10 Reasons Why Lil’ Wayne COULD Be The Best Rapper Alive

Our dedicated fans remember B-Easy’s column about Lil Wayne, and the reasons he listed why Lil Wayne wasn’t the best rapper alive. Well, while I agreed with him on several points, I ain’t even tryin’ to front, there have been several moments where I have been like: “Damn, Weezy could really be IT!” When I say it, I don’t mean the best rapper ever; I’m going to need a lot more proof before I say that. But I do really think that Weezy is close to being the best rapper alive, and here’s why…

1. His performance at the BET Hip-Hop Awards 2007
This was the first moment where I can recall thinking; “Damn! Weezy done it for real this time.” Everything was perfect: the flames, the song, the emotion, the whole thing was just raw. I rewinded like five times on my DVR, and even showed it to my moms, who was impressed (she still thinks Wayne is ugly as sin). The studio version disappointed, lacking all the emotion, but this still comes to mind whenever I think about Wayne.

2. The Mixtapes
Some of Wayne’s best content has been on the mixtapes that he releases. Da Drought, Dedication, etc. All those were hot as hell. I remember getting into fight about who was the best rapper, and all of the people I argued with, their first defense was his mixtapes. I don’t know why, but he sounds and performs better on the mixtapes than on actual albums. While this doesn’t help commercial credibility, the streets know what he can do, which is arguably more important.

3. Too Many Drugs
B-Easy had this as a downside. I’m putting it as a positive. Even if you didn’t take Health class in high school, we all know that doing drugs makes people do stupid things. It’s a simple fact. However, the same opposite is true: people also get strokes of genius when high. Look at Notorious B.I.G. He came up with “Suicidal Thoughts” while high. Weezy has had plenty of strokes of genius, so let the man do what works.

4. He’s already famous
What’s it matter whether or not Weezy is the best rapper alive right now? He’s only 26! If Jay-Z can be a 40 year old rapper, then Weezy has at least 15 more years left to claim the crown. I’m sure he will do it within that time frame.

5. Young Money Ent.
Jay-Z and Roc-A-Fella was the click to be in 2001, and the fact that Weezy’s Young Money is already almost famous will help. He’s already got something to fall back on if Baby and him ever start arguing (like that will happen). The artists on his label vary: some are hot (Drake & Nicki Minaj), some are garbage (Tyga, but every label has a Peedi…), but he can build up the roster as time goes on.

6. HUGE Fanbase
This man sold “A Milli” in one week. He ain’t going ANYWHERE anytime soon. Sure, a lot of his fanbase is ignorant, I’m not going to lie, but you know, who’s fanbase isn’t? The average Hip-Hop fan nowadays hasn’t heard the classics. Some don’t know who dead prez or De La Soul are. They haven’t heard the classic albums from The Roots. But hell, what about during the East Coast-West Coast feud? You think the brothers on the West were even paying attention to what Nas had to say? The East was still arguing his cover was stolen from Biggie! It’s happened to everyone, so even having a large fanbase is still good.

7. Hardly any competition
Yeah, the greats still exist. Andre 3K, Hov, Em, Nas, etc. Plus we still got veterans like Luda, Lupe, T.I. Jeezy, Kanye, etc. Still, hardly any of these people can match Weezy sales wise; Nas barely went Gold, Hov struggled to sell Platnum with American Gangster, Lupe did the same as Nas, T.I. still ain’t touchin’ him, same with Jeezy, Luda barely went Gold, and Kanye is barely right there with him. Only Em and Andre 3K are the only people I’d say could beat 3X Platnum. Weezy can take on all of the newcomers; there are hardly any people in Weezy’s age group that can match him.

8. All his best material leaked
This is probably one of my number one reasons: Tha Carter III could have been classic, or at least near-classic, but all the good songs got leaked! He had to push it back several times, make more new content, and then more content would get leaked. I think if the material that had been leaked hadn’t gotten leaked and made it on the album, then it would be much better.

9. “I’m Me”
This almost shoulda been #1 to me. I mean, this one song sums up perfectly why Lil’ Wayne could be the best rapper out right now. The beat is like majestic, just crazy, like Weezy is already king. His raps are just fire: “I know the game is crazy, it’s more crazy than it’s ever been/I’m married to that crazy bitch, call me Kevin Federine…Yes I am the best, and no I ain’t positive I’m definite/I know the game like I’m reffin’ it/This is Tha Carter, Tha Carter III, the new Testament/And I’m the God, and this is what I bless ’em with”. Damn. Notice the “Tha Carter III” line? Yeah, this was gonna be on Tha Carter III. Imagine if all his songs like this were on the album!

10. He’s already in your Top Ten
When I say “your” top ten, I know there is about to be a lot of criticism there: “He’s not in MY top ten”. Well, he’s in mine. I’m not going to go into my top ten, but I know Weezy is in there somewhere. The point here is that it’s easy to go up in rank once your already there. Every rapper doesn’t start at #1. It takes time to build your way up and make it there. Weezy is only 26 and in the top ten, so give it at least 5 years I’d say, granted he’s put the guitar down by then.

Bottom Line:
Weezy has got to do at least five things before he can claim to be the best.
1. He’s got to get rid of the Guitar. If you gonna be the Best Rapper Alive, be the Best RAPPER Alive.

2. He’s got to set a bar for himself, and stop releasing all these songs just for the hell of it. No more “Pu$$y Monster” bullshit.

3. He gotta stop over saturating the game; you never saw any of the greats doing that, and for a good reason. The more exposure you get, the more people get sick of you. Remember how you hated “Lollipop” after the 100th listen?

4. He gotta work with the greats more. Greatness plus greatness equals greatness. Remember how “Mr. Carter” was the joint for a while? It wasn’t cause people were arguing over who won, it was cause it was a great record with two titans, similar to “Black Republican” (which is on some classic shit). How dope would it be for Wayne to hope on a DJ Premier track? Even the Wanye stans gotta be drooling over that!

5. And this is the most important one, and obvious one. He gotta have a REALLY good album. The Blueprint, for example, which reached all the corners of Hip-Hop to make a record everyone loved. Tha Carter II is definitely his best album, at least in my opinion. He reached out to 3 million fans with C3, but some people still aren’t convinced, and probably some will never be. But it really hurts Wayne’s resume that he has NO classic albums. He’s about 1 hour away from a classic album in my eyes. As soon as that album drops (Tha Carter IV, hopefully!) we’ll see.

One more thing I want to say before I stop. I know I compare Jay-Z and Wayne a lot, but consider that endearment: I see Wayne as the future #23 of the rap game (Not Kanye. You heard him; he’s Kobe). While he’s got a lot of people to convince, I think that he’ll do it and prove finally he is one of the greatest to touch the mic.

  • Slumdog Jamaican

    Perfect Post, I Agree 100 percent! Especially on the “I’m Me” part….I have a weakness for that track, and i’m not afraid to admit that its my favourite hip hop track of all time!!

    • Joe

      Are you kidding me? Lil Wayne is pure uninspired, rehashed, garbage. He has no lyrical talent whatsoever (as noted in his “hit” song “A Milli” – “I don’t write shit cuz I ain’t got time”). He sucks at creating beats (“A Milli” again). His lyrical topics range from pussy, money, weed, to well……..pussy, money and weed. A little bit bland and boring if you ask me. Not to mention how in about half of this guy’s songs he’s using autotune. So, he really isn’t any better than Milli Vanilli.

  • Rickjamesbitch

    I’ll probably never see Wayne as the best rapper but if he does some of the things you said on the list then he could make it back to my top 10. I started listening to rap in 06 and Wayne’s not as good as he was then.

    When you say T.I aint touchin him do you mean lyrically or sales wise? T.I’s better lyrically in my opinion, Paper Trail was much better than C3.

    • Paper Trail better than C3???? Are you kidding me? The only reason why Paper Trail even sold like it did was because of 1) Tip was on his way to jail and 2) his “Lollipop” inspired first single.

      I don’t care what this site said was album of the year…WE ALL KNOW THAT CARTER 3 WAS THE BEST ALBUM RELEASED IN 2008!

      • DJ LP

        C3 better then Untitled? Get outta here. Everyone knows Untitled was way better then C3. Nas is the better lyricist compared to Weezy. I can bump Fried Chicken, N.I.G.G.E.R. (Slave & Master), America, Queens Got Money. I CAN’T bump Mrs. Officer, Phone Home, Playing With Fire, La La, Let The Beat Build. Honestly C3 bores me. Less you like that heavy commercial play music

      • Infamous F

        Jerm you trippin’!!

      • Rickjamesbitch


        • Rickjamesbitch

          C3 lacked substance most of the songs aside from tie my hands and dr.carter were just him rapping about how hot he or a girl was. The lyrics weren’t even that good I think it was a step down from C1 and C2 while Paper Trail was one of T.I’s best albums.

