? And his public freestyles which some even become tracks in albums and have you browsed the net at all? try searching em’s battles on youtube, then maybe you would change your comment

  • Phillyz Phly’st

    G.O.A.T. is The Notorious BIG or 2Pac, your choice. But Eminem right now, with what Jay-Z just put out, is the Best Rapper Alive.

    • LAWD, Y’all gonna STOP disrespecting Rakim Allah.



  • tyler

    one’s value as an artist and the content in their songs is way more important than rap battles and beefs, yeah they mean something, but just becuase a rapper doesnt spend their time shitin on someone doesnt mean they’re not great

    em shits on the celebrities cuz he has a distaste for them? what dont tell me you praise the likes of nsync, hana montana, britney spears. he has a distaste for mainstream america and lets it be known. its one of the many topics he talks about along with politics, drug addiction, soul searching, his daughter, his wife, his image, his childhood, anger, horror, comedy, being white, etc.

  • P-Body

    Em is good but he isn’t my favorite either. Hes a good lyricist and talented but as far as a GOAT, naw I don’t see it either. I’m a 2Pac person overall, and Nas. I don’t see Em on Notorious BIG nor Big L or Pun level. Shiiit I think Andre 3000 is better. I do like EM though, and I forgave him for fucking up 2Pac “Loyal To The Game” album and that “Encore” album.

  • j riv

    First of all EM isn’t even close to being the GOAT. The GOAT of hip hop is KRS-ONE or RAKIM. Both would destroy EM in a rap battle. Do say EM can beat either of them because he cant . KRS-One took down a whole crew the “Juice Crew” for you suckas and Rakim is way more lyrical and smarter than EM would ever be. EM wouldn’t even be around in that era of hip hop.

  • Slumdog Jamaican

    Yo Fuck u dude! real talk, listen to Eminems past albums and listen to that word play and tell me canibus cant go hide to his momma

  • H2O

    i know what KJ is saying here:

    First off, all of you that are saying: “What?!? Skills don’t matter now??” Yes they do, and you read the article wrong.

    How did Em get into the spotlight? It was SSLP, backed by Dre. Before that he released an album in 1995 that no one listened to, and it was before he brought out his crazy slim shady lyrics.

    The fact that dude was white was getting EVERYONE’s attention, anyone who doesn’t agree with that is lying to themselves. Getting co-signed by Dre didn’t help either: nowadays, a Dre co-sign will get anyone noticed: 50 Cent is a perfect example!

    But now here’s my point: if Em was black and didn’t get the Dre cosign, WHAT THEN?? Look at all the underground rappers we have who are better than the artists that are mainstream but will never get their due. Canibus, Lupe, Crooked I, De La Soul, Q-Tip, etc. You could even throw NAS up there. Eminem has won several grammy awards, and how many has Nas won? ZIP. How many grammys has Rakim won? NADA.

    The reason why people like Jay-Z, who may have lost a battle against Nas, get called the GOAT is b/c they have skills AND have held their own against a legend. Plus, ppl STILL think Jay won.

    Em’s got the classic albums, he’s got the fame, and the support. But if he took on a high profile rapper like Nas, Jay-Z, or The Game and won, even MORE people would be calling him the GOAT. Every single rapper that has ever been argued to be the GOAT has had a least one high profile rap battle. Period.

  • Curtis

    this article and the feature video are kind of contradictory.

  • I agree with you, Jerm, that Em will never be the G.O.A.T. for a lot of reasons, but not being a battle-tested rapper in not one of them. Dude did come up in the battle circuits of scribble jam, Rap Olympics and a bunch of other battlefields.

    Just go on YouTube and search “Eminem + battle” and you’ll see a gang of videos with him battling MCs – including Rhymefest (although he took an L on that one). So, battle tested? Yeah, he is.

    However, I co-sign completely that Em is the white Canibus. We ALL remember when ‘Bus did “2nd Round K.O.” and had us all hyped up – until he dropped his album talking about Area 51 and government conspiracies. Lyrics are only one part of the package.

    Take away Dre and his skin colour and Em is just another faceless battle rapper with local street cred. And no record deal.

  • Rickjamesbitch

    So are you saying that if Eminem were to get in rap battles he could be the goat? Since when does getting in rap beefs make you a better rapper? I thought it was all about skills? Eminem’s not even the best in my opinion I’m just saying that I don’t think that getting into rap beefs really makes you any better than someone who hasn’t been in rap battles.

    • Not saying beefs make you better, but every legend has one battle on rapsheet.

      Krs had Shan
      LL had Moe Dee and others
      Nas had Jay
      Jay had Nas
      Big had Pac
      Pac had Big

      and so on.

      • Naquan

        Big did not have Pac, so stop sayin that. Anyone who knows anything knows that Pac simply came at biggie and Bad Boy, all the time, meanwhile Biggie never responded with not one single song. So now let me ask you this, Biggie never beefed with anyone, and the one guy who did come at his neck, he never even replied to. Does that make him less relevent as one of if the G.O.A.T? No it does’nt so why does battle rapping or lack of take Eminem out of the circle of Emcees who could be?

        Just face it, the man’s hot. Let’s stop the hate crimes people. (I think I’ma make that my signature)lol

      • Anonymous

        well lupe hasnt had to battle anyone and i understand he is still relatively new, i think he has already earned his spot as one of the best

      • cbr

        Well it is all the matter of an opinion, but for me Rap music always represented more of a movement and rebelion against oppresion and inequality in a society and so on. So G.O.A.T rappers for me will always be 2pac but Em is still preety close with songs like white america… there is a lot to be heard and learned from his lyrics you just need to know hiw to interpret them right. Eminem is one of the greatest of all times!

  • Von

    That makes no sense…Biggie is great, battled who?method man? redman? i guess ll cool j is the greatest rapper ever…it’s so many faces to hip hop, how is em wrong for touching on an untapped part of rap..so many rappers are one dimensional or care too much of what everyone else thinks..i thought hip hop was about speaking your mind, if not, what’s the point?

    • H2O

      Biggie battled WHO?!? Nigga is you serious? GTFOH!

  • Spyzyda Myzayne

    im going to throw this random shit out here. is anyone else waiting on that new futuristic leland to come out?

  • Naquan

    Umm…. Yeah. First off to say that Em did’nt battle the best is retarted. Not just because the statement is irrelevant, but because no M.C. has battled the best to be the best. You disagree? Then tell me who has battled the best and then been called the best themselves. The only credible battle you can really throw at me is Jay-z vs. Nas. And what’s crazy about that battle is that the two are always placed next to one another. One is never said to be better.

    And if you know anything about Eminem then you know that he did come at everyone in “Till I Collapse”. True he never said names, but he did acknowledge himself as the best and dared other rappers to come at him and prove him wrong. Noone said a word. And to say that his race has something to do with his success, okay fine, but you have to admit that you’ll only say that he’ll never be the G.O.A.T because he’s white. You take away from the things that he says and how he says it solely because he’s white. And to say he’s a white Cannibus is stupid because he chewed Cannibus out the frame to the point that he never even responded to him.

    Just be real, the man is hot and if he puts out another album that goes diamond then what more of a stronger argument can he make? Just stop the hate crimes people.

    • H2O

      no one is racist here. it’s just that if Em had never caught on, we wouldn’t be arguing about him being the GOAT today.

      How did Em catch on? He got a Dre cosign, made up a fake persona known as “slim shady”, and of course his skin color. If he had none of those, he would be Canibus. Or shit, even Lupe: he’d be a black rapper who’d be semi-unknown but had quality skills. Yeah, that sounds about right.

      • Naquan

        I don’t get how you can take away the things that made him a success. If I were to say, “If Micheal Jordan never got Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman, and Horris Grant, or was coached by Phil Jackson then he would’nt have been as good.”, I’d look stupid. If Eminem had’nt gotten signed by Dre he would’nt be relevent, okay fine, but he did. So that means he’s relevent. He does things with words that noone else does and nobody ever comes at him.

        Just face it, the man’s hot. Let’s stop with the hate crimes people.

  • Spyzyda Myzayne

    how come in these G.O.A.T. conversations nobody brings up tech n9ne?

    • Anonymous

      You just answered you own question

  • Ree-Up

    king jerm, u coming off as sour dude. If XXL can say he is the greatest rapper alive, make a whole issue about his return and have everybody in the industry from jadakiss to Vinnie Paz talking about him, whether it’s a guest appearance or how he affected the game, why can’t u acknowledge that he is one of the GOAT (still to early in rap history to name that number one title)? i mean dude, just read that article for urself to see what I’m talking about. nobody changed the game like Em has, whether you wanna admit it or not.

    • You not talking about the magazine that dickrides all of Interscope artists are you? Not the one that has put an Interscope artist on the cover 10 times in 6 years? Not the magazine that USED to talk shit about Em and now they KISS his ass?


      Em is a good rapper..I said that. Is he GOAT status…NO.

