Tupac Amaru Shakur’s Birthday! June 16th, don’t forget that!


Hey ladies and gentlemen! We would like to celebrate the legendary late Tupac Shakur’s Birthday. He was born June 16th 1971 and died September 13th 1996. He was one of the most influential and best selling rap artists of all time. He sold over 75 million albums worldwide! He started out as a roadie for Digital Underground, and then later he started working with Big Stretch of Live Squad (Randy Walker, rest in peace, he got murdered a year before 2Pac). Anyways, most ya’ll know the history on 2Pac with the police shootouts, beating up movie directors, and the wild chaotic thug life lifestyle he portrayed, but he also had a soft side for the women, as well as the kids, and he rapped about his views on poverty. When he was murdered, Hip-Hop lost one of their main big voices forever. He would have been 36 this year if he was still alive. I hated that him and Biggie beefed but you have to blame the media though, they sparked up shit and got niggas killed. Personally me, I believe and I know the law enforcement had something to do with Mr. Shakur’s murder but people are scared to speak up on it. Maybe one day Afeni will get justice for her son death. I have one advice to Afeni, please stop releasing 2Pac’s unreleased shit with new beats and horrible guest appearances. I’m a real 2Pac fan and I know you heard his old shit! So please stop! I think you should release a 2Pac collection full of his unreleased shit, and original material. We’ll be happier to hear it instead of these fake collaborations. “Pac’s Life” is horrible, I like the original version with the Prince sample a lot better.

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