    • H2O

      I meant sales-wise. Lil Wayne is a better lyricist than T.I.; T.I. just got to be a great lyricist. Weezy doesn’t even write half of his stuff down, and he’s still got better rhymes.

      Thats not to say I thought Paper Trail was worse than C3: I gave it a 4.5, higher than SBK’s 4 stars for C3. Paper Trail was definitely the better album.

      And we all know Nas’ Untitled was the best album of last year. B-Easy thinks it, I think it, Saule thinks it…c’mon Jerm! I wrote this whole article on Weezy, but C3 was not the best album of 2008.

    • j

      your a fucking idiot. TI’s lyrics are weak as fuck. he cant even touch wayne. no chance in hell man. lets not be dumb about it. wayne is the best ever and he is only getting better. look at all his mixtapes. he doesnt even give a fuck about making money like all these other money hungry rappers. if he did he would have triple the amount of albums. weezy is number one hands down.

  • MaCK

    Nah, Wayne is not the best

  • The Truth

    I see some of your points but If I can up with “my” top 10 list lil wayne would probably be around 17 or 18. I still do not see it but that is just my opinion.

  • Pitbull

    Man i love the nappyafro site but ya’ll dude’s gotta make up ur mind!

    I agree with most of what you said on here cept the part where you said Jay can’t touch Wayne since he struggled on sales with American Gangster…screw sales American Gangster is better than C3 anyday and since classic week just finished i had to pull out my copy of The Black Album and that cd is wayy better than C2 and C2 is also a favorite of mine. So i don’t think Wayne could be the best rapper alive just yet since Jay’s still in it BUT Like u said Jay is 40…how much longer can he be in it? So yea Wayne will reach that status soon, no doubt about that BUT as of right now i’d say he’s the “best-selling” rapper alive…


    No disrespect but didn’t you say that 808’s and Heartbreak was album of the year…now it’s C3?

    • H2O

      I wrote “saleswise”. Of course Hov is better. But like I said, Wayne has no classic albums…to compare The Black Album to anything less is just unfair, but yeah it proves your point. And again you’re right, Weezy is only the “Best-Selling” right now.

      I guess people misunderstood point #7…?

  • Phillyz Phly’st

    @ H20
    How could you ever put Lil’ Wayne in any top ten? There are rules in the rap game and one of the is that you need have a classic album to be one of the best in the game period. The best verse on the who album is probably Jay’s verse off Mr. Carter where murdered Wayne. Jay has at least four classics (RD, Vol 2, BP, BA) and Wayne has none. He will NEVER be the greatest. Top ten? Where does he fit in with KRS-1, Rakim, Nas, Snoop, Dre 3K, Eminem, Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Ice Cube, Big Daddy Kane. All of them ALIVE, all of them have at least one classic album. Album sales don’t mean nothing. 50 sold more albums in one week with his second joint than C3. Get rich or die tryin’ sold 11 million and was a classic.

    @Slumdog Jamaican
    I’m Me is not a claim to fame track. Its ok….. just ok.

    T.I. is a way better lyrcist. Wyane is a rapper but T.I. is an emcee. If you dont beleive me, listen to King again.

    Wayne doesn’t even have better albums than Jeezy and especially not Yeezy(who murdered him on Barry Bonds) who has 2 classic albums at least. And Yeezy sold a million in a week with his second album too.

    Nas had the album of the year hands down. It was a complete album and didn’t have a lalala.

    His performance at the BET Hip-Hop Awards 2007 is mediocre to….. Jay at Madison Square Garden. Go pick up Fade to Black to see a real emcee since its clear that you don’t H20.

    Wayne at the end of the day floats around in late teens or early twenties of the best rappers alive and definitely in the twenties of rappers of all time.(H20, never compare Notorious B.I.G. to Wayne. Its true disrespect to a true king of the game still and a legend). Period

    • Pitbull


      H20 never compared Wayne to Biggie. He’s just stating something that anyone who’s into hip hop thinks right now, which leads me to his reasoning of this post, is Lil Wayne the best rapper alive(right now) NO…could he be with time given? YES…you mention KRS-1, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, etc., none of these rappers ARE rapping right now. H20 is just mentioning rappers that ARE rapping right now and where they stand next to Wayne, yeah snoop dropped ego trippin, C3 was better than that, Nas dropped Untitled and it was better than C3…but how much longer is Nas going to be in the rap game for?


      People REALLY gotta stop trippin on this topic when people say best rapper alive…IT’S NOT ALIVE it’s WHO’S IN THE GAME RIGHT NOW!

    • H2O

      ok…it’s obvious you don’t like Lil Wayne, haha. But let me explain where I’m coming from here:

      First, Jay has 3 classic albums. Vol. 2 helped him become a household name, but that wasnt classic. You cant find as many people who think that’s classic as you could for RD, BP, and BA.

      I said Lil Wayne didnt have any classic albums. I specifically wrote that it like the last paragraph…

      I never disrespect B.I.G.!! All I said was B.I.G. got high when making one song, and Lil Wayne does that too. Did I ever say Weezy was on B.I.G.’s level? NO!! Otherwise we’d be crowning him right now!

      If you had read my comments before, you’d see I put Nas down as best album of the year for 2008…

      Finally, this was all just a future, hypothetical post. I mean, I don’t know if Wayne will actually become the best rapper alive. But I’m saying, he could be. Anyone could be. This was a list why, and it makes sense. I know what a real MC is, and I know that Wayne isn’t there yet, but I also know that he could be one.

      • H2O

        Big ups to Pitbull for being there for a brother. That was a good look homie.

  • DGAF


    its about time someone stepped up and admitted that Wayne isnt terrible, and could very well be the best in the game!! great column H2O! everything was on point, and in a couple years Waynes gonna be the best hands down and nobody can deny it!!

  • Sumo

    The guy who wrote this has got to be a youngster. 13 years old right?

  • Saule Wright

    As long as Rakim breathes, this title is not up for discussion.

    • Phillyz Phly’st

      @ H20
      I can see your point. I like Lil’ Wayne. I think he WAS dope. I think C2 was lyrically stronger than C3 with tracks like Money on My Mind, Fireman, Shooter, Hit ‘Em Up, and Best Rapper Alive. I think goin back to The Block is Hot(best song of his), he always had potential. I think is the mixtape king. Dedication 2 and Drought 3 were classic mixtapes that i still play on the ipod. Come on, C3 was a disappointment lyrically and production wise. Now He’s burnt. His rhymes like in I Can’t Beleive It are mediocre at best now. D3 was wack. Im ready for T-Pain to take his auto tune back from Wayne. Plus his hype is dying now that Eminem, 50 cent and Dr. Dre are back and have all the hot leaks, all the buzz and anticipation and the number one song in the country(record sales btw). For him to be the best he has to do what all the other MC’s have done…. take some time off and come back with the fire he had in summer of 07, and drop a classic album. Then i call him the best rapper out. Right now this is not the time to do this post.

      @ Saule Wright

      I 100 percent agree with you about Rakim.

    • Infamous F

      Thic knows whass good!!

    • DJ LP


  • Chip

    Paper Trial > C3

  • mufucka

    Wow did some of you just start listening to hip hop 5 years ago? Wayne is nowhere close to hip hop’s finest.

    (didn’t h20 or jerm already made a bulletin on this last year?)

    • P-Body


      Dude I think some people started listening to rap about 4 years ago to be honest.

      Like I said I like wayne, basically watched him grow in the late 90’s with the hot boys especially being in high school bumping the hot boys but I just don’t know about the top 10 thing, I don’t see it right now but I’m not knocking his skill and what he do.

    • Rapper4Life

      I don’t even listen rap for 3 years and i don’t like Lil wayne! I’m more into Nas,2Pac,Notorious Big and Eminem you know, Real Rap

  • P-Body

    I can say this much, Lil Wayne worked his ass off and he grinded hard but he is over saturating the game too much. Then that Rock Album been pushed back as well, I personally don’t think he should release it.

    I won’t say he is the best rapper alive though, album sales don’t have nothing to do with skills. Nelly sold albums and he isn’t a good rapper at all, or whatever that he does. Main Source “Breakin Atoms” was classic even though a lot of the teenagers in this era wouldn’t know anything about that, or Ice Cube “Death Certificate”. People use that term classic way too much. Even though Goodie Mob “Soul Food” didn’t sell as much as C3, its still a better album and a classic, so therefore sales don’t really have nothing to do with being classic status, fans most of the time go for people who are hot.

    By the way I think Jay-Z Vol 2 is really good, I can listen to almost every song on that album. Black album was good but I don’t consider it a classic though. It just didn’t grab me all the way.