      • Ree-Up

        If interscope was on top, then they deserved that shit, u gonna say “oh they always put them on the cover” just cause they was on top of shit…wtf, that sounds like when ya’ll said Weezy ain’t the best rapper alive because he has a feature on everybodies songs…wtf.

        • DuB

          Interscope has never been on top. Def Jam, Columbia, and Universal beat them in sales annually, and consistently.

  • Ree-Up

    and to be GOAT, you have to atleast be in a battle with another great rapper? wtf…thats just ignorant bs that u made as an excuse to say he’s NOT GOAT. it should be based on ur skills and impact, not who u battled.

    • KoolAidThug

      I dunno y u niggas riding for Eminem for G.O.A.T. status. Let’s be real, Big Daddy Kane is the best that ever touched the mic.

      • Ree-Up

        did I say eminem was GOAT? wtf, niggaz don’t fuckin read, this ain’t the slave ages man, read a paragraph

  • mufucka

    When his first 4 albums become classics like Rakim’s have, then he can be considered the GOAT.

    • Rickjamesbitch

      That’s not gonna happen if you count SSLP as his 1st album cause Encore will probably never be classic. But if you start at Infinite…

      • mufucka

        Marshall Mathers LP (classic), Slim Shady LP (near classic). Infinite is a good start, but when you weigh in the factors it’s not a superior album. Eminem is not even halfways there to being in the talks of the goat.

        • Rickjamesbitch

          Agreed but on a lot of his albums he’s just a couple of songs away from classic status and he’s always shown flashes of brilliance.

  • david

    First thing First regardless of GOAT that is debatable with real Emcee’s. Let me break it down for the ones that don’t understand, IF EM was black or Latino having the same lyrics he would be just an avg underground style rapper buy by em being white is avg skills is blown up to be great by the lame I wanna be hip MTV generation ie white kids. Look at at his sales all the people that buy his stuff is white most the people that even buy black rappers stuff is white ever other listener to hiphop that is non white most likely gets bootleg one of the reason rappers still sell out of there trunk special mix tapes. Look at his tours who fills his seats white kids he only popular because white kids think they hip hop and his there savior to achieve this goal. Funny when em first came out in mainstream if I had a quarter for ever white friend I had that said they hated rap except EM I would be rich bill gates rich.

    Not to sound mean or anything we all know why people think em is on top we all know why em won all those grammys. White poster child for so called hip hop

    • enigma

      are you on crack?

      • He made a good point though.

        “it is what it is”

        • Rooster Cogburn

          Only thing he proved was fans like him are whats wrong with hiphop. Only looking at #’s….I couldnt give a shit how many dude sold. IF being white is the comduit for being rich what happened to Bubba, Haystak, and Lil Wyte?

  • The most rediculously stupid post of all time

    Are you really that stupid? Your going to base your opinion for the G.O.A.T. on battling? If thats the case then Jay is out because he lost to Nas, Biggie is out because he never responded to Tupac and so on. Look at songs like Rock Bottom, If I had, Kim, Hailey’s Song, Till I Collapse and more. He’s considered the best by many because he actually has some of the most introspective music of any artist in Rap history. Moreover, he has the total package that included lyrics, flow, delivery and freestyles.

    • thanks for taking time out of your day to read the post AND comment on it.


      King Jerm

      (BIG NO HOMO)

    • Rooster Cogburn

      Agreed. Maybe the columnist should realize music is meant to be subjective, therefore, my opinion aint gonna be the same as his or yours for that matter. Fuck battle raps, (even tho that his how he got his upstart at the hiphop shop) dude is lyrically untouchable. W/o doubt my GOAT. Keyword…MY.

  • I dont think em is the GOAT. But the reason given for him not being it are retarded. No great rapper has EVER dissed him cos he is respected. Dre wouldnt have signed him if he was garbage.. Could you imagine how much that would have tarnished dre? He also has one iron clad rule that he does seem to live by with the battles: If you say hailies name he will go in on you. Ive been waiting for a big name rapper to do that, cos he actually mentions it quite a lot, almost as if hes telling people: ” I’ll fight you if you say the magic words..”

  • The One

    Yall just a bunch of haters who could never do anything tha eminem has ever done

  • jay-g

    There’s no such thing as a goat, because its just mofo’s opinions. Ra, Krs, Hov, Nas, 3000, Face names get thrown around, For arguments’ sake I’ll tell you why Em isn’t my goat. Those corny ass single he did to move units. When he’s on his grind not many fuck with him, but the corny shit always got me. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter I’ll be there Tuesday with my 11 bucks copping Recovery.

  • Mike L

    Eminem will never be considered “The” G.O.A.T because he’s white that’s all there is to it. And he knows this. From listening to Em’s music I can tell that he loves and understands Hip Hop well, meaning that he understands that Hip Hop is a black forum of expression. For a white rapper to be considered the G.O.A.T. would be blasphemy. I believe he’s even mentioned it in a couple of songs.

    But based on just him as a single artist, the reason why he is so popular is because he appeals to white people, he is a ‘white’ rapper, unlike other white rappers who try to be black, he’s just a white boy who can spit. So since he is speaking on his experiences and expressing himself through a white point of view this is why the majority of his fans are white, and since white people have the most money this is why he is sells so much.

    While I do think he is one of the greatest (I can’t think of one guest appearance where he didn’t merc the host rapper), he will always be simuntaneously under and over rated just because of his skin color.

    • WTF

      Did this mufucka just say “and since white people have the most money this is why he is sells so much.”


      • Mike L

        Yes I did, if you disagree go read a forbes list.



    • Arkitekt

      Eminem is not even a top ten lyricist of all time.

      • tabernacle.

      • DuB

        thats a false statement

        • There is well over ten rappers who are lyrically better than Eminem. I’m not calling Em wack by any means, but imo he hasn’t dropped anything groundbreaking since Marshall Mathers. Eminem was my favorite rapper at one time, but I can’t really say I’m into his new shit… and now when he starts singing, people wanna start calling him the GOAT. gtfoh!

          This is why I can’t take someone seriously when they say Em is the goat. Because, when I think about it, all the people I personally know who say that didn’t start listening to hiphop til the golden era passed (im sure that accounts for alot of people in here too).

          I”ll take these emcees over Slim Shady any day (and no, their not all lyrically better than Em)…Andre 3000, AZ, Big Daddy Kane, Big L, Black Thought, Brother Ali, Ghostface Killah, Guru, GZA, Ice Cube, Jay-Z, Kool G Rap, KRS-One, Masta Ace, MF Doom, Nas, Q-Tip, Rakim, Redman, Notorious BIG, O.C., Scarface, Slick Rick, Slug, Talib Kweli, and 2Pac to name a few.

          • I’ll co-sign that list twice. I’d take any one of them over Em any day day of the week.

            and props for putting KRS in the mix. Blastmaster Parker has been getting dissed in the forums recently.

  • KRUnkiNG

    thOUGH i started readING THis thread. I realized ” oh fucK this, THis IS TOO LOng.”

    wut I DidnT see was a mention OF CAM’ron coming @ EM. something about the 40oz Video.

  • Vlatko

    Eminem was great ~10 years ago, nowadays he’s making stupid/average songs… MM LP was great album, SS LP too. I wish he was more serious and not making songs like ”Just Lose It” or ”Ass Like That”…He’s starting beef with everybody, he even got one song in wich he was making fun of Christopher Reeve, but he didn’t released it, because Reeve passed away. And he fucked up that 2Pac album, Loyal 2 The Game….

  • Eminem will never be the GOAT? Dude, most people alredy consider him that. Maybe he don’t beef too much, but he has still killed rappers like Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls and Redman on their own shit.

  • Stew

    Its not what he raps about… but how he raps. Em is so far superior in his lyrical content, his use of metaphors is just unheard of. He is a very intelligent guy, and uses his intelligence to push the limit with the dreaded FCC. His delivery is unlike anyone in the game. True his skin color has something to do with his success, but people still don’t take into account that it was also HARDER for him to get the respect he deserved as a white rapper. Think about that! There are so many rappers out today that have garbage lyrics with good beats and call it music…. Em will for sure be in the top 5 rappers of all time, I would give him G.O.A.T. As far as a lyricist, Em is number one hands down.

  • Eminem only got to where he is because of reverse-racism. or fake anti-racism.
    If he was Black he woulda never got to where he is, he’d just be another dope battle rapper (shout out to The King who said he’d be another Canibus). He got some buzz from some unique material, then a push from Dre, so Hip-Hop (in an attempt to seem colorblind and dispel the rumor that Rap music is only for the Black world) adopted him as a shining symbol of diversity, which told White America that its ok to embrace him, which led to more record sales and awards, and it snowballed from there.

    Our kid’s kids are gonna laugh at us for ever holding some dude that made music videos with Marilyn Manson and raps about raping his moms in such high regard.
    Hes gonna be a blight on rap history, not a highpoint.

    please fam, with a world of great music out there, lets put this shit to rest already. Its starting to make me sad…I cant take another homie whos music taste I respect saying they’re into this guy…we’re usually so good at weeding out the wack shit, so whyre some of yall pullin for this guy so hard?

