Michael Vick & Dog Fighting


By no means are we here at nappyafro.com condoning dog fighting, but I seriously don’t see the uproar about Mike Vick’s ordeal. Okay, so they do have an informant feeding those details, they also have equipment there for dog fighting. Even if some fighting was going on, why the big fuss? We have bigger problems in America than animal cruelty. We have the animal rights activists that are calling for his head, but does that make him a bad person? I even heard some radio personalities compare him to a serial killer. People, they are pit bulls, they are bred for fighting. You have the people that say that they are animals and don’t have a choice. But they do, if they don’t want to fight, they simply won’t. But for some reason, everyone wants to make Vick out to be some monster. Where are the people that are calling for human rights? You don’t see Don King or UFC’s Dana White on trial for promoting fights between fighters trying to beat each other’s head to a pulp. I’m for a fight just like the next man, but I know that boxing and mixed martial arts are violent sports. I am not defending Vick, he was in the wrong for having things like that around him, and he simply has to know what’s going on, especially with things in his name. Now that he has had all of these run-ins with the law, where does he go from here? The good thing about this is this, we really don’t know if he was involved in anything, but with all the media attention, people are sure to jump to conclusions. Let’s just see how this works out in the courtroom, since he has already been convicted in the court of public opinion.

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