My Beef with Curtis Jackson


Well all this time I have had a disdain for 50 Cent. I don’t think I was hating on him, because the whole time I never denied that he didn’t make good songs, I just hated the way he went about doing it. When Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ came out I was just like the other 10 million people that went and copped it. I banged the album just like everybody else. That album had something for everybody: clubbers, thugs, weed heads, and chicks. But then Mr. Jackson started revealing things about himself to the public. He let it be known that he doesn’t smoke, but made a dope track, “High All the Time.” I was like what? Then let’s not forget his banger, “in Da Club”, a place that he says you can find him, where in reality you can’t find him there at all. So why should I believe anything you say then? Then throw in the fact that he came in the game on the beef tip. Everybody knows that beef sells, and that what he believes in. He went at Ja Rule hard, running him out the game for awhile. In the 50/Ja battle, everyone quickly jumped on 50’s side. We didn’t even give Ja a chance. We didn’t even want to see his videos or listen to his music. I, like everybody else, was tired of listening to Ja, why wouldn’t I jump on the bandwagon?! 50 criticized the way Ja was singing his songs instead of rapping, then he started doing the same thing! What a hypocrite! Then 50 claims at being this Super Thug, “They say I walk around like I got a S on my chest” but you see his movie Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, and you see 50 fighting with dudes butt-naked in the shower with soap suds on them? Why didn’t anyone get at him about that? Then people start claiming that he’s a snitch and produced a copy of a restraining order 50 had on Irv Gotti and the crew. Now whether or not the document was real, who knows, but it’s possible. My next concern was his subject matter. Okay you got shot, that kind of stuff only lasts for an album. I mean the dude can rap; he just doesn’t live up to his image. I think that at one time 50 was running the game, we just realized that he was a gimmick like that Snap music. But the whole 50 vs. Game deal really shut the door on 50. The Game did what 50 did to Ja, exposed him, and (tried) to run him out the game. When I say out the game, I mean from multiplatinum status for his whole crew, to not even going gold for the crew. Game was just as good as rapper as Fiddy, so he could keep up with him in the booth. Game was somewhat infatuated in getting 50 since he apparently “kicked” him out of G-Unit. He started a G-Unot campaign that had a nice following, released freestyle after freestyle dismantling G-Unit. So now the album business is slow, and people aren’t selling those records like they used to, 50 claims he’s not like everybody else, he says he still is going to sell. Despite the fact that his crew hadn’t seen a platinum plaque in 2 years! He supposedly is going to hit us with a banger, but call me crazy, but I think 50 will deliver…a DUD! That’s just what I think. I will personally do a review on the album when it comes out, hoping to be proved wrong, because I would like to hear some good music. But if proven right, I will know that 50 was the George Bush of rap, the most powerful person in the game for a time, and he duped the American public for years.