    • haha word

    • wow, smh

      • dont do me like that SW, am I out of line or something?
        maybe I’m seeing things the wrong way. I respect your opinion more than most, so school me if you think I need it. but dont just shake your head at me, lol

  • I kinda frown upon that argument for 3 basic reasons. 1. Black people and culture are inclusive and not exclusive. When you (generally speaking) enslaved us, abused us, mistreated us, etc. we openly accepted you into groups and movements that call for equality and unity. Sure, there are exceptions, but at the end of the day, the white boy that comes around and acts “white” (and we understand the definition, let’s not be facetious) is just as accepted as the white boy that comes around and acts “black”. The notion that “we” or society won’t acknowledge Em as the GOAT simply because he’s white is one of those bullshit rationals that has no teeth or basis. Beastie Boys are accepted as Hip Hop Legends in any arena. Hell, let’s not even confine this to Hip Hop. Movies, music in general, fraternities, hell, even criminal groups that are majority black or black owned INCLUDE white people as a major player. 2. I think it’s offensive and contrite to all of a sudden interject race into the single largest civil rights movement in the history of the world. Like (I forgot who) said, it’s the only thing that has provided jobs and riches for people that don’t even like the shit. It moves merchandise, creates subcultures and fads, and helps advance technology that all of us use and benefit from no matter what race you are. So saying that race prohibits anyone from being the “GOAT” of what has become such a multicultural movement is disrespectful to the culture that I love. 3. THAT BOY CAN RAP. We have seen a litany of white rappers come and go and they didn’t get this far in the discussion because they weren’t good or nearly as good as Em. Everlast, Snow, Bubba Sparxxx, Paul Wall, Vanilla Ice, etc. and a host of others had appeal because they were the new white rapper on the block, but didn’t have the skill to take it to the next level and sustain it. Now, you can debate his place on the list if you want, that’s fine, all rappers are open for debate and if you don’t like him, you don’t like him. But if we’re talking about the technical aspect of flipping words and syllables, creating imagery and storytelling, and making metaphors slangin’ similes, there aren’t many in the game (hell, or out of the game) that are fucking with Marshall Mathers. Am I saying he’s the Goat, nope, I’m not. I’m frankly tired of the discussion as it comes up far to often and only in relation to the rapper in this culture that has more than one singular element or subject. What I am saying is keep it funky, I don’t have to like you or what you do to know you have skill. The cries that he’s washed up and simply aren’t good seem like veiled hate to me (again, that’s up for debate) because when you talk about the technical skill of writing rhymes, I don’t know how you can debate him.

    Oh, and for those of you that talk about Canibus and other rappers that HAVE the technical abilities that Em has but haven’t seen the same level of success, there are folks on both sides, white and black, that can say that. Being a top rapper in the game also means that you have to have the ability to actually make a song. A lot of our favorite battle rappers and underground emcees don’t have the ability to create a hook, construct a rhyme pattern, or keep a topic interesting enough for 3 minutes for us to listen to. And if THAT isn’t enough reason for you, simply put, ,there isn’t enough room for everybody at the top.

    At the end of the day, I didn’t read this article because I knew this point was going to come up, and I’m tired of hearing it. Let’s not let the politics of life and business undermine something that is beautiful, such as Hip Hop. Save that shit for the Presidential debate, taxes, and Healthcare, but leave my Hip Hop alone.

    • word ha

      2. I think it’s offensive and contrite to all of a sudden interject race into the single largest civil rights movement in the history of the world. Like (I forgot who) said, it’s the only thing that has provided jobs and riches for people that don’t even like the shit. It moves merchandise, creates subcultures and fads, and helps advance technology that all of us use and benefit from no matter what race you are. So saying that race prohibits anyone from being the “GOAT” of what has become such a multicultural movement is disrespectful to the culture that I love

      Truest shit I’ve heard in a while. I don’t think you can call one emcee the goat because their are so many different artists that flipped their own style on hiphop that made it what it is today. You can’t have 2Pac without Biggie.

  • spyzyda

    okay. em is a beast yes. best? not a chance. i kan think of many people who are masters at rap. doesnt mean they can be goats. mainly immortal tech, i mean damn. dudes a monster and is pure street hip hop, altho in battle rappin he has had his share of loses, iron solomon whipped his ass on that note. battle rappers and emcees are different. pat stay can battle like a champ but his music sucks corn dicks. same with others, like brotha lynch is a horror legend and has amazing albums, two went gold i believe but if you gave him a rapper these days he would eat them alive (literally lol) on that note he and em are in the works for a future song which is going to be insane as fuck. now on lynch tho, he is amazing but him doing what he does will never gain commercial buzz, altho he would never need it, dude is a champ! can he be goat? never. he just doesnt fill that criteria, is he one of the sickest legends in hip hop history? bet your ass!

  • pojoe47

    King Jerm! you a fuckin dumbass!!

  • Im The G.O.A.T

    Ummm i’d say being the highest selling artist of all time makes you the G.O.A.T the exception is all this now adays bull thats comming out hot beat non lyrical ringtone candyland stuff lmao that be selling now adays

  • Aramese

    Eminem to me and millions of people is the greatest of all time. Being the greatest is being able to move people with your words.. Eminem has moved millions. Even if his complexion has assisted in achieving that, he did it. Not a single rapper has influenced me like Em has. I’m not stan. But i believe if he went up against some of these rappers toe to toe he’s fuck them up. You don’t have to be undefeated to be the greatest. Nobody is undefeated. I hear a lot of black people hating on the white rapper. lol. Hurts to see a white rapper nominated as the greatest in a black art huh?


      i feel u more than 1 rap said that eminem was the best rapper ever

  • joe

    wow bro you have no idea wtf your talking about

    • Aramese

      your one sentence reply.. was simple brilliant. I completely understand your POV

    • How is that? Em will rap over ANY shitty beat..he should learn how to select better beats MAYBE, just maybe will I consider his name up for debate.

      This shit is a year old and y’all still commenting on this shit!

      • your an idiot he has told a number of rappers, including Lil Wayne he wouldn’t jump in the song because the beat doesn’t fit him. Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t pretty sure that came from a black rapper. Eminem is the greatest selling rapper in history with the largest fan base, that together put his name as one that deserve respect when talking about the GOAT. Which is funny because there are too many style’s and flows and beats to ever put one person as the GOAT, and battle rapping has nothing to do with it seeing as most rappers don’t really care about the idea of having a beff and the only one that profited off any beef was jay and nas. As far as the GOAT the whole thing is pointless becuase it can only be held until their is a new person that takes rap to a whole nother level, which we may never see.

        • Sales make you the best???

          MC Hammer is eligible for GOAT status then!

          FOH dickwad!

          • Anonymous

            Eminem being white helps him now but if you think it didnt make it 100 times more difficult coming up to begin with then you are CRAZY!!

            Im curious to know who is the greatest rapper in your mind?

            Eminem didnt have a youtube video get him to the top, he won rap battles to get to the top as a white guy in front of a crowd of no one the same color!

      • Jumbo Shrimp

        Srsly. Eminem should rap more like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mjizdawp8ls&feature=youtube_gdata_player
        That’s a game changer!

  • Aramese

    This is the most popular post. That’s why me and you are still commenting on it lol

  • Anonymous

    I guess rappers like Jay-Z should be up for the award for getting murdered by Nas on Ether. Maybe Notorious B.I.G. for being destroyed by Tupac and the Outlawz. When people talk about the “greats” they always mention Tupac, Biggie, Jay-Z and Eminem. Of those, Tupac is the only who walked out of their a victor in battle (Eminem of which has never battled a true rapper outside of a few shots at Canibus).

    Plus, winning rap battle means nothing. Putting out albums of great relevance does. Tupac will be remembered for Me Against the World, All Eyez On Me, etc. He isn’t even the best lyricist. Tupac moved people with words. Eminem will be remembered for The Marshall Mathers LP and Eminem Show. Jay-Z will be remembered for Reasonable Doubt and The Blueprint. Nas will be remembered for Illmatic. Look to that when you look at credentials, not the number rap battles or how many rap battles you have one. Is Eminem the best rap battler? Probably not. Is he the best rapper? People can certainly debate it.

  • Look at my sales
    Lets do the math, If I was black I would’ve sold half, I ain’t have to graduate from Lincoln High School to know that
    but I could rap, so fuck school, I’m too cool to go back, gimme the mic, show me where the fuckin’ studio’s at
    When I was underground, no one gave a fuck I was white, no labels wanted to sign me almost gave up, I was like
    Fuck it, until I met Dre, the only one to look past, gave me a chance, and I lit a fire up under his ass
    helped him get back to the top, every fan black that I got was probably his in exchange for every white fan that he’s got
    Like damn, we just swapped. Sittin’ back lookin’ at shit, wow, I’m like my skin is it starting to work to my benefit now?

