Usain Bolt Is The Fastest Man ALIVE!

24548290.JPG Continuing on the Olympic coverage, King Jerm is coming to you live from Beijing, (what, you didn’t know?) But I got to witness my main man Usain Bolt run the fastest 100 meters in history! My new homie just ran a 9.69 in the meters breaking his own record of 9.72. I know the story of the Olympics has been Phelps and the smog, back in my childhood, the Summer Olympics always revolved around the 100 meters. This guy has restored my faith in track and field. Watching him dominate in his event was bananas! Usain, if you out there…holla at your boy King Jerm! This is the crazy thing about it, he is only 21 and he is said to be better in the 200 meters. Michael Johnson record may be out the window in a couple of days! I can imagine it is some NFL teams licking their chops to get their hands on a 6 foot 5 human rocket. Well the Chinese government has a lot of internet restrictions, so I will get back to you with more updates later!

Here are some more photos..



But I have to give a shoutout to my boy Michael Phelps on breaking Mark Spitz record for one Olympics. 17 races in 8 days is a grueling task. Even if you don’t want to call him the greatest athlete ever, the man did pull off an impressive stunt. 8 gold medals with 7 World records is crazy. Congratulations!