    I understand what H-20 was saying when he said Biggie smoked while creating “Suicidal Thoughts” and so did wayne when he raps, but if you was going to compare them to each other then I’ll give you the evil eye. Lol

    Anyways this is a good post, but I don’t know. I’m from the south and I rep anybody that is doing their thing down here also people in general because all coast make good and terrible music but I just don’t know if wayne will be in the top 10, maybe from people in the age 0-18 age bracket may consider him being the best… I don’t know what to think.

  • DJ LP

    No matter what happens, this rock album of Weezy’s is gonna put a dent in the mans argument for “Best Rapper Alive”. He is taking a step backwards with BOTH C3 and The Rebirth. But to really get to this argument we must look at his career and the career of others.

    For those that just started listening to Hip Hop(as people were referencing above me), let me impose on you something many of you won’t know. Weezy has had many more flops then any artist that would be considered Best Rapper Alive. Lets revisit his SOLO career
    The Block is Hot – Good(Assisted like crazy from the Hot Boys & Big Tymers)
    Lights Out – Below Average
    500 Degreez – Below Average
    (I dont care what you guys say those two albums are wack)
    Tha Carter – Very Good
    Tha Carter II – Very Good(Best if anything)
    Tha Carter III – Wack
    and by the way this new one is going…its gonna be wack.

    Now…tell me if you know any other artists that are to be considered “one of the best” that has had this many flops in his career with actual albums(lets avoid the Mixtapes cuz we know the guy brings his A game when it doesn’t matter)

    • P-Body

      @DJ LP, I definitely agree with you on that shit. Lights Out and 500 Degreez wasn’t hitting on nothing. I remember when I was in high school and I went to Target to buy that Lights Out CD in 2000 for $9.99, I was so excited because I was a big CMR fan back then and damn I was upset… Well not as heated like I was about Turk album “Young & Thuggin” but upset enough that I wanted my money back. Lights out is better than 500 Degreez though. I liked The Block Is Hot a lot, and the Carter 1 and 2. Carter 3 could have been a lot better, it wasn’t horrible but I wouldn’t say its the best album of 08.

      That rock album is definitely hitting me much. I like rock music but Lil Wayne can’t be the best rapper and singing then playing guitars at the same time, you have to stick with what you know. Just like Michael Jordan trying to play golf, I remember I had that baseball card, not sure where I put it but the point is that MJ is better basketball player than golf player and he is better staying in lane than trying to crossover different platforms. Roy Jones Jr is a better boxer than B-Ball player. Thats all I can say about that.

  • The best rapper alive is retiring in a little while with a triple disc album… end discussion

    • DJ LP


      • MaCK

        Wrong! It’s OJ Da Juiceman right?

      • Infamous F

        Yo didn’t that triple album of Lupe get canceled?

        • Rickjamesbitch

          It didn’t get cancelled it got postponed, he’s gonna realease a differnt album this year.

    • P-Body


      Lupe is good but you got to be kidding me.. The best rapper alive???? Dude please. Lupe is definitely good but its something else about him that he need to do more and prove more to be consider a top dawg in the game.

      • DJ LP

        Lupe follows the same route that NaS has taken. Their both good story tellers. Something bout Lupe is holding him back though. He has great rhymes and can tell a story. Might be the fact that he hasn’t been in the game long enough.

        • P-Body

          @DJ LP

          Yeah you’re right Lupe definitely taking a route where Nas went, not a 100% route but a similar route. Overall Nas is better, end of story. He been on classic shit, and he made some dope material in his time. From Main Source, Kool G Rap, Mary J Blige, Dr. Dre “East Coast, West Coast Killas” and so forth Nas always been on it. I like Lupe but like you said he is missing something. He don’t really grab my attention as much and I can’t put him in the top lyricist column.

        • gio305

          true true lupe the monster in the closet that you neva open. i hav like 100 songs of his. he is a superb lyricyst. but i agree maybe he need more time even tho he ahead of his time he could get better. gud thing he should be around for about 3 yrs now and has like 3 albums coming out

          SUMMER ’09[HOPEFULLY]

      • Please tell me who is fucking with him right now…. In the vein of a Andre 3000, everytime this nigga drop a verse, it’s a damn quotable.

        • DJ LP

          I’ll straight up tell ya NaS could fuck with Lupe easily. Who do you think inspired Lupe

          • I wouldn’t say easily…. just like Nas was when he first came out, Lupe is ahead of his time… only difference is Lupe continues to live up to his potential while Nas never has.

        • P-Body


          Nas never lived up to his potential??? Wtf you mean mane? You tripping forreal. Lupe is good but he isn’t great at all, he is missing something. He don’t have that extra something like Nas a lot of people that are labeled as greats. I like Lupe but I can’t bump him all the time, I’ll get bored. Lupa was inspired by Nas “It Was Written” album. When Nas rocked the mic on Main Source “Live At The BBQ” and on MC Serch “Back 2 The Grill” song people was definitely checking out for Nas, he had more flame and more appeal than Lupe ever did. He had better albums than Lupe did. You really tripping to say Lupe is better than Nasir Jones. Andre 3000 is killing Lupe mane. Andre been my boi for a mighty long time, been holding it down in the south for a minute. Scarface was that dude I can listen to his albums faster than I can listen to Lupe, I can listen to Raekwon “Only Built 4 Cuban Links” before I listen to Lupe album and I can continue with a list of other people I can listen to before Lupe. His first album was better than his 2nd album to me. His 2nd album didn’t grab me much.

          • DJ LP

            Amen Brotha. Lupe is good but not on the same level as NaS. NaS first 3 Albums are instant Classics(pretty much all his albums are great besides Nastradamus although there were good songs on there). Lupe’s Food and Liquor is good to be considered a classic(to a certain extent), but the Cool put me to sleep.

          • When he first dropped, he was considered the second coming of Rakim…. he has never lived up to that title or the promise he showed on his debut. While he has at times on his albums, he’s never done it consistently. The only albums I’d call classics are Illmatic, IWW & Untitled…. Stillmatic was a GREAT comeback album, but the tail end of that album is terrible (excluding What Goes Around & Every Ghetto).

            I honestly think Andre is the only one at Lupe’s level right now, but dude has YET to put out a solo rap album. he has to show he can do it for a full studio album alone while Lupe has delivery arguably two classic LPs already.

          • Rickjamesbitch

            Lupe Fiasco is great but some of his album stuff doesn’t appeal to everyone (the whole cool album was good but I couldn’t get into the beats on a lot of songs and the whole story he was trying to tell never really materialized.) You should listen to some of his mixtape stuff,hit him up on youtube.

            I do agree that Nas is better though, I think Nas is the G.O.A.T

  • Phillyz Phly’st

    Big ups to Dj LP and P Body. People really gotta start crate diggin for real rappers. Classic week needs to become classic month.

    • P-Body

      Thanks Phillyz Phly’st

      Just keeping it real. Shiit I was the biggest hot boy fan fa sho and I watch Wayne grow, shit we all grew up together if you look at it. Anyways Wayne is good at what he do but I can’t put him in the best rapper alive, especially at some of the stuff he been on… I understand showing love and appearing on people stuff but some stuff…. Come on mane!

      At the same time he say some slick shit at times though. I can’t knock dude though but that Rock album is definitely going to turn people away from him, he can pull that stunt if he wants to but we all know what will happen to him if he does that.

      To be honest its not a lot of rappers that is grabbing my attention right now at the moment. Its some good rappers out there and its a lot of trashy rappers out there but its not great rappers out there, well let me take that back its not great young rappers out there. Most of the great rappers are in their mid 30’s to early 40’s, we need some great rappers in the teens and 20’s like it was in the 90’s. It seem like people took step backwards and make stuff too simple that its so annoying then you have some talented people who can’t get a break to save their life.

      Some simple shit is ok though, I don’t knock all of it but it definitely need a balance and I’m tired of hearing the same appearances on everybody album and the same producers. It feel like I’m listening to same album over and over again.

  • Spyzyda Myzayne

    wayne is a mainstream whore.

    he is garbage and i will admit he can be good on occasion. like on a milli. but lets face it he is trash. i could give a flying fuk how much he seels. paper trail was better. that im me verse wasnt that fukin great. and may i remind you how much he recycles lines. can u count how many times he talked about makeing it rain like the weather channel, or being a martian! he is a clown. and c3 bein the best album of 2008?!?!? get the fuk outa here. fukin has anyone heard A.B.N. it is what it is? that album was straight flame! z-ro and trae put up a monster of a album and in my opinion is a classic. best album of 2008 by A.B.N. was it is what it is. they r not mainstream whores. and as pointed out wayne rather make this so called “White Music”. really do you think 3k can even be seen by wayne? he drops bombs on damn near everyone. and on the topic of z-ro. he is mad underated and more need to listen to this man. he spits the straight truth. fuk wayne and fuk c3 its a bunch of bullshit. and that autotune fucks up his already fucked up self. and i liked his verse on last of a dying breed. he doesnt even come close to bein in that category but he did put up a good verse.