  • I miss the days when the best rapper was the person who was the best at rappin
    Not who won battles, made the most money, sold the most cds, or whatever.

  • J.Roz

    Em is def one of the greatest of all time if not the greatest.. he has every attribute that a rapper should carry. He doesnt need to beat ‘the man’ cuz nobody would ever step to’em. Nobody in rap has the balls to go at em. Too much respect, too much skill.. I

  • J.Roz

    Em is def one of the greatest of all time if not the greatest.. he has every attribute that a rapper should carry. He doesnt need to beat ‘the man’ cuz nobody would ever step to’em. Nobody in rap has the balls to go at em. Too much respect, too much skill.. I am neither black or white (full pr) and the guy moves me cuz he makes you relate whether youve been through tha shit he talks about or not. The man is a genius, & will always be remembered as a goat.

  • This guys doesn’t now WTF he talking,

    the list of the beef ones? are u serious?

    maybe u never listen none’s of the mixtapes that eminem drop to the under.

    mtf he takes also jay -z, wayne, even nas come on dude..

    everlast back in the days will not stand 20 bars against em, not even kanye none of those clowns,

    and when its come to freestyle he will lunch any of the “best ones” come on

  • btw he takes on kanye actually jajajaja

    • DuB

      When??? You can post links to the songs he has dissed them in…….. You are lying hard bruh. Did you think people at a hip hop site weren’t going to notice this make believe bullshit you just said.

  • Mike L

    People…just let it go…really…

  • arkitekt

    Em is closer to the most overrated rapper ever.
    Great battler? Tell J.U.I.C.E. that.

    • Nigga, name ONE great Juice album…I’ll wait… He lost to Juice in the rap olympics when Juice was dropping white jokes. Shit is cheap shots anyway AND, Juice got demolished by Supernatural and Supernat ain’t the GOAT. So…your argument is invalid bruh cuh.

  • thaone

    I have to give it up to Em, he goes harder than most rappers out there today. Anytime he is on a track with other rappers he kills them. I know as a black man it is hard to say a white rapper is a GOAT, but he is def one of the Greatest of all Times and that is what the lyrics say “I am a GOAT not the GOAT” The man is so talented and all these haters need to raise up off his nuts.

  • Anonymous

    To say Eminem isnt one of the greatest of all time comes down to nothing more than people not wanting a white rapper to be the best or just that they dont like his music. Most sales says something because that means people love his music, just like Michael Jackson can’t be the King of Pop if no one were to by his albums. And if you sit here and tell me that the only reason he sold so many albums is because he is white then you are just Ignorant. Eminem probably had the toughest time getting noticed because he was white, and people like to credit Run DMC making songs with Aerosmith to the reason white people like rap music so 1. em being white has nothing to do with it, what about marky mark or vanilla ice? and 2. white people enjoyed rap music way before Eminem got noticed. If Em would have been killed early in his life like Tupac or Biggie things would be way different. Not saying they arent great rappers but their death definitely propelled them even higher. While all this is going on thw whole East v West, a white rapper is trying to come up in the middle of the country and no one could care less because what would a white boy know right? Another key point to being a rapper is creating controversy and being real and no one and I mean, NO ONE, has done that more than EM. He pushed us to make use of our right of freedom of speech, to think outside the box and to laugh while listening to music, while also telling us to take every chance we get to suceed. He is the true American story coming from nothing to something as the outcast, getting to the top only to fall back down and only to lose a best friend, a wife and almost a career to come back up and get to the top with a vengenance. What more does he have to do? Saying he will never be the greatest because he is white is like saying that no black rock group can be the best because they are black. No if they are better than the Beatles then they are the best. And again they are musician, how do you compare them if not by total sales?

    • arkitekt


    • Javi

      Well said

  • Anon

    Canibus? Royce da 5′ 9”? D12? Need I go on? Do some research

  • Johnny

    You must be retarded. 1st off you don’t gotta beat anybody in order to be the GOAT. If that was the case then the Notorious B.I.G. shouldn’t be put up there ether because when 2pac dissed him consistently he stayed away from goin in on him. You don’t have to win a rap battle in order to be considered the greatest at all. 2nd off why don’t you name me any of the rappers that you think is the greatest and tell me if they would be just as nice if they were white? exactly they would be just anotha wack rapper if that and no1 would consider them at all. so much for your useless ponts

  • Javi

    Just stumble on to this site. OMG G.O.A.T. you damn right Eminem deserves the title. Why do you think artist wouldn’t dare spit his name in a song……because he will murder them in one line..he makes other artist seem more interesting with one verse..Battles? who the fuck cares!!! Battles? is why he doesnt deserve the title!!!Fuck all the Love shit…man I dont give a fuck..Eminem to me and to millions of other people is the G.O.A.T. period!!!

  • Like I said before. People said Michael Jordan was the best basketball player because he was the best at basketball. People Michael Jackson was the best entertainer because he was the best at entertaining. Soooo give me one solid reason why the best rapper shouldn’t be whose best at rapping? How does sales, battles, skin color, background, “Swag”, money, or affiliation matter. Hip-Hop dies slowly with ignorant shit like that. In a minute niggas will be saying Jay-Z can never be the GOAT because his birthday is in December. I’m a rapper too but If Dre signed me & I blew Em out of the water I couldnt be the greatest because I’m 17. And Kobe is the best baller of all-time just because he still playing & Jordan isn’t. You see how those last 3 things i said don’t make any sense? But thats the logic y’all use to make decisions.

    Me personally I feel Em is the G.O.A.T. because of skills. I admire his sales but they have nothing to do with it. As for the “White America” quote, if somebody said you beat them in basketball because they let you & you agreed doesnt make it true. Letting somebody win & Em being white made people buy CD’s are same level excuses. The fact that Em made music people wanted to buy & you can’t beat that person in basketball can’t be possible tho. #FuckOuttaHere


    • Nope. IT WILL NEVER DIE!

      • DuB

        Lmao…. see what you started Jerm.

  • chill

    Eminem is overated but thats not his fault his shit is and forever will be sick. he has slipped in the past but its not his fault and he is one of the greatest and he does battle how do you think he got in the game in the first place if you go on youtube you can find a bunch of old videos of him murdering people with his freestyle. just because its not a world famous battle doesnt mean he doesnt battle and hes just talkin about his money and how great he is because hes making fun of all the bullshit rappers because all they rap about is how good they are and how much money they have and hes tryna prove that he doesnt even need to say all that shit for people to know hes good. thats why at the end he says” yall can argue about how great you are but im out” some shit along those lines…and yea he raps about drugs and murder and his mom cuz he raps about life just because your life may be dandy doesnt mean everyone elses life is. people can relate to him and hes is definitly a G.O.A.T

  • fuck youuuu

    fuck u, opinions r opinions but ur a cocksucker. listen to straight out of the vault and recovery and take your face outta ur dads asshole

  • he can definitely be the GOAT dog lol. where is the guide to being a GOAT.

  • klip

    king who? rubbish! cant even believ i read this till the end. hogwash shit! neva in ma life have i heard of a rapper who plays with a flow like that without even losin da concept and relevance. im not tawkin bout mahfuckas who say shit cause it rhymes! secondly,he is able to manifest an emotion of a verse or da song. third can keep u in stitches and also get u angry,and feel sympathy..e.g. ama school ya..for witty comedy listen to ma name is,guilty concience.u wana be angry,listen to kim,bonie and clide..damn what is he doing to his family? wana sympathize? listen to hailie song,deja vu etc. damn,shakespear also did all these..if u wana laugh read twelfth night,u wana be angry,read macbeth..etc. u jst gata appreciate real talent. real recognise real. no 1 does that these days. we have ayt rappers like krs1,nas,jay non of em get da adrenaline pumpin,knw i mean?em deserves g.o.a.t title. r.i.p pac and biggie.and dnt get me started on dat battle shit. coz it proves this bogus king dnt knw jack! wtf

  • spyda man

    i say if eminem isnt a goat, he should be a moat, or a coat even. a boat? nah fuck it, a soap! or a bear lmao, who argues this shit anyhow?

  • josh

    Obviously you are uneducated on what Eminem has achieved over his years. All you have to do is look on youtube and you can see many battles that Eminem has been in.

    • DuB

      Josh obviously you are uneducated on Hip Hops history. You can youtube plenty of artist who have done what Em has; Serius Jones, Jin, hell even Jae Millz has battled rapped. It doesnt change the fact that Em isn’t the GOAT.

  • this hating shit is getting outta control. i never got pissed at yall shit on here but what the fuck? who’s the best than waka? na matter fact im not even saying em the best but how you gonna limit him after all the work he put in.. fuck this site

    • PLEASE….DON’T LEAVE….I’m sorry….it was just an article that I wrote OVER A YEAR AGO!

      • lolol my fault i was kinda pissed though. cause looking at this a year after recovery and all that shit just negates your whole argument. no offense.

