Attention all tax payers: U.S. Government has lost $12 billion dollars!


Attention all tax payers: the U.S. government sent 12 billion dollars (that’s right, Billion!) to Iraq. Now I understand that isn’t new news considering our President is always asking for more money for the “War on Terror.” What is funny about the whole ordeal is the money was flown over there in CASH, nothing but Benjamins! Now for you that are not up on things, a Benjamin is a $100 bill. Okay, now things are about to get CRAZY! Now no one knows where the money is or how it was spent. Congress is now investigating on where the money went. But why all in cold, hard, cash? No one knows where 12 billion dollars is? I find that hard to believe. Especially when you have people taking pictures with the money! Maybe Haliburton knows where the money is. They are the ones that have the contract to rebuild Iraq. They are the ones offering people jobs paying 90K for six months, tax free. So with the President and Vice President both having some kind of connection to this company, why isn’t anyone pointing fingers at the White House? How much more abuse should the American public take from these guys. Oh you thought that 12 billion was going to disappear and get swept under the rug? No, the taxpayer’s are going to pick up the tab! People, isn’t it time that we demand some answers. So if that much money can get “lost,” what else can they make vanish? This just shows you how corrupt this administration has been. But I forgot, the terrorists are the ones that we need to worry about. They are the ones that are threatening our freedom and way of life. But for all of you that know better, we should’ve saw this one coming. I just want to see if anything happens, or is this one of those things that gets swept under the rug.

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