    • P-Body

      @Spyzyda Myzanye

      I do like Z-Ro and Trae too. I haven’t heard their album yet. I been slacking lately with the music.

      I don’t know I have mix feelings about Wayne, I like him but I feel like he is doing too much right now. I don’t think he is the best rapper either, I don’t know why people keep saying that. Some stuff he is featured on, you can tell he just throwing stuff on there to get a check.

  • Spyzyda Myzayne

    wayne is a mainstream whore.

    he is garbage and i will admit he can be good on occasion. like on a milli. but lets face it he is trash. i could give a flying fuk how much he seels. paper trail was better. that im me verse wasnt that fukin great. and may i remind you how much he recycles lines. can u count how many times he talked about makeing it rain like the weather channel, or being a martian! he is a clown. and c3 bein the best album of 2008?!?!? get the fuk outa here. fukin has anyone heard A.B.N. it is what it is? that album was straight flame! z-ro and trae put up a monster of a album and in my opinion is a classic. best album of 2008 by A.B.N. was it is what it is. they r not mainstream whores. and as pointed out wayne rather make this so called “White Music”. really do you think 3k can even be seen by wayne? he drops bombs on damn near everyone. and on the topic of z-ro. he is mad underated and more need to listen to this man. he spits the straight truth. fuk wayne and fuk c3 its a bunch of bullshit. and that autotune fucks up his already fucked up self. and i liked his verse on last of a dying breed. he doesnt even come close to bein in that category but he did put up a good verse. one deep

  • Spyzyda Myzayne

    shit my bad on the double post

  • bigt915

    Lets be real y’all. We was all Wayne fans at one time.
    So with that said.. how can some of ya say he garbage? Cause he mainstream hoe? Really how is Wayne & T.I. any different (since ya talkin bout Paper Trail)? They both can go main stream (Lollipop, Whatever You Like), they can go back on that street shit (Death Wish, I’m Illy) and they both released great albums last year (i dont care what y’all say C3 was hot and y’all cant front. Oh and it was better than Paper Trail.) As i see it Wayne is on the road to being the best if he isn’t already. As far as “Rebirth” i dont think it will damage his resume. MJ went to baseball and has anyone questioned his game? Hell NA!! I am a Wayne fan and thats why i hope “Rebirth” flops (which it wont.) Maybe if his numbers suck he’ll relize that everyone wants to hear C2, Drought 3, and D2 Wayne and not Rebirth Wayne. Anyways Wayne will be the best when its said and done. As far as classics, i say C2 is a classic and if not Tha Carter IV will be his “Blueprint.”

    “I’m On Third Base Comin Home With Da Paper
    I Got 100 Pounds comin Home From Jamacia
    I Can’t Think And My Sprite So Pink
    And I Might Be Floatin But I Will Not Sink” – Weezy

    • V-G

      Gotta Agree

    • Saule Wright

      C2 is a classic? Really? C2 was good, damn good, it was what first made me take a listen to Weezy forreal forreal, but I think we are getting a little out of hand with what we call a classic.

  • Slumdog Jamaican

    @ Phillyz Phly’st
    I didnt say I’m Me was a clame to fame track, i said it was my favourite track….oh and just to prove your wrong, ask any hip hop fan what theyr favourite wayne song is and theyr likely to say “I’m Me”, hip hop fans that is, not the guys that discovered wayne in 2008.

    • P-Body

      @Slumdog Jamaican

      Lil Wayne “I’m Me” is a good song but its not my favorite and I’m a hip hop head. Been listening to Wayne for a minute, I got all the Cash Money underground CDs from 1992-2001 when they was hot. I been bumping Lil Wayne on B.G. “True Story” and after that. Lil Wayne is good but he isn’t great, but I can’t knock what dude do. He is getting his grind on and getting paid. He got his own niche that work for him. Me being from the south we was definitely put on by Wayne back in the day but we also seeing that he is doing too much and getting too comfortable.

  • P-Body


    Dude you really tripping about Nas mane. Nas made his own way, yeah he was compared to Rakim at first but dude is in his own lane. I like Rakim too but I’ll rather listen to Nas though. Dude “It Was Written” was a classic album too mane.. It was different and creative. The production on that album was great, thats my favorite album then “Illmatic”, then “I Am”, “God’s Son” and so forth. Stillmatic could have been better, I didn’t like that album a lot. It was good but I wouldn’t say it was a classic.

    Lupe is good but he isn’t great. You giving this man too much credit. He have talent but he isn’t appealing enough to everybody at all. He is missing something. I liked that “Kick Push” joint by the way.

    You tripping about Lupe being better than Nas. Andre is definitely great indeed, that dude is awesome. He don’t have to put out a album and everybody realize how great he is. Its other people who are good, Black Thought from The Roots can spit man. You need to start digging in the crates.

    • Of course, IWW was a classic… I never said it wasn’t.

      “He isn’t appealing enough to everybody at all”…. neither is Nas. Last time I checked, Nas wasn’t selling albums like Jay (or Wayne, for another example).

      IMO, the only person really on Lupe’s level is Andre 3000. Dre needs to put out a classic solo rap album though… the only thing they really have on Lupe is they’ve been around longer. Lyrically, he’s just as great if not better and he’s more creative then both of them. Youtube “Mean & Vicious” and you’ll see what I mean…

      • P-Body

        Bump sales, Lupe ain’t got the same respect as Jay, Nas and even Lil Wayne now. Nelly sold but that don’t mean nothing because ain’t that good to begin with.

        Lupe ain’t on Andre level, I’m sorry to bust your bubble but dude is not.

        • Lupe ain’t got the same respect as them? Anytime you hear Jay talk about Lupe, he always gives him glowing praise, but when he talks about Wayne, he says “Wayne has his respect, but he gotta drop a classic LP first”. Lupe has gotten cosigns from Jay, Nas, Rakim, etc…. Jay even said that if you want to hear him in his prime to listen to Lupe.

          And yeah, Lupe is on Andre’s level. They’re both just as lyrical, abstract and their concepts are crazy. Sorry to burst YOUR bubble

          • P-Body

            Dude what planet are you on to compare Lupe to the greats? Lupe is good, I like Lupe but he isn’t on that level with Andre mane.

  • gio305

    made sum gud points but wayne not who he used to be and it dont look like he goin back
    and i think kanye is better than wayne alot and im tellin you drake, who is on cash money young money or w.e, is better than him and he like 22-ish. shit wayne even said drake better than him. listen to ransom and compare they verses see if drake AINT TAKE HIS FACE AND GRIND IT ON THE DIRT

    but i aint gon front i’m me the shit still

    • P-Body

      Dude you got a hella good point. Lil Wayne will never go back to where he use to be at, he is far gone just like Outkast will never go back to where they were at. I think once people get to a certain point or sale a certain amount of units, they tend to go on a different route instead of working what made them famous to begin with.

      People gotta change but some people change for the worst. Yeah Young Money and Cash Money ain’t really bumping like that anyways. Drake is good too. I wouldn’t say age had nothing to do with his skill, look at Nas on Main Source at the age of 17, he was spitting his ass off and he was a lot younger than Drake.

      • gio305


        i jus hope drake get big and become a symbol of hip hop cuz dude go hard

    • Infamous F

      True, I wonder if some people still call Wayne the best rapper alive. Smh.

  • @ P-Body, he is on their level, that’s what is so amazing. To see a rapper so young that could give the legends a run for their money?

    “Do you dudes listen to music… or do you just skim through it?”

    • P-Body

      Dude I use to DJ and make mixtapes, yeah I listen to music man. I didn’t say Lupe was terrible but he isn’t great, hes good though. Hes definitely good and spit better than a lot of rappers now but overall I couldn’t put him on my top 10 of all time. He is missing something, its something about him that don’t draw me into him all the way to be trying to crown him. Notorious BIG dropped two albums and was considered one of the greatest of all time, Lupe haven’t impacted the game on that level to have that title man.

      I know you are a Lupe fan and dude is very talented indeed but he is not one of the greatest. Again he is not on Andre level.

      • If you listened to music, you would know that he was just as great as the all-time greats. If Biggie can be called an all-time great after two (classic) LPs, why can’t Lupe? He’s accomplished the same and has more material than Biggie did before he died.

        I’m a fan of a lot of emcees, including Lupe, but NO ONE is doing it like he is right now. And yes, he is on Andre’s level. Go check out Failure….