  • mann, I didnt know this one was still goin. I hadnt checked it since me and Saule talked.

    what I dont get is how anyone that calls themself a rap fan can try to debate the Em=GOAT issue with numbers talk.

    so by that logic Lady GaGa is the greatest female singer of all time?
    Bollywood is better than Hollywood because it has more viewers?
    China is the best country cause it has more people?
    Islam is the true religion because it has the most followers?
    Fox News is the best news outlet. and Glenn Beck the best broadcaster.

    c’mon. debate this one based on something substantial. theres so many ways you could come at this issue.
    but dont use numbers and sales to do it, cause it takes away any credibility you may have. we’re hip-hop fans, some of the smartest people out there. so be smarter goddamnit.

    and quit attacking Jerm cause he had the stones to post something unpopular that you dont agree with.
    the dude is, in reality, really fucking smart. I dont always agree with him either, but he always makes good points. and theres no reason to curse the man or get personal because you differ in opinion.

    I hope we never take this one down. its like the litmus test to weed out the fucktards.

    • Mike L

      I will now including the word “fucktard”into my vocabulary.

      • lol, its a good one right? as far as I know it was first used in a web-comic “Sexy Losers” back in ’99, (the same comic that first introduced “*fap*” and “*shlick*” into the internet lexicon.) google it out if youre into really dark/twisted humor.

    • P-Body

      Seriously Em is one of the GOATs. Dude is talented like hell and nobody can’t deny that. He is one of the best spitters I ever heard of all time. Even though he did butcher 2Pac album which I was mad at him for a couple of years but I got over it.

      Oh yeah Jerm is definitely smart (Street & Book) and I definitely don’t agree with everything but we do see eye to eye on some things in hip hop though. The soulja boy, waka, Plies, Lil B, DJ Khalid, and Gucci stuff I just can’t co-sign.

      Thats the point of this website in a way to express views and not have biased opinions. Who cares if some people get mad that is the point instead of dumbing down like millions of other websites do.

  • DuB

    LMAO and the story continues. I know Jerm hates that this is still going on. Look Em isn’t the GOAT! Maybe top ten of all time, but damn some of yall are catching feeling like Jerm just had a threesome with your Mom and your Girl. Stop Hating on big homie.

  • Price

    In 1999 the idea of a White Rapper was a joke, AKA, Vanilla Ice. The fact that Eminem became so successful was in spit of him being white.
    I agree times had changed from 90 to 99 so may the new kids were ready for a legitimate white rapper.
    Have you noticed blacks don’t like it when they hear that Obama was elected because he was black and not in spite of it?
    The fact that the voting age was now filled with so many multi cultural and mixed races benefited Obama.

  • Jed
  • Red

    Your a jealous nigger.

  • Red

    Your a jealous nigger who will never make it in life.


      Thanks for reading an article that I wrote on MY website!

    • P

      LMAO get your ass on, I hate you internet racists you guys are pussy

  • Dallas Champ

    You say, Who would listen to a rapper talk ill of his mom, rap about abusing drugs, and killing people? NOBODY.

    This is a very ignorant statement. You must not be familiar with Em’s early albums. He talks about all of those things and he is respected by Hip-Hop fans and artists. Em paid dues in the underground rap battle scene.Oh yeah, most rappers don’t talk ill of their mother in songs but it is nothing to hear them talk about drugs and killings people.

    Tupac is my GOAT but Em gets my respect.

  • sk8terboi

    Stumbled across this old thread and:
    1) I know nothing about the author but he has the IQ of a houseplant
    2) he’s racist
    3) Em has another #1 album behind him

    But I do agree that he is white – and that seems to be the only thing you see.

    • let me take a WIIIIILD guess what color you are…..witcha Avril Lavigne name…..

    • DuB

      #1 albums make you the greatest? Then Hov is the best of all time easily.
      #2 so if I say that Vannilla Ice sucked am I racist?
      #3 I am willing to bet Jerm is a genious compared to your dumb ass

  • P

    1.People cant have an opinion without being racist?
    2.Can you really say you enjoyed any of Em’s about last 3 albums truthfully?
    3.Em has lots of number 1 albums so dose Amy Whinehouse and MC Hammer

    • HELL-o! let em know.

      *high-fives P hard*



    • y’know what? your capitals convinced me. I’m on this guys side now, whatever it is.

  • Mike2507

    So according to your logic.. you gotta beat the best to be the best, 50 cent is the best rapper hands down. How many rappers careers has he basically ended by beating them? I’m a 50 fan and wouldn’t say he’s the GOAT. Em brings everything to the table you want in a rapper great delivery, flow, metaphors, wordplay, content and his rhyme schemes are unmatched. I’d vote for Shady any day..

    • DuB

      Who has 50 really beat outside of Ja?

  • EminemIsGOAT

    Eminem has been through hell and back. I mean be forreal, he has lost everything in his life, yet he is the best rapper alive? And sure he’s white but he’s like an m&m, he’s black on the inside lmaoo. Anyhow, eminem can put out a song right now and with the next 10 hours, it will sell over a million. You want album sales? He has the most selling albums. What else do you want? Smh. He’ll tear anyone’s ass if they come at em, he dissed drake, lil Wayne and kanye on forever! And he dissed jay-z in seduction, not to mention on every song he has ever made with lil Wayne and jay, he has toasted em. Be honest with yourself, if eminem wasn’t in the rap game, will it have as many fans? Doubt it. Em has revolutionized the music industry ! He is The G.O.A.T ! No doubt in my mind. Everything he’s been through and he still comes out on top, he is the Rocky Bamboa of rap! He has influenced many people, he influences myself as well. His lyrics are like no other. I don’t care what color you are, if you can rap the. You get my respect. It’s guys like you who doesnt know a real rapper from a fake one.

    • p

      Rocky Bamboa? HELL NAW! He is a great rapper but he is the G.O.A.T. What exactly has Eminem been throught that different from a lot of other rappers?

    • FOH

      Did this nigga say BAMBOA????


      • Atmosphere

        and he said Balboa so what? It’s a pretty good comparison lol

    • FOH

      Did this nigga say BAMBOA????


  • Atmosphere

    oh yeah you said no one would listen to a black guy talking about abusing drugs killing and rape….what about Tyler the Creator?

  • Not to be racist, but it is true that the only reason why he have records sells because he is WHITE and he a great lyricist , but he not the greatest of all time . I have a very good argument, There are alot of rappers that COULD sound like Eminem such as Busta Rhymes, Corey Gunz, Royce 5,9 and many more. Why they never sold as much and get recognition like Eminem ? Would you listen to them more if they sign to Aftermath with a Dr Dre Production ? NO. Eminem is WHITE and being a trailer park rapper is his gimmick and a image that he portray to get him where he’s at. I DARE FOR ANYBODY TO DISAGREE.

  • Tyler the Creator is a good artist and he talk about some crazy shit, but he will never get were Eminem at. Eminem is the First White LYRICIST to represent his race and made a Impact, but I think I already prove my point.

  • TrueIst

    Ya’ll buggin’… Define GOAT for me… Sales? Skills? Money? Flow? Vocab? Wordplay? Collaborations? All of the above Eminem scores are way up… So I think Em is ONE of the greatest.. But why the F do we always need to have someone being better than everybody else? Why cant there be room for more than one person? I think Eminem is one of the best but also Big L, Tribe Called Quest, EPMD, LL Cool J, Nas, Pun, Royce, Chino XL and Jay.. The list goes on..

    Stop thinking that only one mc can be the greatest

    • P (From Da D)

      That actually made a lot of sense, I agree there is never one GOAT

  • justhiphop

    that shit is completely true. TRUE.
    Lets be real, Eminem is nice, hey, not nice, he can be a very dope rapper, but he is for sure not the very best one. Same goes for Jay Z.

    Remember all that hype when he came with his first songs. You know what, when you looked it back, it just seems like some teenager kinda rapper shit.

    Where he is now? I mean, you don’t hear pretty much from him, idk, is he washed or what? Look at his work on BadMeetsEvil, does that got that crazy hype from backinthedays ? No. and that right here, that’s a hint to me. Even before that.

  • This nigga Eminem is so highly respected by his peers its unreal. Watch footage of Em spitting when other rappers are around. This man would be a first ballot inductee into the rap hall of fame. You not liking Eminem’s style doesn’t make him not great. Who’s the greatest? I listen to DOOM, Big L, Black Thought and Ghostface more than anyone else, and I’d say Black Thought is the GOAT. However, I recognize that its a point of contention. Eminem could certainly be considered the best. His rhyme construction is funnier and more creative than, say, a Canibus.

  • king-shady

    My songs can make you cry, take you by surprise And at the same time, make you dry your eyes with the same rhyme See what you’re seeing is a genius at work. Em said it himself that there is no g.o.a.t or as he put it king of hip hop coz theres sum shit that T.I and jay-z can do better n theres sum shit that he can do beta. Jay got ethered by nas so does that automatically put him out of contention for being a goat? Nas hasn sold as many albums as jigger does that automatically put him out of contention too? Eminem hasn had high class beefs now whose fault is that? If pac and biggie were still alive they’d b down and out like snoop. Eminem is not the goat nobody is, but he is without a doubt a goat, disagree feel free

    • Alluga


    • arkitekt

      “Eminem hasn had high class beefs now whose fault is that?”

