Song of the Week: Black Moon – “How Many MC’s…”


After having this song stuck in my head all week, and the fact that B-Easy hated on my choice for Song of the Week, I knew that I had the right song! (Actually he said Black Moon was boring, but I’ll let you guys do the roasting for that!) Back in the day when “How Many MC’s” dropped, some would argue you down that Buckshot was one of the nicest in the game. Back in 1993 when Black Moon dropped their underground classic Enta Da Stage, the Brooklyn MC was the crown jewel of the group. I can’t say that I was on the wagon in the beginning, but thanks to this dude named VJ back in high school, he put me on to one of the hottest songs of the time. This song captures the “East Coast Renaissance” of Hip-Hop in its essence; you have nice lyrics to accommodate the beats by Evil Dee and Da Beatminerz. If you haven’t heard this song or even heard of Black Moon, you most definitely need to check this one out!

Download: Black Moon – “How Many MC’s…”


Album: Enta Da Stage
Year: October 19, 1993

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