        • So Lupe has accomplished just as much as Biggie? WOW! Lupe isn’t even the best in his city my friend!

          Material? Biggie was featured on about 50 songs outside of his 2 albums.

          For the record, Lupe and 3K are not on the same level.

          • Went to his site and this is a list of his top ten emcees of all time:

            * #1: Lupe Fiasco (Part One)
            * #1: Lupe Fiasco (Part Two)
            * #2: Nas
            * #3: Rakim
            * #4: André 3000
            * #5: Jay-Z
            * #6: Common
            * #7: KRS-One
            * #8: Tupac Shakur
            * #9: The Notorious B.I.G.
            * #10: Eminem

            I’ll let the list speak for itself.

          • Of course, Lupe hasn’t accomplished as much as Biggie, but the material speaks for itself. Both had the rare ability to dismantle every track they were on. Not all of the emcees on my list or considered the greatest have the ability to do that.

            Skillwise, Lupe is just as great or better than any of these guys who have been doing it for years. And yes, Lupe and Andre are on the same level. Hell even Jay knows it…. he knows he got shredded on “Pressure”.

            As for my list, my feeling is that Lupe is the best emcee alive, but calling him best alive and not calling him the greatest would be a contradiction since there are plenty of emcees on my list that are still alive.

          • P-Body

            @King Jerm

            Whoa thats the list on his site? Yeah I see dude is definitely a Lupe Lover. Hes good but he ain’t great, and thats a fact. Ask millions of people and I bet $tacks 20 bones that they will not say Lupe. How can Lupe be a part 1 and a part 2? Thats crazy… What planet is $tacks on again?


            Dude you actually think Lupe is as good as Biggie and other greats? Man gtfoh with that statement. You tripping hard. Lupe is no where near on Andre level, the boy is good but not great man. A matter of fact I listen to music a lot and I can basically pen point a lot of samples I hear on people tracks because I listen to a lot of music besides hip hop. Anyways Lupe isn’t great! Like Jerm said, he is not the greatest in his city, and the fans will agree with that. What is Lupe doing right now??? Nothing! He isn’t pushing units, he isn’t doing much right now. He is not in high demand right now. He haven’t elevated the game in no shape or form for him to be called great! I’ll UGK ahead of him on elevating the game than I would Lupe. You got to be kidding me mane.

  • @ P-Body, Part 1 tells why I think he’s the best while Part 2 tell why most don’t think he’s the best. If you had read my reasoning, you would have known that. If you really know lyrics, content, flow, subject matter, etc… you would KNOW that Lupe is just as great an emcee as some of these legends.

    You think there are people that will not say that he’s the best in his city? Truly naive, P-Body. The Cool went gold so some of those units had to have gone SOMEWHERE.

    Present me a valid argument and I’ll tear it to shreds as I have done so many others before you.

    • DJ LP

      Wow Nigga. That Lupe Dick must be good or something for ya cuz ya can’t get off it. Its simple as this. He has a good flow, he has good lyrics but how can you even compare him to people like Andre, Nas, Rakim and wtf…KRS-One not on the list?? GTFOH with that shit. Just because Jay supports the guy that doesn’t mean he is THE BEST IN THE GAME. Jay supports him because he is something different from most rappers(except the ones I listed above). Dude is good but not to be considered a legend. Hell the Cool Wasn’t even that good. His first one was better. If you wanna be the best you first gotta surpass your inspiration…has Lupe’s Food & Liquor stack up to Illmatic, It Was Written or even I Am…(Nas first three)….nope not at all

      • DJ LP

        Oops I meant “KRS-One not higher on the list”

      • Wow, what a rebuttal…. “that Lupe dick must be good”. For a long time, I’ve said that Nas is the greatest to ever do it, but the more I would listen, the more I would think “How would Lupe have done this and done it better?”

        He does have a good flow, but dude has great lyrics… don’t ever get it twisted. I didn’t say just because Jay supports him that he is the best in the game…. I said that was a helluva comparison to make. He’s not a legend yet, I agree, but he is the best doing it and quite possibly to ever do it.

        The Cool, while not perfect, was BETTER than I Am and just as great as It Was Written. As for F&L, the leaked version is just as good as Illmatic, but the retail is still classic material as is The Cool.

        Also, don’t have a heart attack (“GTFOH”, really). Go here and see why the lyrics are more than just “good”.


  • Saule Wright

    The reason this discussion will never die is because folks will always relate to someone from their generation better than anyone from another generation. The reason why I say it’s not up for discussion is because if it wasn’t for Rakim, we’d all still be rappin’ ” To the hip, hop, the hippy to the hibbity hip hop…” The man introduced new rhyme patterns to the game. There will never be another rapper that can have the impact on the game that Rakim had. PERIOD. When we are talking witting, Lupe and Eminem are dope as hell and for me, Em is the dopest one doing it right now. Lupe is a dope writer and rapper, I can’t deny that…but his breath control on his songs diminishes his message, for me.

    All that said, like I stated, as long as Rakim breathes, he is the best Rapper AND Emcee alive. I doubt that any of the emcees/rappers previously mentioned would argue that point.

    • Well if you let Jay tell it, he’ll tell you he’s the greatest to ever do it lol… but I can feel where you’re coming from.

      • Saule Wright

        Nah, even Jay says him or Biggie are the greatest. Jay can feel how he wants about being the greatest. His commercial impact is second to none, but to the game in general? Nah. I really dig Jay too, and I think he would be a solid contender for GOAT if he sat down and wrote his rhymes. I say that because he flows type fly and that’s off the dome. Imagine if he took some time, a week, to sit down and write…that shit would be epic.

        • “Imagine if he took some time, a week, to sit down and write… that shit would be epic.”

          That’s exactly what Lupe does… I have yet to see an emcee to pay THAT much attention to detail and word choice.

          • Saule Wright

            Once again, I direct you back to Rakim.

          • P-Body


            If you really think you’ll tear everything to shreads and shut me down, then think again mane.

            Like I said Lupe is good but he isn’t great. I’m sorry but hes not. The Cool wasn’t a great album! How in the hell can you compare “Food & Liquor” to “Illmatic”?? Man gtfoh with that statement. You been drinking a little too much mane. You can’t compare that dude to the legends in the game, its simple as that. He may get to a level one day but so far he haven’t impacted the game nor do anything that convince everybody that he is one of the greatest to do it.

            Just because Jay-Z said he is good, don’t mean shit. You act like Jay is the king of hip hop like he invented or tell everybody whats is the hottest on the streets or whatever.. Come on dude, get forreal. I like Jay too but Lupe come on. Dude isn’t great! Hes nice on the mic, but he kinda bores me sometimes.

            You can’t compare “Food & Liquor” to “The Chronic” or any albums that was significant to the point where it made people change up the way they produce or rap over beats. Once again the people in his city will not say he is great! Some may say it but not everybody, everybody damn know fa sho he isn’t great. His albums aren’t comparable to Outkast cuts either especially “Atliens”. If you lived in GA back in 9-6 or in the south you’ll know how significant that album was and how it gain attention to other coast and show that as southerners we have lyrics too not just the regular candy paint, I’m a pimp type cuts or people like Geto Boys or UGK that made groundbreaking shit.. Lupe ain’t did that or made material that significant to buy me into hype. Biggie, Pac, Nas, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Dr. Dre, and others had that extra something that made them each special in the game.

            Don’t get me wrong, I bump some Lupe but he isn’t great. Thats all to it. Hes good, good and great are too different things mane. I don’t see Lupe messing with Redman much, Redman is definitely on a different level back in his prime.

          • DJ LP

            Gotta agree with my boy P-Body.

            Let me add one thing. Jay did say he stands behind Lupe BUT or whatever…but let me direct you to a line the Clipse said in “Big Dreams” on the Road Till The Casket Drops mixtape

            So I Could Care Less If Jay Say It
            It’s Too Political When Jay Say It
            (and check who Jay was supporting in Mr. Carter)(which is where this diss was aimed at)

    • I just want to co-sign Saule Wright’s response. Yea he’s my brother from another but bottom line is he’s (W)right (IMO).

      I didn’t read through everyone’s response so forgive me if I re-state what may have already been said, and this might not matter to most, but I will add something about Rakim…

      Unlike most people labeled the greatest MCs of all time, Rakim didn’t need YEARS in the game to GET nice…he came out the gate swinging hard. Rakim was about 18 years old when Paid in Full was recorded. 18! How were most other cats sounding at 18? He didn’t need the game to water down for his greatness to shine. Like Saule said, he changed it. How ahead of your time do you have to be where cats in the game with 10+ years under their belt still can’t cultivate masterpieces like an 18 year old kid from Strong Eye?

      I apologize for the verbosity and redundancy. But it is what it is.