      Because he’d get burned on the mic if he stepped to real emcees. Instead, he’s beefing with pop artists people who have nothing to do with hip hop. He can’t even beat Juice and people think he’s the best freestyle rapper ever. GTFOH! There are ATLEAST 20 emcees that are lyrically better than Em.

      And people need to quit rating rappers off how many records they sell. Kool G Rap doesn’t have one platinum record, but he’s considered a top 10 by nearly every rapper.

    • Practical

      Seriously, this man speaks the truth.

    • A_Daramy

      Getting a little careless with the words KingShady. I can tell you wanted to make a quick point for Em, but there is no way that Pac would be down and out if still alive. His songs are rich with real lyrics in every line. No other rappers have reached his greatness of influence, talent, and skill (based on his music alone, not to mention his influence and talent outside of music). And since he kept it real and represented since stepping on the scene even before 2Pacalypse Now all the way through Makaveli + posthumous albums (check out the original versions), then there is no indication (NONE) that he would’ve fallen off. He has belts in all of the categories already discussed: sales, beefs. And in my 100% honest opinion he has the best lyrics (rich with gems that better your life and accurately portray life), complete songs, unique flow, charisma, and ability to reach people.
      You said that Pac would be where Snoop is now if still alive, but Pac was always on another level than snoop. He represented the underdogs and oppressed and gave them hope from his first album to the last. People will always love Pac for that.

  • DuB

    Eminem has avoided beefs with Cam’ron, Rick Ross and other talented Emcess. The best rappers he has ever actually battled are Ja Rule, and Nick Cannon. He doesn’t want to jump in the ring with the likes of an actual lyrical rappers.

    • Alluga

      pretty sure Em would stomp on Cam’ron. And Ross. Are you kidding me?

    • Practical

      Yeah seriously…do you actually think Em wouldn’t demolish those fools?

      • DuB

        The victor of the battle wouldn’t really matter, the fact that Em would rather attact Brittany Spears and The Backstreet boys than enter an actual lyrical war is what hurts Eminems credibility.
        I agree Eminem would beat Rozay, but Killa isn’t an easy victory.

        The more I think about it the lower Eminem really is on my list. He is often grouped with Hov and Nas and he really doesn’t deserve that. He is more so on the level of Jadakiss. Not saying that is bad but he isn’t as high as people hold him.

        • Mike L

          I don’t think Em’s dislike of Britt, or any other of the pop acts could be considered beef. He simply felt that the music that was popular at the time was garbage in comparison to what he had listened to growing up. As far as him avoiding beef with real rappers, to its obvious why he did, they have credibility in the game and he doesn’t. Other than Ross who was a CO, but has now become gangsta through association, everybody else more or less had that street cred to go with them. Em, as talented as he is will always be looked at as just the white boy in the room. So whether or not he would won his beef or not, not too many hip hop heads would care all that much, which defeats the whole purpose of the beef to begin with.

          • DuB

            I dissagree, Eminem wasn’t scared to battle rappers with street cre (Benzino) just against rappers who would go hard and were lyrical. Camron is the example I keep bringing up. As much as people feel Nas beat Hov(though I disagree) Camron defeated Nas.

  • king-shady

    ask yourself this why hasn’t hov responded to game’s disses? Bcoz he knows he is better than him and he has nothing to prove, he has nothing to lose but everything to lose if he beefs with game and destroys him they’ll say he is a bully but if he is fucked he’ll lose everything he has worked for throughout his career. Thats pretty much why em wont beef with rozay or anyother rapper except for jayz and nas [lil wayne is shit]. Eminem knows better than to start beefs coz he knows if u start a beef u will be fucked, disagree shit jayz he got ethered didn’t he?
    Jayz lost a battle = not a goat?
    Nas hasn sold much = not a goat?
    Eminem hasn had high class beefs = not a goat?
    If non of thf is a goat who is? [if u say weezy i’l kill u]

    • DuB

      Your point holds no real point because Jay has already gone up against some of the best lyricist: Nas, Jadakiss, and Mobb Deep have all been defeated by Hov. The reason he won’t go at Game and Wayne is simply because they are his fans. Go back and listen to those two speak highly of Hov then try and pick a war. Jay always goes at cats he has actual problems with.
      Eminem goes at people like Justin Timberlake. Camron would’ve beat Eminem, and Em knows this.

  • king-shady

    ask yourself this why hasn’t hov responded to game’s disses? Bcoz he knows he is better than him and he has nothing to prove, he has nothing to lose but everything to lose if he beefs with game and destroys him they’ll say he is a bully but if he is fucked he’ll lose everything he has worked for throughout his career. Thats pretty much why em wont beef with rozay or anyother rapper except for jayz and nas [lil wayne is shit]. Eminem knows better than to start beefs coz he knows if u start a beef u will be fucked, disagree shit jayz he got ethered didn’t he?
    Jayz lost a battle = not a goat?
    Nas hasn sold much = not a goat?
    Eminem hasn had high class beefs = not a goat?
    If non of them is a goat who is? [if u say weezy i’l kill u]

  • king-shady

    hov was fucked up on renegade by eminem totally outclassed, and he was ethered by nas. Hov has lost his touch since biggies rhyms stopped coming out of his fat lips. Lyrically there is no one that can match shady, in terms of sales no body can match eminem. And in terms of dedication & passion eminem is up there right on top of the list. Eminem is the only true rapper alive. @dub u thnk hov is the best fine, sum thnk nas is the best thats fine too and i thnk eminem is the best after all we are entitled to have an opinion. Stop hating.
    1) eminem
    2) jay z
    3) nas
    If u dnt agree fck u y coz I JUST DON’T GIVE FUCK.

    • Practical

      I just think about it like this – if it weren’t for hip hop, where would Eminem be? He represents a fringe audience that could not exist were it not for the contributions of other legends. Yes, that fringe audience happens to be much more vast than the audience of most artists. But he’s more like icing on the cake of hip hop, while people like Jay and Nas are the cake itself.

  • king-shady

    check here yelawolf is white right, so i bet his album will be amongst the best selling of year.

    • Anonymous

      Nay, yelawolf don’t have that middle class appeal to him. He’s just straight trailer park, he ain’t selling nothing.

  • Sdafj

    y’all made an article on him!!!! That show’s how influential he can be. He’s GOAT!!!

  • Eminem

    he is a G.O.A.T , you fucking retard

  • Poopnass

    FUKING U GO ROT IN HELL EMINEM RAPS FROM THE HEART AND ITS PURE OTHER RAPPERS RAP ABOUT SEX AND MONEY if u had been wat Eminem had been through u wouldnt be talking shit ok so go die bitch Eminem Is the greatest of all time and always will be and will be remembered for generations so fuk u and all other rappers

  • Eman

    Elton John is one of Eminem’s best friends you fucking retard…
    Is biggie considered a goat? Who did he battle? He backed the fuck down against tupac. No disrespect to Big but if you are going to base a GOAaT discussion on battles then at least have a correct, plausible argument captain fuck face.

    •  I’m the retard but you’re saying that Elton and Eminem are best friends?


      • Eman

        Um yea he is. Watch an interview and you will see eminem say that he calls Elton once a week and that he helped him immensely during his addiction.


        • Daboss

          Was this before or after Em called him a queer?

  • thebest!

    NEVER looked at as the greatest? he is the greatest rapper!
    if he had the same voice and was black,.,.,., he still be the best.
    no black rappers have the same voice as him!
    he is 1. but all under him is black tho 😀 from 1 to 10

    • Rickjamesbitch

      We gonna front like Em hasn’t dropped one of the worst albums in hip hop history? (Encore) Relapse wasn’t great either, Recovery was good, far from great though. Everyone tries act like Em is infallible but he’s dropped more duds than most rappers in the “Best rapper alive” argument. He’s top 10, maybe 5, but certainly not 1. I’d put him under Nas, Common, Jay, 3K and maybe Black Thought.

      • So, Biggie drops two albums but he is automatically that dude? Black Thought and Common is reaching but this is opinion.

  • E.

    I mean, if youre going to go in like this, at least give us better reasons. lol.

  • the truth

    so eminem supposably has no rap battles under his belt? dawg thats how he got famous in Detroit people dont wanna battle Em dey kno they would not get anythin out of it you think Eminem gives a fuck bout who disses him the numbers speak for them selves he is on top and unlike other “rappers” he dont need a million people in his cds to sell almost every song is him alone or with people signed to him yeah he rapped with other people to make great music but he dont need anyone to tell him who great of all times is cuz probly to him he is the greates of his time no one is G.O.A.T. just of there time and while you probly thinkin wayne is G.O.A.T. think bout it everything wayne raps dont make scense so stop hating cuz while yu at home jammin to Eminem and hating on him his making money of you so do a fav dont hate

  • ARBZ


  • TheTruth

    LMAO this is truly TRULY hilarious. Granted this was 3 years ago(a year before Eminem got 2 more #1 singles when every other GOAT has 1 or 2 and a triple plat album) but this is HILARIOUS. Eminem never battled anyone? Hmmm….ok….1ST OFF…trust me on this one..EVERY rapper does NOT come up through battling. Eminem destroyed the Rap Olympics(which was judged by Big Pun). Second of all, Jay(the guy people call the GOAT) has only ONE battle(dont talk to me about subliminals and unreleased 2pac disses) and thats with Nas…and he LOST. Em never had BEEF with pop stars the same way B.I.G. never had beef with anyone he mentioned on Dreams of Fucking An R&B Bitch…THIS is why your opinion is quite uneducated…you didnt go through the history of the game. EVERY rapper takes shots at sings….EVVVV..VERRR….REEE! Doesnt mean they have beef. Whats beef? Beef is releasing diss records and single handedly fucking up one of, if not the biggest, hip hop magazine in history(The Source) and helping dismantle a record label (Murda Inc). And this is where it gets REALLLLLY fucked up….

    BATTLING DOESNT MEAN YOU’RE A GOAT! I use the analogy to Michael Jordan ALL the time. Mike wasnt #1 in scoring, assists, steals, games played, finals appearances, etc. But he was Top 5 in almost EVERY statistical category that mattered…THATS what made him great. EVEN IF this weak theory was true, he SHITS on almost every other rapper in every other conceivable category. Flow(dont debate this..ever), Versatility (how many of your favorites ONLY talk about gangsta shit?), Storytelling (Dont talk to me about stories until you find one deeper than “Stan”), Metaphors, Charisma,…and it goes on.

    So let me ask you this…before Nas battled Jay…was he not a GOAT candidate? Before B.I.G(who never even released a straight up diss record) “beefed” with Pac..was he not a GOAT? This whole Em being white is why he sells is hilarious. Why? Check these FACTS out:

    Eminem sold 10 million with Marshall Mathers LP in 2000…that was the only album to sell as much that year right? Wrong…Nelly’s Country Grammar (his DEBUT ALBUM) went diamond. But Nelly’s white right? Ok….Eminem sold over 8 million in 2002 with Eminem Show…only album to do that right? WRONG AGAIN…Nelly sold over 8 million with Nellyville…Nelly’s still white, right? If Eminem being white is why he sells so much then how come you can add up all the white rappers who have sold records and they wouldnt even SCRATCH THE SURFACE of what Em sold. Is he super white? Oh is it because he has Dre?(That must be it…seeing as Bubba Sparxx had Timbaland..but yes…Dre is the reason he’s selling so much).

    If people really cared about this artform and not bullshit they would see that what it takes to be an MC…a great…is embodied in Eminem. Here’s anoter point you NEVER mentioned….did it ever occur to you that the reason Eminem doesnt have beefs is because of what he did on Renegade and the rest of his career? You think rappers WANT to beef with Eminem. He didnt dodge Cam’ron…..the same say Jay didnt dodge Jim Jones…you give them SOME attention..but at the end of the day…THEY’RE NOT ON YOUR LEVEL SO WHY BOTHER?

    So the next time you want to talk about hip hop…at least give it the proper respect and do SOME sort of research before you start sounding like Perez Hilton.

  • I am years late but the GOAT will mean something when we all listen to one type of artist bka NEVER. Enjoy what you enjoy.

  • wow, this article looks stupid in retrospect…. and not just ’cause of monster comeback but em’s lyrics depend on his whiteness to pop off? come on. but the worst part about this article is talking about how important battlin’ is and then bringin up canibus… i’m pretty sure I just saw him batlte Diz and lose… to his notebook.

  • youabitch

    this whole website makes me want to throw up

  • Opinion

    It really does not matter if eminem has ever won a rap battle, eminem IS won of the greatest rappers in the world.. Simply because he is white and can spit the rhymes that he does, yes it is very true that if he was black and tried to become as famous as he is now, it possibly wouldn’t happen… But on the other hand race does NOT matter.. It’s all about the skill and how well your music sound, also how you draw your fans into likening your music. So anyone who doesn’t think he is the best.. Well how about you try to get what he has grasped in his hands.

  • g00sey

    em’s content suffers, but damn if he isn’t a talented lyracist that can twist some bars together like none other. We are talking hip hop here, and yeah EM missed the mark. But spitting, weaving cadences and bars, freestyle? he’s up there. Just like Pac. goat? no…but another big part of history in the game.

  • Brian Short Bus Banfield

    First off I do agree with him being as big as he is because of his skin! Canibus was titled one of the best at battling and Em gave it to him! Listen to this! Em is labeled the GOAT by other artist! Em has destroyed almost EVERY Emcee! He does it subliminal and many don’t catch it, only that artist and true Hip Hop heads! Look at the song “SEDUCTION” it’s a killer diss at Wayne! The thing about Em is that he does things for himself, he don’t care what anyone thinks!

    • Arkitekt702

      Em destroyed almost every emcee???

      Still don’t understand why Em has so many dick riders. His delivery is getting worse and worse. Lyrics are tiresome. He just corny and irritating to me. Symphony in H is the worst song on Tony Touch’s new album. How does that happen? I’ve been fucking with Em since Infinite, and I along with “true hip hop heads” can see his heart is no longer in it. Dude is mad depressed, it’s actually pretty sad to see him fall off like he has.

  • Adrian

    this website is bullshit first I see an article about how eminem is not the goat then i see another one saying lil wayne is the best. WTF! and who the fuck names their website nappy afro???

    • MaCK

      I think they named the site after your mother’s vagina, whiteboy.

  • Zach D Lewis

    At first I thought the “Why Tupac should never be considered the G.O.A.T.” Was a cry for attention but this is almost as bad smh, that was a bunch of bullshit mane

  • RapisShit

    there will never be such a thing as the G.O.A.T. so we need to stop talking about it. Make music for the world with your heart and soul and move people. That’s what it should all be about. There will never be the G.O.A.T. because people are different which makes their music different and comparing two different people making two different things and trying to decide who’s better is just dumb, because its all opinion. My favorite rapper of all time is AZ and i’ll tell people all day why I think he’s better than Lil’ Wayne, 2pac, Em, and whothefuckever but it doesn’t make it true because a lot of people relate more to the thoughts of those other guys than AZ but I relate more to AZ. So shut the FUCK up and make your dumb fucking music and make your fucking money. Assholes.

  • Baboon Obama

    Oh look. An article about somebody’s opinion. My opinion is better than yours. No my opinion is better than yours. Ahhhh shut da fuck up. Bunch of old cry babies. Grow up. I get that hip hop is black people music & they are going to be over protective of it like a guard dog of his massa. But at the end of the day there is no point in being control freaks who try to force their opinions on other people. Face it, there is just more people who feel Eminem is GOAT, and it just bothers you cause you feel it’s your art and they taking it away from you. Well, you can cry about who is the GOAT all day, but at the end of the day, it’s your opinion based on who you are as a person.

    Fuck all that. Eminem is the Greatest Of All Time. Eat a dick you ignorant racist niggers, and self hating coon wannabe wiggers. Fuck you all. Haha.

  • Birthmatic

    You must be dumb as fuck to be writing this article. Em may not be the GOAT but your reasons are all just bull shit. why do you have to battle famous established rappers in order to become GOAT? Eminem battled talented people and got to where he is through battle rap. The fact that he hasn’t been challenged by any person in the game into a battle is a testament to his ability. So he should go out and look for some beef in order to be a “great rapper”?? What a load of bullshit. You really need to do your research before you write.

  • Rachel Adair

    This is funny. He never battled anyone high profile like Jay-Z because they wouldn’t dare try to battle him and look stupid. Nobody ever disses or talks shit, cuz they know they would get destroyed. I’m not saying he is the G.O.A.T., thats Biggie. Couple more could be ahead too. But you can’t say because he never battled. That’s crazy talk, he is the best battle rapper ever, who actually freestyles.

  • CHEP

    Yo.. battling isnt the only show of skill.. Em BODIES anybody he does a song with, he will outrap almost anyone. “most rapper are battle tested”.. omg.. u prolly dont rap or even study hiphop.. you jus some hatin ass journalist.. but hey.. it worked cuz it made me comment… Hater!

    ps.. its cool to hav an opinion but u a hater when its based on bullshit, biased, halftruthful claims


  • Dre

    Em did battle someone. He Battled 50. Someone in his own camp. Lean back remix. 50 didnt say a word. because there was nothing he could say

  • Blaoblao

    Wtf? Eminem became popular by BATTLING. Rap Olympics etc … Author doesn’t even know what a battle is obviously… If you want to see a battle, go watch Hollow, 100 bullets, Arsonal, Loaded Lux etc. Those are real battles. Complex wordplay and rhyme schemes… Not some homo bullshit where you hop on a track and diss another artist.