  • DJ LP

    Rakim is unbeatable. Paid In Full…nuff said

    • Infamous F

      WORD IS BOND!!

  • @ P-Body

    “Like I said, Lupe is good, but he isn’t great.”…Are you really listening to him? Have you heard the Fahrenheit 1/15 mixtapes? Have you heard the leak of F&L? I LOVE Illmatic, probably my favorite album, but I usually skip “One Time” and “Represent”. The Cool WAS a great LP and I compared the leak of F&L to Illmatic, not the retail version. As for comparing him to the legends, I’m talking skillwise; he’s only staying in the game for 2-3 more years so the longevity thing isn’t gonna work. Better to get out before you get to the point of rehashing material and subject matter ( a la Jay-Z)

    There’s nothing wrong with him boring you on the mic as long as you recognize the skill, he’s just as great as the all-time greats. The creativity, the concepts, the subject matter, and ESPECIALLY the lyrics…. it’s got the full package.

    @ DJ LP
    There’s a difference between Jay’s support of Wayne and of Lupe. When he discussed Lupe, he always compares him to himself, calls him a breath of fresh air, etc. When he discusses Wayne, he says that he respects him and his hustle, but dude has to put out a classic LP to be mentioned amongst the greats…. notice he never said that about Lupe?

    • P-Body

      Good point DJ LP. You definitely made a great point, I remember that one.


      Dude I have the original F&L album on my hard drive. I heard them cuts but he isn’t great to me. He has mad skills, just like the rapper Mad Skills, he have skills too but he isn’t great. He don’t have that extra something that make him special. The original F&L isn’t no where near no damn “Illmatic” album mane. You tripping.. Once again what planet do you stay at?

      I’m having fun debating about this actually. Its interesting to hear the responses.

      Jay-Z does not dictates whats hot and not in hip hop mane! No rapper dictates that! You really jocking them dudes mighty hard. I do give Lupe credit, he spit a hell of a lot better than a lot of rappers out in todays market but he still isn’t great.

      I do agree with you about him leaving the game though, the game is so fucked up. Whats the point of being in the rap game for an extra 3 to 5 years. I hope that hip hop will be in a better direction or something by that time.

      Maybe hip hop need to get in a very fucked up state in order for people to start back focusing on content and making great stuff, but who knows though. As long as them teenie boppers are brained washed and corporate still in the artist ears, then the music industry as a whole probably will stay fucked.

      • @ P-Body

        Theme Music, Steady Mobbin’, Just Might Be Okay, Trials & Tribulation, Real Recognize Real, Hustlaz Song, Hurt Me Soul, Game Time, American Terrorist & Failure….. that’s 10 tracks from the leak and those aren’t as good as the ones on Illmatic? Get outta here man….I live on this planet.

        WHERE DID I SAY THAT JAY-Z dictates what’s hot in hip hop? I simply stated the difference in the cosigns.

        • @ $tacks…you really think F&L is in the same breath as Illmatic?

          I bet you could ask Lupe himself and he would tell you that Illmatic is better than his own work. When they (hip-hop heads) mention CLASSIC albums…Food and Liquor is not in the top 50! Put all of your feelings to the side and think about what you just said. Food and Liquor leaked or unleaked tracks are better than Illmatic? Nope, didn’t sound right after I typed it either.

          • Of course he would say that… he’s a humble cat. One of the reasons he’s planning on retirement is because he doesn’t think he’s all that good. And I NEVER said BETTER than Illmatic, I said just as good though.

        • P-Body


          Man I forgot how we end up talking about Lupe so much when this column is about Lil Wayne. Anyways dude them songs aren’t on the same level as Illmatic. I’m sorry but they are not. The hip hoppers out there will tell you that mane, you tripping. You sure you stay on this planet? Lupe can’t breathe on the same mic as Nas. How u luv that playboy?

          • Those songs are on the same level and I hope Lupe and Nas do a collab and shows all you haters what I’ve been saying.

            Lupe > Your favorite rapper

          • P-Body

            $tacks what you been drinking? You bugging out badly mane, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Lupe maybe your favorite rapper but not mines. Big Pun is a better lyricist than him mane. Ain’t nobody hating on Lupe but he haven’t made nothing groundbreaking to me or stood out as one of the GOATs.

            I’ll bump Scarface or UGK or Eightball & MJG or the old Three 6 Mafia before Lupe, not because I’m from the south but that’s who caught my attention and they are pioneers down here. I’ll bump Big Daddy Kane, Redman, old school Wu Tang Clan, and others before I’ll bump Lupe. Lupe is nice on the mic but don’t give the dude too much credit though.

            I think deep down inside you just want to argue because you find this amusing, I find this kinda amusing from your comments you are making because you really are bullshitting yourself with claiming Lupe as a GOAT or on Nas level.

            I hope him and Nas do make something together too but Nas will kill it though. Lupe ain’t on Andre 3000 level and he definitely ain’t on Dre level in the 90’s.

  • mufucka

    ya niggas still talking about this

    Don’t Sweat The Technique, Follow The Leader, Pain In Full, & Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em >>>>>> shits on wayne’s best work.

    Ya talkin about Eminem, Lupe, Jay-Z, Wayne??? What about Rakim, KRS-One, Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, GZA, Ghostface, Nas, Andre 3000? Some of you need to do your homework for real.

  • Why don’t P-Body and $tacks do a debate about it? Or did they already do it? For real..ya’ll need to do a debate about it. We could cross promote it on both sites. $tacks are you down for it? P-Body are you down? Well, let’s get it on..if ya’ll ain’t scared!

    @H2O..you better thank Pbod and $tacks for “padding you stats”

    This is probably the Carter 3 for comments on a post. You Platinum in a week! *tips Yankee fitted*

    • @ King Jerm: these guys don’t want it with me, ask P-Body he don’t want it with me (c) Jay-Z. Debates are what I do… I have turned many a dreamer into a believer.

      On the real though, if you check out my site, I did a post on my top ten all time and why they aren’t the greatest as well as why Lupe might be the greatest. Y’all can check it out if you want.

      I leave y’all with a Lupe quotable:

      “Word to the nigga that took the rap for me
      Chill, I will, take rap to where niggas can’t conceive
      To the point where most can’t agree on which song is best
      And the argument is if I am better than me”

    • P-Body

      @ King Jerm, I’m down for it dude. Why would I be scared of this chump? If i’m not scared in the boxing ring, why would I be scared to debate with him for… Still to this day, I don’t know how in the hell we got on this discussion about some damn Lupe.


      Man you really on some bs. I’ll take everything you got, and I’ll counter what you say. Lupe is good but he isn’t great man! What planet are you from? Are you from Earth? Are you human? You can’t be comparing Lupe to no damn Andre or no damn Rakim or anybody in that league. He haven’t made material that made a muthafucka said “Well damn! Thats a contender of the GOAT”. He just missing something. Hes skillful and a good emcee but for being the GOAT! You definitely slapping a lot of other emcees in the face with that statement. I don’t think they’ll be happy with your statement buddy, I’m sure the fans out there wouldn’t approve of your comments either mane.

      • @ P-Body, I am in nowhere saying that he’s expontentially better than everybody else, but when you look at his skill, he does it just a bit better. There are fans who agree with me…. don’t ever get it twisted.

        As for a debate, I’ve never lost one and would not plan on losing one to you, “chump” lol

        And yes, Lupe is the greatest.

        “And it’s gon be PPV
        Won’t be back for free
        Gon need scratch, to see me rematch with me
        My greatest enemy is my innerme”

  • P-Body

    Oh yeah $tacks, I gotta take my hat off to you for debating. This shit is very interesting mane. You definitely stand by what you believe in and I can’t do nothing but respect it. At the end of the day we all know Lupe ain’t the GOAT though.

  • Spyzyda Myzayne

    lol GOAT. but really lupe aint on 3 stacks shit. 3k is my fav lyricist and i think he the best. lupe def is gud dont mess that shit up at all. he one my favorite artists. but i cant jump in this cuz i dont listen to nas, or rakim, or krs or stuff like that. i shud but um a late jumper of the hip hop exprees, i started to listen in 04. whatever though. and um no means a jay fan. so its whatever have fun debating!!!!!!!

    • Please don’t make me get into another debate… he is on Andre 3000’s level. Dude is so far ahead of the curve…. y’all better catch up.

  • Spyzyda Myzayne

    homie i used to think he was up ther with the best but…..on THE REAL HOMIE!!!! Listen to dre 3k verse on royal flush…then listen to both lupes cd’s….not one verse lupe spit can even begin to uproot that verses domination on everything hip-hop. 3k killed this debate before it even started. i rest my case.

    • You could pull tracks from the leaked F&L (Theme Music to a Drive-By, Trials & Tribulations, Steady Mobbin’) or the retail (Hurt Me Soul, Just Might Be Okay), you could pull Dumb It Down, Put You on Game, The Coolest, Gotta Eat…. there are verses that can be pulled from his albums.

  • Spyzyda Myzayne

    Styles will change
    They say change is dang-erous
    As a King standing on the terrace
    While his partners pointing up at the rifleman
    Cowards shoot and never know when your life will end
    Then… live like there ain’t no ‘morrow
    And if one come then this the motto
    Now I put message in bottle
    You go to the nearest beach and open your car door
    And you walk to the place where the sea meets the land
    Yeah it’s easier to run the street than walk in the sand
    Hey I’m talking young man
    As if chalk in my hand
    I will take yo’ little ass to school
    It’s cool
    When the kids call me Sonny, the hood calls me Stacks
    The bees call me honey, Hollywood calls me back
    Crack and I have a lot in common
    We both come up in the 80s and we keep that bass pumpin’
    Now that’s a nega-tive comparison
    Unfortunate that if you come up fortunate
    The street considers you lame
    I thought the name of the game
    Was to have a better life
    I guess it ain’t what a shame
    I don’t slang, never slung
    But I’m one with the slum
    That has a name well fitting
    Plenty cheese getting
    No wonder why they called it the trap
    So watch your tail
    And I’m not kidding
    The rats and mice would give advice
    They say that you can paint and draw
    Get out of here
    Go show them that we’re more than slangin’ raw
    That’s when I broke into my Big Rube impression
    And I tried to enlighten but that night a learned a lesson
    That the morals that you think you got go out the window
    When all the other kids are fresh and they got new Nintendo
    And yo’ child is down on her knees
    Praying hard up to God for a Whopper with cheese
    Do you b) Hit the street hard with a flare
    Or do you a) Go for school for heating and air
    Dare making under seven
    But make a crooked killing
    Or do a bit of both until your holding on a million
    You got one foot in and one foot out
    You put yo’ left foot back in and then you shake it all about
    You do the Hokey Pokey ’til you turn your life around
    That’s what it’s all about
    3000 out

    just to remind all you why 3k is the king of the world and just about everything else hip-hop. o and i got this frum the 3 best verse thing yall napp’s posted and um sure its plenty cheese getting when it said g’s. tell me if um wrong but i switched it anyway. o and stacks……lupe cant mess with this.

    • Let’s not get into dropping verses….

      Failure (1st Verse)
      “It’s mean, soldier
      Now let me put the streets down like steamrollers
      With the CATS that push
      40 oz. through the hood like King Cobras
      See me sling soda
      ‘Cause the extra foam in the split is mixed
      It’s really 36
      Used to buy toasters and clips
      You can tighten your circle or boa constrict
      While you was lighting your purple, I was over the scripts
      See, I couldn’t walk the walk, couldn’t really talk the talk
      Had to get my talk to properly explain my walk
      ‘Cause this lack in talk had my walk looking off
      Now I’m over the limp
      Watch how they mugs drop when they see my Verbal’s able
      (That’s the Usual)
      When I was po’ I was lo’
      Now me and my Chaps cop Purple Label
      It’s Ralph Lauren on the rap laureate
      Niggas brownnose, they are like Alf to him
      Runners at Interscope are not as Stoute as him
      Please don’t enter scope
      It’s gonna be a whole lot of IV’in and respiratin
      If I lean out this window with Irene
      Niggas as tall as Yao Ming
      With L-U-P-Emperor
      Is the foundation’s I-beams and the antennas
      It’s so serious every time I write my John Hancock like
      Could damn near see Detroit
      Niggas is scared of heights
      This is saran wrap and aluminum foil
      Some potpourri, a little machine oil
      I stack my paper and throw off my cents
      This is top floor, better look out before
      Pennies from heaven is the same as the semi from the second
      And I reign supreme
      Turn your umbrellas upside down
      Did you even catch the change in theme?

      • P-Body

        @Spyzyda Myzanye

        Good post on Dre! You just started listening to hip hop in 04?? Damn man you definitely behind and gotta catch up.


        I’m back. Anyways Andre got shit he rapped in 96 that Lupe can’t touch now with toilet paper. Lupe is good but you giving dude too much credit. Especially with the way Andre is respected down here in the south, Lupe don’t have that type of status like that. You say something wrong about Andre or any pioneer in the south, people will definitely see about you down here. Lupe don’t have it like that. Hes good but thats all.

        • Back again, P-Body. I am in no way taking ANYTHING away from Andre. He’s one of my favorite lyricists and in my top 10 all-time (Mighty O is my favorite verse of his), but to say that Lupe ain’t fucking with legends, you ain’t listening pimp. And at the same time, Andre has not proved that he can hold down an entire rap album by himself (I have no doubt that he could though).

          Andre got stuff from 96, but Lupe has upper tier older material as well, don’t get it twisted. And, for (hopefully?) the last time, Lupe is the greatest rapper alive…. check the credits lol. Let’s not start dropping verses in here (it could go bad).

  • Phillyz Phly’st

    There needs to be a forum or a post from the people on this of their top 10 and get a true debate going on

  • lil`wayne rocks when he sings prom quenn i love that song

  • originaldankster

    How bout 1 reason why he definately isn’t? TECH N9NE. Wayne can’t touch him musically or lyrically…not to mention Tech’s been doin it better for way longer. And listing people like Jeezy, Kanye, and TI as veterans makes you sound like a fuckin 15 year old.

  • Spyzyda Myzayne

    @ original dankster….

    fukin thank you man. tech n9ne is on sum next level shit. albeit he has weird ass shit, but all his shit is so unique and his flow and lyrics can run shit.

    top 5 artists for me

    1. Z-ro
    2. Tech n9ne
    3. UGK (pimp c)
    4. Outkast (3 stacks)
    5 gucci Mane

    hey i never said that i was basing this on lyrical ability….just explaining guccis precense with these heavy weights, but in his own right he is. he not no poet, but he runs atlanta. i like ro and tech the most mainkly cuz, ro is so real and just relating to him sumtimes is real personal. he also is real fukin gud. and tech is unique and has untouchable energy. pimp is a hogg in th game as he states. flow, he murders hooks like nuthing, his singing just makes a track. r.i.p. chad butler. and as we know 3k can drop a verse a year and no one can fuks wit em. thats the rundown bitches.

  • Smile Big

    This list only has two reasons that have to do with the actual music on his albums. call me fuckin crazy, but I judge a good rapper by how good their music is. not how many pole riders they got or how high they get.

  • Deity Divine

    Worst reasons ever.Who gives if he made money, his lyrics sucks compared to Lupe or Nas. He is not the best and will never be, money doesnt make the rapper, its the talent and potential.

  • TrueIst

    Wtf? Lil Wayne greatest of all time?.. oh hell to the momma-effing no.. are you talking about that BET performance where he did “stunting like my daddy”? or some ish like that? Cause they fcked that whole performance all the way up!! Forgetting the lyrics and rapping through each others verses.. But I dont know for a fact that that happend in 2007.. Anyway, no.. Lil Wayne not the greatest, the reason why he is hot because he came with something different


    Okay. I’ll say this once, 

    Lil wayne is undoubtedly one of the worst rappers who ever lived but is the most popular and if you consider popularity to be lyrical skill then I hope you live a long miserable life and die a very slow and painful death. 



  • Rapper4Life

    HAHA! Nas barely went gold?So what? Illmatic was one of the best albums ever made in hip hop history! Lil Wayne isn’t even a real rapper! the writer of this article must have never heard REAL Hip Hop

  • kwest

    kanye is a lot better then wayne

  • jay

    Lil Wayne is a Cee U Next Tuesay

  • Noah

    Lil Wayne is with NO doubt the worst rapper alive. Rap is not about “Paper stacking” or Fucking hoes and smoking weed or chilling with your “Niggas” only. Everything he raps is complete bullshit. He is one of the criminals who destroyed Hip-Hop/Rap. Poetically he’s a mess. If you go back 20 or 30 years in time you got so much old school rap. 2Pac raps about the equality between a black and a white man, for an example. HIs poet skills were beyond limits. And now look at this crack-nigga… Luckily, we got Hopsin. The savior for Hip-Hop/Rap. Hopefully he’ll save us from this monster.
    I might sound retarded or so, but im mad to see what Hip-Hop/Rap has became. It’s just a shame to see how it went from wise words to hoes, niggas, and weed.
    Sincerely, a 12-year old

  • tommy

    ok comparing lil wayne to jay-z… recently(which neither lil wayne or jay z are in their prime) In my opinion lil wayne was the one to lyrically squash the beef between the two. jay z started it not even dissing wayne, but as he has done in the past lyrically defends baby. He fires back and in my opinion kills jay z in a song which features jay-z’s best artist on his label

    he not only plays off of jay-zs classic song 99 problems, stating “2 glock 40’s, nigga you got 80 problems” but also defends his self proclaimed father saying “talking bout baby money; i got yo baby money: kidnap yo bitch get that how much you love your lady money.” i think this is a brilliant play off of the original lyrics and turns jay’s nursery rhymes into a hard ass diss line. He takes it to a personal level, that clearly ending the back and forth between the two.