    If he was black he would be Cann? They are nothing alike aside from the fact that they dont spot simpleton radio shit that I assume you listen to. Yes, they both use multis and complex rhyme schemes… thats it – they are dope lyricists. This article was so uninformed its not even funny. Learn about hiphop as a craft and not chalking some shit up to something not being ill because its Ether.


  • Robert Wannson

    Good Read. You’re flat out right about a Black Em with identical lyrics and voice would be an after thought. No one would care about “Black Em” the way they do the real (white) Em. What disgusts me is that most black men I know cheer lead the rest of the world in ‘kissing Ems ass’. SMH. I understand this is a late 2000s archive, but its no less refreshing THX !

  • Jesus

    actually, he got big through the rap olympics, based solely around beating your own peers in a freestyle battle… wouldn’t have taken very long to skim through even a wikipedia article, op. lol.

  • PhilLaurence

    So using this logic, Biggie isnt in the GOAT conversation since he never battled anyone of significance. ‘And dont say Pac coz Biggie never made an official response to him’.

    Aside from the fact that plenty of rapper talk about abusing drugs and killing people, the only this Em has over his peers is that he talk ill about his mother.

    I think a break down of his content would have been a better blog post. This just comes across as blind hate.

  • Guest


  • Jodeci Cashmoney Parker

    SMH exposure webpage. No real knowledge of hip hop

  • Guest

    No disrespect man. I have to disagree, not necessarily with your point, but with your reasons:

    First of all, looking at ONE dimension of the rap culture/industry/art form does not help your argument at all. I have heard plenty of battle rappers make mixtapes and records. Short review? They shouldn’t. Does that disqualify them from being “good” altogether?

    Second, as much as I love Canibus, he couldn’t mess with Em on the worst day of his life! When we look at Eminem as a musician, not a blood sport competitor (a realm of rap culture that is just one facet of an entire universe dominated by an industry) can we agree that Em owns Can-I on each and every base?

    Third. The race argument. Tired!

    Fourth, when opinions and hallucinogens get the better of SOME of us, numbers have to break the deadlock in any argument.

    If not for the fact that he released at least 3 all time classic albums (and that’s MUSIC, not just rap), brought the world’s attention to rap as music genre and sold nearly 100 million albums in the space of one decade, the Em should at least get credit for being respected by at least ONE rapper that YOU respect and I think we all know that for a FACT.

    I don’t think he’s a GOAT either, but I know he’s close and the reasons I read here are as tired as Tiger’s excuse when he got caught.

  • Patrick McDonell

    He’s not tested because no one wants to test him! They know they’d get the work! If you want I can post the countless comments from every artist you can imagine saying he’s the one artist they’d never want to mess with…Seriously just google “Artists thoughts on Eminem”, It hasn’t happened because no one wants it to happen!

  • Smarter than you

    can’t tell if writer is an idiot or troll

  • SpaceGhost

    Finally!!! A journalist that is not white-washed. Eminem is dope but I have always known that he was afraid of Canibus in his prime. There was even an interview with an Aftermath A&R person back in the day that stated that Eminem had a lot to do with Dr. Dre not signing Canibus to a deal at one point. Eminem bends syllables very well and has made some good songs like “Stan,” but overall, he is receives the same consideration that Elvis did over Little Richard…that Vanilla Ice did vs Hammer….that New Kids On The Black did over New Edition….that Mariah Carey(Half black but marketed as white early on) did vs Whitney Houston, like Justin Timberlake has versus Usher, like Eminem himself has versus Jay Z, like Iggy Azaelia is getting versus Nicki Minaj. We create and they emulate and then commercialize and then sell themselves in the role versus blacks that created the art form. The same way they continue to pretend that Egypt was always whitewashed when anthropologists have long since made it clear that there are no representations of white people anywhere in the Hieroglyphics on any pyramid or monument in the motherland…ever. Yet Elizabeth Taylor and Angelina Jolie continue to be cast in the roles of Cleopatra. This is what they do and we can’t be mad at white people for trying to claim our history when it is so rich and great, but we can be upset with ourselves for not standing up and demanding that our true identities be revealed to the masses and corrected in the books of historical value.

  • Gabriel Sebastian

    He rips anyone collabs with. Lil wayne, jayz, you name it, he outshines them. Stop talking smack to get attention

  • People don’t battle Eminem for the same reason you wouldn’t start a fight with someone who starts punching himself in the head before you even throw hands. — There’s nothing anyone could really say in a battle against Eminem that he hasn’t already said about himself and his family.

    And who is it that you think wants to battle him? What’s the upside? Who? Kanye, Jay, Nas, Who? After Eminem obliterated Everlast, Benzino, Dilated (though that was just two lines that got Evidence heated) no one else has tried to step to him.

    Regardless of what you think of his skills, (ok, sure, he’s the better, white Chino XL) there are very few, if any rappers (even since this article was posted) who have the skill and standing to warrant Eminem’s attention, let alone WIN the battle!

    All someone could do to get his attention is go in on his daughter … and I don’t think that would end well.

  • JusticeB

    I don’t care whether Eminem is or ever will be the GOAT because I just listen to who I listen to… I like Em, Tech N9ne and Kendrick Lamar, whether they’re GOAT’s or not doesn’t matter to me. But I had to laugh at the statement, who would want to listen to someone rap about abusing drugs and killing people. Yeah that’s why Snoop Dogg never had a hit song. That’s why no one has ever bought a gangsta rap album.

  • DumbBaby

    I get the point about all the easy targets in Ems career, thats fair. That narrative is half correct. But the idea that he just picked easy targets and didnt have the balls to puff his chest at the rest of the rap world isnt true.

    He made tons of jokes about Ma$e, he told puffy he would have sex with his girlfriend, he had a line: ‘even a No Limit tank looks like a middle finger sideways flipping me off’.. Rapping stuff that could really easily be considered a diss to a label run by Master P (like that whole label was full of reallll thugs lol) shows he was fearless, back then.

    So I just feel its too simple to say he didnt have these big ‘fights’, cos he was never challenged by big name rappers at the time. And he wasnt challenged like that because people really really respected him back when he very first came out. You can only fight the person in front of you.

    And anyway, the best rapper of all time is Andre 3k. southernplayalisticadillacmuzic, ATliens, Aquemini, Stankonia.. Only other big name rapper of the last 20 years that has four classics I can think of is Ghostface. Not Jayz, Not Biggie(not his fault) Not 2pac, Not Em..

  • DumbBaby

    I get the point about all the easy targets in Ems career, thats fair. That narrative is half correct. But the idea that he just picked easy targets and didnt have the balls to puff his chest at the rest of the rap world isnt true.

    He made tons of jokes about Ma$e, he told puffy he would have sex with his girlfriend, he had a line: ‘even a No Limit tank looks like a middle finger sideways flipping me off’.. Rapping stuff that could really easily be considered a diss to a label run by Master P (like that whole label was full of reallll thugs lol) shows he was fearless, back then.

    So I just feel its too simple to say he didnt have these big ‘fights’, cos he was never challenged by big name rappers at the time. And he wasnt challenged like that because people really really respected him back when he very first came out. You can only fight the person in front of you.

    And anyway, the best rapper of all time is Andre 3k. southernplayalisticadillacmuzic, ATliens, Aquemini, Stankonia.. Only other big name rapper of the last 20 years that has four classics I can think of is Ghostface. Not Jayz, Not Biggie(not his fault) Not 2pac, Not Em..

  • Btisvb

    He won how you feel now idiot.

  • Timothy Kingsley

    hahahaha,everyone got something to say and yet wouldnt last 5 minutes lyrically or metaphorically,dont get it twisted,I do like him but hes not my fave,Im still a Big L,Papoose,Cassidy,Joe Budden,personally thos are my faves.

  • Sebastian

    WOW, this made me fucking laugh. Have you even made any reaserch on this cuz i can see alot of errors in your story? I have made loads of reaserch on him and even seen rap battles. Did you know he got second on rap battle olympics. there is even video proof. You must be on crack man. This whole fucking article is just bullshit. Fuck if you gonna write something do your fucking reaserch and dont state shit you dont know shit about cuz someone sais so. There is Always to sides 2 a story. Stop hatin and use the fucking brain you got. fed up with mankind. stupid as hell.

  • Alexander Rewijk

    here’s the thing though, i couldn’t care what battles you won if your albums are still shite.

    never understood the priase on jay-z though, it sounds lackluster and lame, 50 cent is even worse when it comes to that shit, jesus guys at least sound like you’re making an effort.

    eminem’s high pitched annoying voice is far from the perfect fit for hiphop, but you could do much worse than eminem when it comes to putting effort in these days.

    sure as shit not as bad as pretty much all the new school guys who do nothing but mumble slow ass stupid unenergetic shit that doens’t even rhyme over way too slow over the-top autotuned tracks.

    also, Kanye is a SHIT mc, all he has is beats, i said it, deal with it.