    An even more impressing demonstration of lil waynes rapping skills was back in the day when he came back at cassidy’s comments during an interview about lil wayne kissing birdman. Cassidy, who is widely known for his lil wayne like style, using workplay and metaphors, and is also know for slaying rappers lyrically who either start beef with cass or who he calls out. Lil wayne on his remix to a song in which he is feature on (also one of the many reasons he is the best rapper alive, he takes his commercial, or generally soft songs and remixes them, like he has done with lollipop, duffel bag boy, and we taking over) we taking over of off da drought 3 which in my opinion is the best mixtape ever made, wayne addresses the cassidy issue with no disrespect. He states “Damn right, I kissed my Daddy

    I think they pissed at how rich my Daddy is

    And I’m his kid, I stunt with my Daddy

    Call Miss Lee, she with my Daddy

    So diss me, and don’t diss my Daddy

    Cuz who was there when no one wasn’t? Just my Daddy

    Who was there when I needed money? Just my Daddy

    So who be there when I see the money? Just my Daddy

    Who said that I’d be the one? Just my Daddy” lil wayne takes an very interesting and new way of dealing with this. Instead of coming at cass and dissing him back, which in the past has not worked out for many rappers, he instead explains he reasoning for doing it. He explains how it is a appreciation of everything that birdman had done for lil wayne. Birdman saw that lil wayne could be the best way before anyone else had. After lil waynes innovative approach to handling this beef, cassidy later shows respect for lil wayne on his a milli freestyle after seemingly dissing wayne, he finishes the song with a speak saying “shout out to lil wayne, he putting pressure on em right now, and if you cant respect that your whole perspective is wack” with this endorsement from a very unsuspecting accomplished lyrical rapper i think lil wayne has proved himself as the best rapper alive, and i haven’t even used his groundbreaking lyrics as an example

    D.O.A, ride all night, sleep no way
    Sleep when I lay, six feet deep, and until that day
    I’mma be living, like it is that day- put some keys on that bitch

    on a cleaver play on the one hit wonder throw some d’s on that bitch by rich boy, lil wayne shows his amazing transitional skills and relating one unrelated line to another in which this mixtape is widely known for. He goes from saying that he can sleep when he is dead to saying that he is going to live everyday like it is the day he will die. For everyone who says lil wayne doesnt make sense, i would like to see and example because im pretty sure if you think its a stupid line its because you are stupid and dont get it. a lot of waynes lyrics require thorough examination and explanation before it is understood.

    songs on the suffix like blowing up fast and damage is done are iconic and poetic songs that showcase lil waynes amazing lyrical ability

    I see my people struggle wish that they wasn’t
    The government try to put us in a muzzle
    But you’re two fingers ain’t the pieces to da puzzle

    he see’s his people from the hood struggling, and the government wants to keep them quiet so they do not rebel. He then takes a 2pac view on rebellion and encourages violences in order to regain peace. Within this straight forward message, he also uses underlying homophones within making it not only literal but metaphorical also, which i feel lil wayne is the first to do. I included this for all the people who say lil wayne doesnt say anything in his raps. He does stand for a message thou you may not always understand what it is, the damage is done is a great example of lil waynes story. He manages to get extremely deep with his message while staying hard.

    Dedication 2’s sportscenter displays lil wayne’s unmatched ability for free verse raps

    cover my tracks like butter, so where the bread be?
    I say beef is dead meat
    “Who that, the president?” “Yeah, me”
    No one scare me, and you ain’t gotta double dare me
    Hear me? Loud and clearly
    Rats aren’t near me
    Wiretap niggas get blood in they earpiece
    I’m from New Orleans, nowhere near peace
    Pure beast, fear-free, dear grief
    Catch up, bitch: I’m in gear three

    here he is showing off his one liners, they are pact with both street demeanor and wordplay

    with his dedication 3 mixtape lil wayne shows his evolution as a rapper into the one of kind artist he is today. dedicated to pimp c, lil wayne Yo girl just came in her booth somebody better get her a flammable suit I got that bitch jumpin like a kangaroo

    Ain’t a thang to do but to bang or screw

    I live in the clouds like the angels do

    Hey traffic let my vanquish through

    Hey ma this what I think of you ..

    I wanna fuck yo head off and fuck you ankles loose ..

    Then drank the juice ..

    Im dangerous

    I got her clothes fallin off like the hanger loose

    with this iconic mixtape weezy really showcases his new and inventive flow, which in my opinion changed the rap game to what it is today. Paired with his amazing flow are his lyrics that make you start the song over again in awe.

    waynes last great work of art in my opinion is no ceilings, on which every song was murdered from beginning to end. With this mixtape wayne showed that he infact has no limits and can achieve just about anything in the music industry. The song banned from tv, which i think is one of the best songs ever, lil wayne systematically tears the beat at will. In a dj scoob doo video of wayne recording this, weezy is shown actually coming up with these lines right before he records them, show casing his unmatched recording technique that has produce hit after hit in such a short period of time.

    take that to the bank with ya
    I rock my hat to the side like I paint pictures
    Smoke weed, talk shit like Lane Kiffin
    Whole country in recession, but Wayne different

    here lil wayne shows off his skills in comparisons and similes, bring up current events, referencing sterotypes and also braggin in a lyrical manor.

    Throughout time lil wayne has consistently shown skills and has had, what i think to be, the most successful rap career in history, starting as an 11 year old kid lil wayne will be in the rap game till he is well in his 40s which has never been done before. Although lil wayne has recently lost interest in music and has focus more on skateboarding, this does not take away from what he has done in the past, which is what i think is what made rap what it is today.

  • EminemFanForLife

    Lil wanyne sucks monkey ass, Eminem is the best rapper of all time so get over in listen to real rap. Reasons why em is superior- Eminem has good rhymes, all Wayne says and i quote nigga, yolo, and swag

  • Some Guy

    Lil Wayne has absolutely no lyrical ability, no albums that you can listen to and drift away with your eyes closed, no variation, nothing. You can’t even compare him to Jay Z, Eminem and Dr Dre. If 2Pac and Biggie were alive, rap would have been very different to what it is now.

  • nuhash arnob

    i am sorry but never in a million years. seriously what happen to Nas, Eminem, Royce da 5’9, Jay Z, 50 Cent, and TI.

    and if he was the best look at this


  • Corrector of urban bumpkins

    If only you knew the truth and were able to proclaim talent correctly. So you think skills means the amount of album sold ? dude you’re wack, his lyricAls are without substance and the dj’s mixing his silly garbage on loop is just a disease spreading to all you wack teenagers who just follow each other like sheeps. your taste is like bad weather while its dark in that head of yours there’s light on the other side … in a way it’s a blessing that u and most young ones will never hear of the real hip hop artists because you would end up mixing pop trash with good tracks. it sucks but you blasphemous wannabe lovers will most likely live a life in ignorance … if you knew the truth you would hide your head like a turtle. EVEN 90 % of those that dislike him love others with no real substance, they follow in dislike like sheeps but judging on their compares, in the end they don’t even know why… shameful world it is nowadays and hard times for street poets. SUPPORT the pioneers who are still producing today and TO HELL with this wack self proclaimed rap. the day you learn what real hip hop is your whole entertainment universe will shatter. although, for you hearing real hip hop will be like hearing something you can’t comprehend and will surely turn your back at it. 5 years later you still need to hear the same message as the usurping industry gets worse. they’re after dumb heads and you’re it ! keep making talentless people rich and you will believe talentless people have talent!

  • Arch_Nemesis

    Lil Wayne raps about nonsense, and i think the author of this article/review was biased in saying he is the best. He makes ignorant music, I don’t care about his money nor his fan base.

    Yes he is famous, but he was made famous by the people who control the media. He is only good according to the media and the people who believe that the media knows what Hip Hop is.

    I have been a Hip Hop fan way before Lil Wayne, Drake, Two Chains and all of these other new school katz and Lil Wayne is wack. Ye i know, you’re gonna say I’m a hater, go ahead, that won’t make him dope.

    “If you go platinum its got nothing to do with luck, it just means that a million people are stupid as f**k”

  • CGtaughtme

    “He’s already got something to fall back on if Baby and him ever start arguing (like that will happen)” The irony, but at least you were right about him having a clique to fall back on, H20 the prophet lol.

  • Marcus Marcus

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